What Makes a Good Teacher Essay

  • What Makes A Good Student?

    pretty serious problem. So that a good vocabulary accumulation is that important to an international student that may potentially make his/her academic adjusting become smother. For the fourth challenge, other than language problems, it is about changing the attitude to adjust American school system. Knowing that Chinese school words in a very different way, same as teacher’s expectation of what is a good student. What teacher and the educational system value and what do colleges expect? In fact, most

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  • What Makes A Good Teacher, And A Bad Teacher?

    “The competent, conscientious teacher is the vital spark in education” as many would agree with. As one reflects on one’s own education, one can differentiate between the good teachers and the bad. But what makes a good teacher, and a bad teacher? For some it might have been the candy a teacher handed out, or the kind, patient characteristics that the teacher brought to the classroom. However, good teachers are defined by the teacher’s ability to teach a student to love learning and to grasp as

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  • What Makes A Good Leader?

    What asked to describe what constitute a leader many traits come to mind. Traits such as confidence, integrity, perseverance, and motivator are all good descriptors of what makes a good leader. The purpose of this essay is to provide a synthesis of three empirical articles and how they use common themes of how personality traits and different types of leadership values will help a person to be successful in their career. Argument can be made that leaders are born with all the characteristic described

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  • What Makes A Qualified Teacher?

    Teacher education is constantly in the spotlight as educators and policy makers determine what characterizes a highly qualified teacher. According to Marszalek, LaNasa, & Adler (2010) highly teachers are those that have completed a teacher certification program, earned a bachelor’s degree, obtaining full state certification, and being placed in a position that matches his or her area of certification or licensure. Highly qualified teachers have not had certification or licensure requirements waived

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  • What Makes A Good Leader?

    “And we made from among them leaders guiding by Our command when they were patient and [when] they were certain of Our signs. [Qur’an: Chapter 32, verse 24.]” A good leader needs to be a humble leader and in order to reach success it is important that the leader needs to be unselfish, and empowers others to attain their objectives, which ultimately will help the leader grow as a person. Leaders need to learn the art of being selfless and not being selfish. Islam encourages people to develop the

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  • What Makes A Teacher?

    “Obviously teachers wear many hats…” - Holtrop (1997). As an experienced teacher, you are already prepared to be flexible and being a new teacher, you must remember that your description will change on a daily basis. All roles of a teacher are similar to that of a guide. Guides lead you down new paths; they walk beside you on the journey never in front of you. Which of the roles you read about, do you think are important? 1. The Assessor -The role of the assessor is to know that assessment is very

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  • What Makes A Good Price?

    taught what we need to know to move on in life. We may have graduated high school but that doesn 't mean we know how to pay taxes, or buy a car, or how to do a resume. Unless you had a class that taught you how to cook other than a microwave or do well in an interview, you probably aren 't set up for your future. Most schools have taken out these classes that are basically a "Life 101". If you ask a senior "what 's our local tax?" They probably can 't answer that. They also might not know what a good

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  • What Makes A Good President?

    For roughly the past 100 years the presidential elections have been a very sensitive subject, and it begs the question of what makes a good president. Although there are generally a few presidents who rank at the top, to name someone the best president is very subjective. Opinions can change due to many reasons; the main being the political party one associates their self with. One way to gauge a president is by how many terms they served. Teddy Roosevelt had served two terms and, although he did

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  • What Makes A Good Soda?

    bring to the drink market. Certain characteristic are very necessary in a good soda and to find them all in one is often rare. These traits will help different brands of soda rise above the competition and stand out as a good soft drink. One such soda is Coca-Cola. It has become a classic choice for people all around the world through its defining crisp taste. Some of theses important traits that are very necessary for a good soda include: an unique taste, to be successful, to be addictive, and to

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  • What Makes An Action Good?

    Throughout the years, philosophers have asked what makes an action good. For example. What if you see an infant in the middle of the road? A car is coming up a hill and can’t see the infant. You quickly try to run in the road to save the infant but the car get to it first. Can your actions still be considered morally good? It depends on who you ask because each philosopher have different views and theories on situations. Immanuel Kant would say that the moral worth of your actions are determined

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  • What Makes A Good Life?

