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  • A Model Of Global Citizenship : Antecedents And Outcomes By Stephen Reysen

    In the article, “A Model of Global Citizenship: Antecedents and Outcomes” by Stephen Reysen and Iva Katzarska-Miller, Global citizenship is defined as awareness caring, and embracing cultural diversity while promoting social justice and sustainability, coupled with a sense of responsibility to act. Global citizenship is a mindset or attitude one takes. In effect, individuals perceive themselves to be global citizens and can feel a psychological connection with global citizens as a group. Consequently

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  • A Study On Global Citizenship

    In 2014 James Tully presented new study “On Global Citizenship”. The mere essence of this analytical work is to draw attention of the international community to the ongoing crisis of global citizenship as democratic institute. From the early beginning of the reading of this paper, the readers get information about the nature of the global citizenship as separate concept available for people of the democratic countries. At the same time, the author points out that the crisis with the maintenance of

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  • Should Citizenship Be A Birthright?

    Should Citizenship Be a Birthright? The 14th amendment states all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the states in which they reside. From the time someone is born in the hospital in the U.S., they are legally considered an U.S. citizen. The person is given a birth certificate and a social security number linking their identity to the government proving that he or she is a natural born citizen. In other

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  • Roman Citizenship : Assimilation Or Denial?

    Roman Citizenship: Assimilation or Denial? Most, if not all people under the Empire’s rule desired roman citizenship. Through out the Severan Dynasty, there were colossal cultural and political changes, the most important being Caracalla’s edict that gave Roman citizenship to every free person of the Empire. What exactly does Roman citizenship entail though? ‘Roman’ is defined as, “of or relating to Rome or the people of Rome; of or relating to the ancient Roman Empire”1. Scholars could argue that

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  • The Citizenship Of The United States

    Foreign born or immigrant is used to refer to people with no U.S. citizenship at birth. Immigrants have played a large role in making America what it is today, rich with different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Over the years, whoever, the open doors that once allowed those needing a safe home and opportunities has become difficult to get through. Many poor or lower class immigrants are forced to make their way to the United States illegally, in search of a better life. With hopes of finding

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  • The Case For Birthright Citizenship

    Birthright citizenship has always been an issue with many Americans. In his essay “An Argument to be made about Immigrant Babies and Citizenship,” George Will writes about a “simple reform that would drain some scalding steam from immigration arguments… thereby removing an incentive for illegal immigration.” While some are for it, a lot are against it and are trying to find a way to change the interpretation of the fourteenth amendment. In her essay “The Case for Birthright Citizenship,” Linda Chavez

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  • The Issue Of Canadian Citizenship

    Who gets to decide what is appropriate for an individual to wear during not only during the taking of oath of Canadian citizenship, but at any time in any place within the boundaries of our supposedly multicultural Canada? While this is not the first time they issues regarding dress have arisen within Canada, the case of Zunera Ishaq, drew considerable attention in 2015. In large part to the proximity to the federal election and a potential rising tide of Islamaphobia which began to permeate Canadian

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  • Surge Of Ultra Conservatism : The Us Presidential Election And Citizenship

    Surge of Ultra-Conservatism: The US Presidential Election and Citizenship President-elect Donald Trump’s victory was shocking to Americans, but the world community saw it coming from a mile away. The past year has been full of liberal democratic politics shifting to far right conservatism, such as with Trump’s presidential victory. Scholars such as Nissim Mizrachi and Menachem Mautner contribute that the surge of radical conservatism has in fact been the product of the “liberal democratic form of

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  • Citizenship Debate Essay

    Citizenship Debate Part II Purpose and Audience 2. I do not think Chavez expected her audience to agree with her position as it was posted in the politically conservative section of the Wall Street Journal. Before I read the political background section of Linda Chavez, I had thought the author to be liberal. But after reading the excerpt I the beginning of the publication, I noticed that she was a Hispanic Conservative. I could tell that Linda Chavez did not expect her audience to agree with

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  • The Common Forms Of Citizenship And The Nation State

    The most characteristic form of citizenship in modern democracies until the present has been a single and exclusive citizenship within the nation-state. However, while state-building and nation-building went hand in hand in the past, there are obvious problems and challenges in drawing too tight a connection between citizenship and the nation-state because it is estimated that there are between 5000 and 9000 ethnic-cultural groups in the world, and only around 200 states, over 90% of which contain

