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  • Software Architecture in Banking Essay

    into architectural decisions and documentation Database-Driven Architecture One of the most prominent software architecture design strategies is a repositorybased system. There are two different parts of repository based that we will look at: Blackboard architecture and Database-driven. Both of these styles have some common aspects, but also differ somewhat. The main component of each system is based on a central data structure. This data structure can interact with other aspects of the system

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  • Essay on Accounting Unit 7

    explaining what category the costs fall into.’’- Blackboard 3 Revenue expenditure – 3 Capital expenditure – 3 ‘’2. Describe variable costs and give an example’’ – Blackboard 4 ‘’3. Describe fixed costs and give an example’’ - Blackboard 4 ‘’4. Describe semi-fixed or semi-variable costs and give examples’’ - Blackboard 4 ‘’5. Describe the concept of absorption of overheads’’ – Blackboard 5 ‘’6. Describe what is meant by marginal costs’’- Blackboard 5 ‘’7. Give two or more examples of ways

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  • The New Techniques I Learned

    thing I was taught in high school was the MLA format, which I walked in already knowing how to set it up. Some of the things I was taught in English 101 that really had an impact on me were how to write a research paper, how to navigate around Blackboard, and how helpful criterion was. To begin with, writing a research paper can be quite tedious if you don’t know how to write one, because it’s much more to it than just writing a regular five paragraph essay. Some of the new techniques I learned

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  • Essay about Washinton Consensus

    needs to be read in conjunction with Part B, which contains essential information on key policies, student responsibilities, special consideration and student resources. Part B is also posted on Blackboard. 1. Lecturer Contact Details Lecturer: Dr. Bruce R. Arnold The lecturer can be reached via Blackboard or email on This is quite important: When you send an email, the very first item in the subject must be FINS3650 or FINS5550, as the case may be. The second item must

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  • Medical Ethics Q-1 Essay

    INSTRUCTION | This is a web based course and activities are conducted through Blackboard and email. In the event of a city-wide or regional crisis or emergency, course instruction will be continued on the class's Blackboard site, provided that campus technology and electricity are operating. If campus facilities, technology, and electricity are not operational, students should continue doing their

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  • The Similarities between Romanticism and Modernism Essays

    edu/HSH/Whitec/terms/B/ByronicHero.htm). The term became popular from the English poet Lord Byron. This “Romantic” Byronic Hero is often a darker character. According to an excerpt from “”Manfred” and Its Time the Byronic Hero,” assigned on Jacksonville University’s BlackBoard, “The Byronic Hero frequently evokes the Romantic Satan, emulation his oppositional energy, sharing a torment by unredeemable sin, and bearing an anguished heart” (683). They are often characterized as being intelligent, cunning, ruthless, arrogant

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  • Ikea 2 Essay

    2013, ISBN: 1118147294. * WileyPLUS registration code for homework submission and extra learning resources. Register the class on Blackboard * ALEKS code for Accounting Cycle (Corporation), ISBN: 0073135100 Additional * Blackboard. I’ll post up-to-date class information, such as announcements, class handouts, and PowerPoint slides on Blackboard. * Textbook website * A four-function calculator

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  • Using Blogs in the Online Classroom Essay

    Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) will be switching their Learning Management System to BlackBoard version 9.0 from an older Campus Edition of WebCT. This change is necessary as WebCT was acquired by BlackBoard in 2006 and the product is no longer supported at the level needed by a large community college like CCBC that offers over 300 academic courses online per semester. BlackBoard 9.0 allows the faculty to integrate blogs into the online course environment. A Blog (or weblog) is

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  • A Student At The University Of Bradford

    weeks late, and I was told that we should go on the blackboard and assess all the necessary information about the module coursework on the blackboard and it is available for all students. The first thing that came into my mind was what is blackboard than I when to the IT building, and I asked, and I was sent to a lady and she explained to me the use of the blackboard and all the necessary things that all student will learn from it. When my blackboard open I saw all the six modules for the semester

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  • Synchronous and Aynchronous Methodology: Comparing Blackboard and Wimba

    computer-based programs deliver learning management systems on platforms such as Blackboard, Wimba, WebEx, Moodle and many others. Where are we going with the integration of technology in teaching and learning in the 21st century – from the classroom to the boardroom, technology is keeping us in PJ’s working from home, or on vacation — or are we just lazy or is corporate America really doing business different. Blackboard, developed by a group of business men, was to provide a learning management