    What is required for a person to have a “good life?” The answer is not quite clear. Some believe the good life consists solely in the experience of pleasure, while others think it consists of the acquisition of some set of goods. Another claim, one that consists of satisfying desires, is closest to my view. I will explain why the good life consists in satisfying desires, address an objection to my stance, and argue against the objection. My opinion regarding the good life parallels the desire-satisfaction

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  • What Makes A Good Career?

    common that between age 18 and 36, people change their jobs an average of 9 times. So, it is very important for career counselors to look for personality traits and ability factors that match a person with an occupation when helping them to choose a good career path. In my opinion, it is very hard to find the perfect career or job that match our personality profile and interests. However, the earlier we discover it, the better it will be for us to have a happy and worthy life. Today, because people

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  • What Makes A Good Student Good?

    This essay addresses the question what makes a good student good. The purpose of this paper is to find out what qualities make a student better than another. A great learner must have a desire to learn, be able to stay motivated, have a growth mindset and an internal focus to excel, create goals and rely on oneself. This essay argues that a student with most of these qualities will transcend in life and be successful in their future. The American school system is considered to be one of the best

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  • What Makes A Teacher?

    various types of teachers. We don’t do this on purpose, but how can you not pay attention to who cares about your future and who is there for a paycheck? Some teachers have been here since our parents attended and can relate to the same generalizations that we have come to and that opinion is passed for years to come. There are instructors who appeal more to some than others, as well as some that don’t appeal to anyone. How to distinguish between distinctive qualities of respected teachers and the ones

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  • What Makes A Good Writer?

    could master writing, I had to discover what makes a good writer? Upon searching, I realized that every writer is unique. There are no two writers the same; each has their own style, story, and secret to writing, so I set out to find mine. Throughout the semester, my English teachers would assign essays and writing assignments; this to everyone’s misery was my happiness. Soon after, my teachers discovered my writing to be exceptionally pleasing and helped me make them better by critiquing them and giving

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  • What Makes A Good Teacher?

    What makes a good teacher is a tenderhearted person who enjoys teaching students and will do anything to help their students. What makes a great teacher is a person who has a passion to teach students and will get down and dirty with their students. A great teacher also knows their teaching philosophy; in which mine is essentialism. All teachers should know their teaching goals for a few reasons. First they need to know who they are before they can teach anyone anything. They also need to know

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  • What Makes Writing Good?

    What makes writing good? What makes it effective? These questions have plagued students for decades. Students have suffered countless late nights trying to perfect papers hoping that it is considered good, effective writing. Students go searching for something that appears elusive, but is actually right in front of them. Good, effective writing is not some perfect, masterful use of all of the literary techniques; it is much simpler than that. Good, effective writing is, simply, a strong control of

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  • What Makes A Good Argument?

    When the word argument is mentioned what comes to mind, a fight or altercation? Philosophy has a different definition of an argument. It has nothing to do with being violent or verbally abusive to the contender. An argument is a process of reasoning from one claim to another. An argument supports your ideas with justification from other ideas, principles, and observations to establish your conclusions and overcome objections. A philosophical argument does not require an opponent or a disagreement

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  • What Makes A Good Leader?

    that likes to make the decisions, and I am more than happy to work hard for things I truly believe are a good cause. I often take leadership roles when working on projects, where I have power to influence the choices made, but I don’t want quite all the responsibilities to fall back on me, like they would for Louis. I am one that likes to ask a lot of questions, therefore I would be good at gathering information during a change process, and I can report back to others because I have good social skills

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  • What Makes A Good Wedding?

    eat sweets like ice-cream which contain sugar. During Thanksgiving or Hallowing it turns in to a night where children do go around and beg for candy from people and during a week it will be finish within few weeks and it is enough sugar consuming. A good wedding itself is never complete without cutting the wedding cake and everybody gets some. As a child is very interesting to go to the dentist because before one is done one gets a candy bar which as a point in time it is bad because the reason why