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  • Citizenship Education : A Viable Framework For Assessing Citizenship

    One of the major challenges for schools is to develop a viable framework for assessing citizenship education. Even more challenging is the task of creating a set of indicators by which schools might judge: the success and quality of citizenship education in the formal curriculum, in school cultures, and in its interaction with the community. There is a need to analyse and define the domains of citizenship education more effectively, and to clearly distinguish between the types of outcomes teachers

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  • Citizenship : The Key For A Better Life

    Citizenship - the key to a better life. Citizenship determines ours rights and provides protection. Whether it is in the past or the present we continually rely on citizenship, how we acquire citizenship should not matter. The importance of citizenship is that it provides a sense of belonging and security. Throughout this paper we will look at how citizenship has changed from the past to the present and how the issue of exclusion still exists today. In the article, “Citizenship and Gender in the

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  • Developing Concept Of Citizenship By T H Marshall 's Model Of Citizenships

    Marshall’s model of citizenships, examining criticisms levelled at Marshall’s foundation for determining the ideology behind his theory. Political discussions have debated the increasingly developing concept of citizenship, continually trying to establish link between its inhabitants and the state. This paper aims to investigate the influential methodology used in Marshall’s theoretical approach to citizenship, thus the consequences on wider society. In order to contextualise citizenship this composition

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  • Is Birthright Citizenship Good For America?

    Is Birthright Citizenship Good for America? Four hundred thousand children are born to illegal immigrants in the United States annually (Benhabib 505). When considering birthright citizenship, one should acknowledge both the positive and negative effects it has on today’s society and the purpose of the law and who it will effect if changed. It is right to defend that children born to undocumented immigrants should be granted birthright citizenship and their status should not be affected as that of

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  • Definition And Values Of American Citizenship

    multiple survey results suggests,1 Americans as a whole are grossly ignorant to the ways in which their government operates. Feasibly, that sheer ignorance has seeped over into the conventional definition and values of American citizenship. To be sure, in the United States citizenship encompasses many rights and responsibilities. In the conventional sense, Americans have the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, for example. More commonly, Americans are aware they also have the

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  • Assignment : Citizenship / Immigration Status

    Identity Group that I had chosen for this assignment was Citizenship/Immigration Status. To be more specific, I want to primarily focus on undocumentedness for this identity group. The reason as to why I chose this group is because it is something I have grown up with my entire life but have always been on the other side of it. I am a U.S. citizen, while my father was undocumented when he first came her to the United States and did not gain citizenship until 1998. My grandparents came to the United States

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  • Essay about A Discourse Theory of Citizenship

    A Discourse Theory of Citizenship This article discusses the concept of citizenship and how citizenship as a form of public engagement is crucial to democracy as a whole. The author, Robert Asen, presents a new view that citizenship is a dynamic mode of public engagement. The first section of the article discusses questions about public beliefs and perspectives. The second section of the article discusses how citizenship is a mode of public engagement. The third section discusses how public

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  • It Is The Price Of Citizenship

    “It is the Price of Citizenship”? The Argument for Religious Rights Many cases of recent and past have presented a conflict between religious liberty and gay rights. “Religious conservatives feel that it would be sinful for them to personally facilitate same-sex marriages, and they have sought to amend the laws to accommodate their objections” (Koppelman, Andrew.) Religious conservatives continue to have issues with succumbing to the new found acceptance of the LGBT community and the push for it

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  • A Philosophy Of Global Citizenship

    the fundamental nature and process of understanding the disparate aspects of existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language through the problems presented by these matters of life. In order to examine and formulate a philosophy of global citizenship, a deep understanding of the aspects of life and the underlying social, political, economical, ecological, and technological problems and nature of globalization is necessary. The principal branch of philosophy that analyzes such factors is

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  • Should Citizenship Be A Good Citizen?