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  • Essay on Case Study

    bought from this link: Coursepack link: Recommended extra reading: Any business publications such as The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes Course Website Address: Blackboard 9.1 through “mymason” portal Prerequisites:  Students must have completed general education requirements and all core courses (i.e., SOM 301, ACCT 301, DESC 301, MGMT 301, FNAN 301, and MKTG 301) Learning Goals and Objectives: This class integrates

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  • A Volcano On The Blackboard

    Day One 40 minutes Prepare the Learner: (10 minutes) Picture it brainstorming. Draw a picture of a volcano on the blackboard and write, where in the world will you find one of these? Have the students work independently or in pairs writing down as many locations they may know. Poll the classroom and write down the locations on the blackboard. Leave this on the board for later discussion with the class. Ask if any students have ideas why the earths outer layer is constantly changing. Lesson:

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  • The Guest by Albert Camus Essay

    realizes the consequences that may arise of his own choice and comes to terms with the fact that he isn't going to make any decision in the fate of the prisoner. If Daru had foreseen the note on his blackboard, then I believe he would have let the Arab go free. Considering the note on the blackboard has some threat to it and that Daru basically lets the Arab go free at the top of the hill anyways, Daru would give the Arab to whomever wrote the note. It is clear that Daru doesn’t want to have anything

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  • Doc, Pdf Essay

    reading, problems, and exercises. • To be aware of class schedule changes, key dates, and special instructions (not following instructions may result in a loss of points.) Please check your e-mail or Blackboard announcements regularly. • • ALL ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED USING BLACKBOARD. ASSIGNMENTS SUBMITTED USING ANY OTHER METHOD MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED. FILE EXCHANGE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Homework: Homework will be assigned regularly online and written assignments. Each homework assignment

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  • Essay on History

    WORLD DANCE – From Oral Traditions to the Stage Instructors: Laura E. Ellis, Kimiko Guthrie, Department of Theatre and Dance; Ms. Guthrie’s Office Hours: Mon 1-2pm and by appointment. Email through Blackboard. Ms. Ellis’ Office Hours: Wed 1 - 2:00p and by appointment. Email through Blackboard. Classroom: THEA 182 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course examines dance traditions and cultures from around the world in an exploration of the human search for meaning. From ritual dances that prepare

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  • Hospitality Industry Management Essay

    Building: Room: Jong-Hyeong Kim +61 8 9266 4389 408 2006C Administrative contact: Name: Phone: Email: Building: Room: Kelly Nowak +618 9266 3882 408 2014 Learning Management System: Blackboard ( HOSP2000 Hospitality Industry Management Bentley Campus 28 Jul 2015 School of Marketing, Curtin Business School (CBS) Page: 1 of 7 CRICOS Provider Code 00301J The only authoritative version of this Unit Outline is

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  • Reflection On My Past Group Projects

    wasn’t there, especially about the media log task. We all seemed a little overwhelmed by this assignment and it made it very hard to complete. I became very tired and worried as the due date approached and we hadn’t really communicated other than on blackboard. Our schedules didn’t connect so we wasn’t able to meet in person so we decided to email one another. A few of the members tried their best to think several ideas to complete this Media Log. I don’t know how to deal with that complicated problem

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  • Essay on Student

    doctorwho1971 (If you choose this option please state you are my student and the class name and section or I will not accept invitation.) Faculty Service Center: (513)732-5335 Electronic Communication This is an online course which uses Blackboard linked to MyMathLab. Course Description: This course develops fundamental knowledge and skills for applying statistics to business decision making. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability distributions, confidence intervals and hypothesis

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  • Study Guide Essay

    for example, information on coursework submission. Information in this study guide is maintained by Dr Chris Evans ( Policy statements The Business School Student Handbook can be found on the Business School Blackboard Learn site (Academic Programme Office - APO). The Student Handbook is a useful source of information for all aspects of your studies, including policy, procedures, plagiarism, house style for assignments, joint and group work submissions and other

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  • Essay on Marketing

    programme timetable 4. Student Support and Guidance West London Online (Blackboard) All the key information you require to complete this module will be made available through West London Online (Blackboard). Please check the module site regularly for additional resources or information made available while the module is running. Updates or changes will be communicated to you via Blackboard announcements and/or email – so please also ensure that you check your student email account