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  • What Makes A Good Manners?

    behavior. Having good manners towards others means acting in a manner that is socially acceptable and respectful. Telling people please and thank you are good manners towards others. When shopping for groceries and the baggier helps you carry them out, you should always tell them thank you. Say thank you when you receive anything from someone and please while requesting something. Consider other people 's feelings are another good example of good manners. Don’t just assume that

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  • What Makes An Effective Teacher?

    become more aware of what makes an effective teacher. The classroom observations, the weekly readings have provided me knowledge, and I will use this knowledge as a guide when planning inquiry-based science instruction for primary students. There are a few insights I picked up, from working with young children, but my favorite was observing how young children are eager to learn about science. And even though the children don’t know a lot of things all of their questions can make anybody find the answers

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  • What Makes A Good Leader?

    In a particularly contentious election year, everyone has wondered what makes a good leader. There have been discussions about what traits or criteria should be used to judge someone as to if they are a good leader, or even have the potential to be one. Is Donald Trump capable because he inspires the masses, even if he seems to have little to no knowledge of government affairs? Is Hillary Clinton an effective leader because of the shear width breadth of her knowledge even if she seems to struggle

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  • What Makes A Good Friend?

    position. I was his go-to buddy and he was mine for when we needed someone to talk to. Everyone should have that type of person in their life. Everyone needs somebody who they can trust and go to for anything but especially a crony to just talk to. That’s what friends are for. It’s essential to try to surround yourself with positive people that will be there when life gets a little rough. A true friend accepts who you are but also helps you to stay on the right path. Eventually, he came out to his

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  • What Makes A Balanced Teacher?

    child begins their many years of schooling, one of the primary stressors is making good grades. As time passes, the stress on achieving these grades increases. For many students, the only way to further their education is through scholarships. These are typically awarded based on grades; hardly mentioned is the actual learning process. Learning is often what is sacrificed to attain good grades. Therefore, receiving good grades can be viewed as counterproductive to learning. Grades are not a direct reflection

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  • What Makes A Good Teacher?

    Education would not exist without teachers, nor would students gain knowledge without effective teachers. But what makes a good teacher? A good teacher is someone who motivates their students to do the best they can, and to be independent thinkers. A student who is an independent thinker not only acknowledges the teachers lessons, but finds additional information outside of class. Independent thinkers are defined as people who change the way they think, and question authorities. Thomas G. Plummer

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  • What Makes A Good Thing?

    Someone who has patience, good things will come within time. People that receive the greatest reward, shouldn 't relax and be lazy meaning to do nothing. After this a person needs to pursue his or her dreams with passion and hard work while patiently continuing the process. relax and do nothing while is expecting great things to come their way. After this someone happened, someone can turn down instinct gratification and patiently wait while having a higher value of the reward once received. People

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  • What Makes A Good Parent?

    this world, they don’t come with instructions or a handbook the parents have to learn thru instinct. However what makes a good parent? A good parent it’s that one that shows love and affection to the child, pays attention to their emotional and physical needs, it’s a good listener, it’s a friend, and the child’s own personal motivator. The main characteristic that shows the person is a good parent is when they show love & affection. A child always need to feel loved, a child should never feel unwanted

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  • What Makes A Good Person?

    What is a good society and what is a good person? The question has been talked about over thousands of years. The theory about what is a good society and a good person vary from person to person. Not all people can agree with a specific theory about what is a good person and what is a good society. As long as the majority of people feel a theory is reasonable, then it is worth discussion. This essay will talk about what a good person is and what a good society is based on the theories of Rousseau

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  • What Makes A Good Actor?

    question reoccurs, what is a ‘good’ actor? On the surface, we tend to picture a good actor as one that expresses emotions realistically and accurately, one that fully embraces the character and brings that character to life in voice, speech, and movement choices. They annunciate each word with strong articulation and proper projection. However, once we delve into forms of theatre besides the typical convention, it becomes evident that there is no one definition to describe a good actor. Different

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  • What Makes A Good Life?