    A citizen, cit·i·zen ˈsidizən,ˈsidisən/ noun a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized. Citizenship isn 't just being an American or legal, it means a lot more. In Citizen Education, I learned that if you are a citizen, you need to play the part of being a citizen. It doesn 't take much to be a citizen, but there 's a few certain things an individual can do to be a better citizen. Being a good citizen, not only helps the people around you and

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  • Illegal Immigrants Should Not Be Granted Citizenship

    that it is one of President Elect Donald Trump’s main arguments in his campaign. Many citizens argue that illegal immigrants should have the opportunity to be granted citizenship by the government over some time because they came for the opportunity to have a better life, but some argue against it because they fear the citizenship would sanction criminals who wish to avoid punishment for criminal activities in their home country. And there are illegal immigrants who have been in the U.S. for several

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  • Citizenship, a Right and a Responsibility….

    When I think of America I think of freedom and citizenship. The right to vote or the right of free speech are aspects that, as citizens, we posses. Being born in America automatically gives you these rights and many more, and most importantly, you become a citizen. Now, with citizenship comes responsibility such as obeying the law and paying taxes. So if you follow these simple rules does this make you an effective citizen? This question, in my opinion, is almost impossible to answer for a number

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  • Immigration and Dual Citizenship: Is It Possible? Essay

    Immigration And Dual Citizenship: Is It Possible? Vendla A. Bramble Axia College of University of Phoenix What would compel someone into leaving home, which is quite possibly the only world he or she may have ever known, and move to another country? People immigrate to other countries for a variety of reasons; sometimes it is not of their own volition. Economic reasons have always been a huge deciding factor; one only has to examine Ireland’s Great Potato Famine to understand why people

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  • Comprehension, Math, Citizenship, And Writing

    the standardized writing proficiency test. Nichols says, "The standardized writing proficiency test is a test that high school students in Ohio must pass in order for them to receive their high school diplomas". The test covered reading, math, citizenship, and writing. She was a smart student and her GPA was never below 3.00, and she was also a good writer because in the passage, she stated, “A poem I wrote was put on television once (Nichols).” She was an honor roll student who exceeded all expectations

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  • Global Upheavals And Global Integration

    Global Upheavals to Global Integration “War. What is it good for?” is a question asked by Motown artist Edwin Starr. His answer is, “absolutely nothing.” Although most would agree there is a very high cost associated with war, few would argue that wars and conflict have greatly shaped the world as it is today. This paper will examine some of the major conflicts in the world since the beginning of the twentieth century and how globalization has emerged from them. The balance of power in Europe set

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  • Citizenship for a Better America Essay

    Citizenship for a Better America Introduction The United States of America has a long history of being a nation of immigrants. From the Native Americans, whose ancestors immigrated over the Bering Sea Land Bridge over 10,000 years ago during the last Ice Age, to people showing up today, from long oppressed parts of the world, we are made up of people who are descended from, or are from, different parts of the world. Many people have come here for a better life for themselves and their loved

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  • Importance Of Developing Global Citizenship

    Developing Global Citizenship Christine Viele GEN499 General Education Capstone Professor Cakir October 31, 2016 Importance of Developing Global Citizenship Global citizenship is essential today. Being a global citizen with advanced technology has not only made me into a better person and helped with my identity, but it has benefited my success in meeting my goals. Intergroup empathy and intergroup helping are the two most important schools of thought when it comes to global citizenship because

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  • What Citizenship Means For The United States

    Explain what citizenship means to you. Do NOT copy and paste a definition. What do you really think it means to be a citizen of the United States? How is being a U.S. citizen the same or different from being a citizen of Ohio, Reynoldsburg (that is my local community) and Metro? Be specific here. Give examples. Put in pictures to emphasize points. To me citizenship means belonging somewhere, having a place in a country that needs you (maybe not you specifically but you as in people/citizens)

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  • Global Citizenship And The Rights Of Women

    Global Citizenship and the Rights of women. Global Citizen A “Global citizen is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community’s values and practices.” (, 2016). Global citizens are all of us who identify with taking action against world issues. Global Citizenship (cosmopolitism) looks at us as needing to be patriotic to our nation-state, but also needing to put humanity and the greater good first, its

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  • Global Citizenship And The Protection Of Human Rights

    What connections can be drawn between ‘global citizenship’, social justice and/or the protection of human rights? Discuss this question with reference to one or more contemporary issues: citizenship; migration; asylum seekers; terrorism; the activities of multinational corporations. A global citizen exists by identifying themselves as a part of a world community and social order known as the ‘World Citizen Movement’ or ‘Alter-Mundialization’, with their actions contributing to the world community’s