    Everybody has their way of defining what makes them have a good life. During the childhood years, the kids think that a good life is playing outside during the hot, sunny days in the summer. When a kid transforms into a college student, that person wants to become a studious person who worked hard to earn his or her grades. After getting a degree from an university, an adult could classify having a good life such as obtaining a compliment from your boss, or capturing that dream job that you dream

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  • What Makes A Good Writer?

    Experiences of a Black Writer What makes a good writer? Is it one’s creativity or the experiences one encounters? I am using the biographical criticism approach to tell you how the everyday experiences in the life of James Baldwin has influenced his writing and led to his success as a writer. James Baldwin incorporated a lot of his literary works based on his own life experiences, including growing up in Harlem, his involvement in the Church, his relationship with his stepfather, the civil rights

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  • What Makes A Good Job

    leadership, they traditionally think about people who have position of power to say what is right for their followers to do and what is not. Harrison does a good job telling how true leadership should be. Following the example of the leadership in the Holy trinity, we can find that it includes respect, humility and equality. There are many aspects where this enlightenment can be applied in the world today. If I was asked what the single most confusing concept is in my knowledge, I would say the Holy Trinity

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  • What Makes A Good For Philosophy?

    would be able to see right through them. Sadly even the most preeminent philosophers have fallen prey to this and that is not good for Philosophy. I personally find that the predilection to take the easy road on the backs of those who came before you, is not unique to Philosophers, but to the human race as a whole. He states that it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is wrong with the present system of scientific method. There is nothing that learned men of differing opinions will not argue

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  • What Makes A Good Friend?

    I always hear what makes a good friend in books that I have read. That’s just it seems like a good friend is just in books and made up. Some of these traits of a good friend are arguable and others are right on the spot. It seems like every time I try having a friendship those so call traits are never there in the person. If I was going to make a friend the things I look for in them are: honest at all times, there for you through the hard times in life, and they like the same things I do. The most

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  • What Makes A Good?

    It is difficult to understand what virtue truly is and if everyone is born with it and if it develops over time. Plato brings this question to the forefront in Protagoras and Meno. During a particular discussion, Socrates questions Protagoras on whether virtue can truthfully be taught. Protagoras then provides admirable evidence proving that virtue can be educated to all human beings. Protagoras does this by providing a number of examples backing up his beliefs. Through the use of punishment both

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  • What Makes A Good And Bad?

    Profound quality is a term that alludes to our adherence to tenets that oversee human conduct on the premise of some thought of good and bad. Morals alludes to our procedure of thinking about good standards. Whatever your idea of profound quality, it must deliver the human ability to recognize and pick amongst good and bad and after that to demonstrate as need be. Socrates trust that no one knowing or willingly does wrong. He believes that wrong doing only hurts the person of wrong doing and that

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  • What Makes A Teacher?

    become a teacher because I feel every child deserves a quality education. A teacher’s job is not only to teach content but the ability to connect with each student as an individual learner and person. Building community within our classrooms helps each student feel valued. I want to touch the lives of others in the great ways that mine has been touched through exceptional educators. I want to become a teacher in order to better Horry County schools. Growing up in this area I have seen the good, the bad

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  • What Makes A Good Team?

    it is good! We have won the state championship! That feeling is honestly the best feeling I have ever experienced. Basketball has taught me a lot of things that go beyond the court. It has taught me discipline, leadership, perseverance, and lastly, it has taught me to never take anything for granted. As much as I enjoyed playing basketball, practices were never laidback. Waking up at four in the morning everyday was not something I was a fan of. Our coach used to say: “Discipline is what separates

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  • What Makes A Good Leader?

    There are many things that come together to make a person a good group leader. Many of the aspects that make a good leader are thought of immediately by just about anyone, such as, good communication and social skills. People generally want to follow and be a part of groups that are positive. They want to know that somebody gets who they are, their struggles, their fears, and their hopes. To be able to make members feel these things, a leader must have excellent communication and social skills, but

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  • What Makes A Good Writer?

    What Makes a Good Writer? Every day people are surrounded by works of literature whether its fiction, nonfiction, a short story or even a poem. Literature has been integrated into our daily lives. One lives in a world where writing is second nature; a child is often taught how to write at the age of six, and continues to further his/her writing as the year’s progress. However, according to Anne Bernays “people can’t be taught how to write, they either have it or they don’t.” In order to become a

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  • What Makes A Good Leader?

    of a good leader that is an ordinary person; my boyfriend. Although some people believe that leaders are born and not made, I believe that anyone can become a leader if they have enough courage and are thick skinned. There are many words that people come up with when they are asked to describe what makes a good leader. The most popular characteristics used to describe a good leader would be a good leader would be a good listener, responsible, and decisive. When you think of what makes a good leader

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  • What Characteristics Makes A Good Teacher?

    What characteristics make a good teacher? This is a question that many people will hear more than once throughout their life. Some qualities that come to mind (for me) are: having the ability to prepare your students for future classes, having a friendly attitude toward your students, having the respect of the student community as a whole, having the ability to make great applications in many different fields inside and outside of class, having an inspirational aura, and having the ability to transform

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  • What Makes A Good Advice?

    Advice is a highly sought out treasure in our society. Humans can learn lessons without actually experiencing the consequences, good or bad, through the advice given by others. But what actually constitutes good advice? many of the well-known tips and tricks for exercising and losing weight are inaccurate?) hook (one of the most common is spot burn fat?) Some of the most prevalent advertisements on the internet refer to targeting fat loss in a specific area. “get abs here” or “get rid of those

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  • What Makes A Good Life?

    The Good Life The good life—Many people think they know what it is, until they are in their dying moments and realize that they didn’t truly live one. The thing is, this situation can be almost entirely mitigated if one truly sets out and discovers what a good life means to them. For me, there are three components to the good life: the progressive realization of a worthy ideal, the utilization of love to your advantage, and a quality relationship with nature. These three distinct factors can bring

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  • What Makes A Good Leader?

    okay to be comfortable with that as long as we know what we know and who we would need to seek out in order to understand what we don’t know. As a leader, doing the right thing as it aligns to your values is what makes leadership worth it. When you are able to do the right thing, success for your school or company will come. It is simple, in order to make a sound decision and stay true to who you are, you must do what is right. If you do what is right, no matter the change or controversy that you

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  • What Makes A Good Marriage?

    rewarding gifts God could have given human life, because it enables a man and woman to come together as one. Over the years, the topic of marriage have been reviewed in a positive and negative manner. I believe that in order to have a good marriage one must first know what they want. After reviewing Slovie Jungreis-Wolff article 10 Habits to Build a Strong Marriage she made some excellent points on how to build and maintain a strong marriage. In the process she also shows us why some marriages fail,

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  • What Makes A Teacher?

    Washington, because I knew when she came not only her, but my mother, and younger siblings would play school with me. Although when I was younger I liked to be that evil teacher who thought it was funny to fail everyone, now it’s not quite like that. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. Of course when you are a kid and they asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up the answer was something along the lines of “A pop star like Brittney Spears”, except I am a horrible singer. Then when I thought

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  • What Makes A Teacher?

    defines how successful they will be in life. For example, someone who acquires an associate’s degree might not find a job as easily as someone with a doctorate in the same field. However, the way a person is taught is commonly overlooked. The way a teacher educates and treats their students greatly affects the way a person develops. A person’s experience in school shapes the way they look at the world, how they think, how they interact with others, and how they learn. In the United States, children

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  • What Makes A Good Job?

    Roman) -Make sure there are subtitles each part of your research What causes cheating ? There is a motive behind cheating. In fact, many reasons. Some of them include that they believe that they will not pass. Also, pressure by others, maybe workload can be too heavy , the pressure from parents into passing, too many assessments in one day, professor might have also not explained as well for the student to be able to understand the content ,or maybe the pressure of having a good job . A good job means

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