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  • Corporate Citizenship : An Example Of Unethical Behavior

    Corporate citizenship is defined as “the extent to which businesses are socially responsible for meeting legal, ethical, and economic responsibilities placed on them by shareholders” (Investopedia, 2014). The goal of many businesses is to create higher expectations for everyday comforts and personal satisfaction in the communities in which they work, while still protecting the benefits of their stakeholders. There are also companies whose stakeholders take their power to discipline their employees

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  • Global Citizenship : An Imperative For The 21st Century

    In addition to reading Blind Spot, the freshman class was required to attend an informational seminar about the text titled Global Citizenship: An Imperative for the 21st Century. It was held by Dr. Rich Salas, an assistant professor and director of multicultural affairs at Des Moines University. The main points he made were that people need to think about how their actions affect others, especially when dealing with race. Also, intention vs. impact in these actions we make and what we can try and

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  • Marshall 's Theory Of Citizenship

    Citizenship Theory T.H. Marshall’s theory of citizenship is a classic liberal theory which considers citizenship as the legal status providing rights and duties to members of a nation-state. Which analyzed the development of citizenship as a development of civil, then political, then social rights, broadly assigned to the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries respectively. (Foundation n.d.) The scope of a theory of citizenship is potentially limitless. This would include every problem in

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  • Essay about Philippine Dual Citizenship

    The Law Philippine Dual Citizenship Memorandum Circular No. AFF-04-01 Rules Governing Philippine Citizenship under Republic Act (RA) No. 9225 and Administrative Order (A.O.) No. 91, Series of 2004 WHEREAS, R.A. No. 9225 declares that natural-born citizens of the Philippines who become citizens of another country shall be deemed not to have lost their Philippine citizenship under conditions therein; WHEREAS, A.O. No. 91, Section 2 authorizes the BI to promulgate and issue rules and regulations

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  • Should Citizenship Be A Major Issue Today?

    Birthright Citizenship has begun to become a major issue today. Whether either of the parents are American citizens, if the children are born in the United States they are automatically citizens. This has caused a lot of issues within the country. Is it truly fair that non-citizens are allowed to have children that would then have the right to everything America gives? It is believed that illegals having children having children within the US for birthright purposes is simply because America is a

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  • Essay on Bounded and global citizenship.

    concept of citizenship and its boundaries are contested, yet its plainest definition is to be a member of a political community, and possess legal rights and duties. Citizenship has many ideals – namely bounded and cosmopolitan –and their merits and downfalls in this essay shall be measured by the extent to which they permit the best use and protection of citizen’s rights. The normative arguments of Miller (2000:81-95) and Linklater (1998:23-36) shall form either side of the bounded citizenship and cosmopolitan

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  • A Model Of Global Citizenship Education

    one nation. The power of global citizenship education, is that it educates the citizens how to be active members in our community. They learn to develop awareness, caring, and embrace differences in order to promote social justice, sustainability, equality, and live together in harmony. Global citizenship education, guides individuals to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed, to contribute to developing a peaceful world. My personal belief on global citizenship, is that each person has

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  • Citizenship And Immigration : The United States

    Citizenship and immigration are highly controversial topics in the United States. Presently, the Presidential elections have put immigration at the forefront of many public debates. Undocumented citizens and how they are death with has become the subject of much disputation amongst politicians, state, and federal government. Michelle Chen recently wrote an article for The Nation concerning a high school student in North Carolina that is being prevented from going to school due to undocumented citizenship

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  • Citizenship Opportunities For The United States

    Citizenship Opportunities In the U.S it is undeniable that there are many illegal families that have came for better work or a better way of life. The children in these families grow up in the U.S so why should they not be able to become citizens. What if the children of these people could in some way achieve citizenship by finishing college or joining the U.S military? While many feel that allowing immigrant children citizenship would cause more competition and separate families, these people however

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  • The Concepts Of Citizenship And Equality

    themes or concepts that regularly occur in their literature, these concepts include citizenship and equality. Philosophers that have incorporated those concepts in their works, include Aristotle and Plato. Aristotle’s focus on the concepts were included in his works called, “Nicomachean Ethics and Politics.” Plato use of the concepts, citizenship and equality, was shown in the Republic. The concepts of citizenship and equality will be displayed through a contemporary understanding of the United States

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  • Citizenship Is Not A Citizen Of A Particular Place

    recognized constitutionally across the United States of America. Citizenship in the U.S. is a very complex topic, for that reason, many presidential elections, political discussions, and electoral campaigns continue to focus on who could be granted those rights. Citizenship is also the most sought by immigrants across the world and it is define as, “The fact or status of being a citizen of a particular place” (Webster). With citizenship of that certain place one can be able to work, vote, and par-take

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  • Ethical Dilemma Of Granting Citizenship

    of Granting Citizenship 1 In this day and age some people tend to lack knowledge on important topics. One topic is granting citizenship. There are both pros and cons when dealing with such topic. A person must realize that research is needed to make a clear and concise determination of which side outweighs the other. Is there more negativity or positive with granting citizenship? What benefits occur? In this paper, the reader will be able to decide how they view granting citizenship as a whole.

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  • Digital Citizenship Must Be Defined As The Norms Of Appropriate

    The box Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use. It also refers to a person utilizing information technology (IT) in order to engage in society, politics, and government participation. A concept that teacher’s, students, parents, community members and all technology users learn about the appropriate and responsible use of the technology. In today’s society, technology is something that is all around us. Everywhere we look

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  • Global Citizenship Essay

    The concept of citizenship and its boundaries are contested, yet its definition in the plainest form is to be a member of a political community, such as a nation-state and possess legal rights and political duties. As can be seen from its many ideals – namely republican, liberal, bound, cosmopolitan, pluralist or solidarist – citizenship has multiple sources of meaning, be they cultural, religious, ethnic or gender related. These conceptions each have their respective merits and downfalls, which

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  • The Definition of Citizenship Essay

    The task of defining citizenship is an difficult endeavor which takes much thought and careful examination in order to make sense of what constitutes the ideals of citizenship. Previously, I never gave much thought to what citizenship is and what it means to me. My first inclinations were that citizenship was related to politics and practicing the rule of law. From whot I have learned in class, I can confidently say that my views of citizenship have changed for the better to include a broader

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  • Multicultural citizenship Will Kymlicka Essay

    different set of fundamental rules and rights. When moving from one place to another we tend to bring our ideologies and beliefs with us we do not leave them behind. There are many different cases as Will Kymlicka mentions in his books Multicultural citizenship, which I will be referring to throughout this essay. As humans we have certain types of needs one of which is the need to belong. Belong to a family, community, group or nation. Belonging to a certain nation means that this government has the capability

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  • Citizenship, A Human Rights Issue?

    Pathway to Citizenship, A human rights Issue? The immigrant population is fast growing in all states in the United States. One segment in particular is rapidly growing and is said to soon out number the African american population and become a force to reckon with on the political level, they are hispanic immigrant. Although the hispanic immigrant population is growing at such a fast pace there seems to be a disconnect with the political system. Politicians don 't seem to know how

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  • Women 's Claim For Citizenship

    in three waves, starting in the 18th century and not reaching its end until the 1960’s. The revolutionary promise to realize the individual human rights of liberty, equality, and political participation has been the basis for women’s claim for citizenship in Western democracies since the eighteenth century” (Scott 1995, 1). Before the late 20th century, however, feminism was not a movement of its own; it came in conjunction with other movements. The fact that this movement could not stand on its

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  • Legal Citizenship For Mexican Americans

    HISTORY In 1848, the victorious United Stated acquired a large part of Mexican territory, along with it, thousands of residents who were offered American Citizenship as a part of the treaty ending the war. Legal citizenship for Mexican Americans was one thing; equal treatment turned out to be quite another. Many would lose their land to unfamiliar American laws, or to swindlers. With the loss of land came the loss of status. HERNANDEZ VS. TEXAS In 1950, Pedro Hernandez, a migrant cotton

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  • Public Education And American Democratic Citizenship

    Introduction: There is no neglect that there is a linkage between public education and American democratic citizenship, in fact, the founding fathers of the United States constitution alluded that this connection ought to be essential to create a nation that would be able to function by itself without possible outside intervention. Furthermore, scholars such as Noa Webster wanted educated citizens not to just be able to “judge … what [would] secure or endanger [their] freedom” (Mondel, 2001, p.22)

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