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  • Essay about Reflection on Simulation marketing

    work? 8. Did you have issues with budgetary restrictions and how did you overcome them? 9. Was the market research useful for your decision making? 10. How did you manage channel conflict? The reflective assignment must be submitted via Blackboard (Turnitin) by 21st March 2014 Assessment Criteria 1. Presentation, communication & style (written) 2. Use of literature/ Knowledge of theory 3. Rationale 4. Critical reasoning / critical thinking 5. Reflection/evaluation 6. Self-criticism

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  • International Accounting Essay

    available through Blackboard –  Journal articles are available through the Library (if not claimed otherwise) –  Copies handed out in class AYB 311 - Dr Amedeo Pugliese Overview of AYB311: use of Blackboard Lecture Notes –  These are the primary source of knowledge throughout the entire course –  Posted on Blackboard on each week (7 days before the lecture to whom they refer) Blackboard –  Various important documents, notices and announcements posted on the Blackboard site throughout the

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  • Essay No File: Syllabus Thing

    classroom, this course offers strategic information tailored to ensure academic excellence in this unique learning environment; this information includes Liberty University’s foundations and beliefs, Liberty University Online resources for success, Blackboard navigation techniques, time management strategies, the adult learner’s responsibilities, methods for identifying and avoiding academic misconduct, scholarly research tactics, and approaches for selecting the appropriate courses towards completion

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  • Extended Essay

    to the marketing concept. Blackboard Website: If you are unfamiliar with using Blackboard, please direct your questions to Academic Computing. If you do not use your USF email address as your primary email account, you must forward your USF mail to the primary account, in order to ensure that you receive all communications form your classmates and for the instructor. Please make a habit of checking the website for announcements that I may post. I will use Blackboard for posting information about

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  • My Highest Level Qualification Is A Master Of Business And Information Technology

    strength, developed through my tertiary studies and five years as ICT and Learning Systems Manager at Bond University. I am an advanced user of UQ systems such as Business Objects, SI-net, Blackboard and ECPs. I am also an experienced webmaster and qualified trainer, having trained staff in the use of Blackboard, e-publications, website content management systems and the MS Office suite, among others. I also have 15 years’ experience as a webmaster and have been heavily involved in the development

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  • Business Electives Essay

    will be dropped. However, you must do and turn in the last case in the class. My write-up of each case will be available on blackboard on the following Sunday at 9:00 PM so that you can review it. Also, some cases will be available on Camtasia at that time. I will email you the appropriate Camtasia links. You learn a significant amount by studying the case on blackboard and listening to the Camtasia presentations because: (1) you understand what you did right, (2) you understand where your assumptions

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  • National Culture and HRM Policies and Strategies Essay

    Lecture note: Cross-cultural management. Scotland: EC50013. Blackboard: University of Dundee. • Dr Paul Seaman (2010). Lecture note: Theoretical models of human resource management. EC50012 Blackboard: University of Dundee. • Dr Paul Seaman (2010). Lecture note: Introduction to human resource management. Scotland: EC50012. Blackboard: University of Dundee. • Dr Paul Seaman (2010). Lecture note: Performance appraisal. Scotland: EC50012. Blackboard: University of Dundee. • Dr Paul Seaman (2010). Lecture

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  • Technology And Higher Education Benefits

    overhead projectors and started using PowerPoint (Harvey). PowerPoint 's are more appealing to students and keeps them more in tuned to learn. With PowerPoint teachers can add information and colorful pictures to help teach their classes. Also blackboards are starting to become obsolete with all the new technologies that are coming out (Harvey). Plus with teachers becoming more up to date on the new technologies, it gives them a chance to teach online classes at the college level. For instance,

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  • Leading Change Essay

    operational, human, stakeholders, systems, environmental); support with relevant data; cites multiple sources for information outside of assigned readings; application of relevant theoretical perspectives; answers all case questions posted within Blackboard. - Needs Work: too abstract in defining the problem statement and/or situation analysis; does not identify primary issues; guideline infractions (bottom of page); lacks data or examples to support claims.   Communication  + Superior: uses headers

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  • Writing A Good Wiki Entry Requires Good Writing And Editing Skills

    wiki entry. Because text editors are pretty similar, many of the skills you learn for this lesson can also be applied to discussion boards, assignments, and blogs. Figure 6.3.1. Here is ab example of the kinds of formatting you can do in a Blackboard wiki--and that you will be practicing in this lesson. Guiding Questions What tools can I use to help me make my wiki page look good? How do I link pages to my wiki? How can I add multimedia to my wiki? Key Terms alignment: How text or images

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  • Critical Thinking And Assignment Expectations

    Take-home essays are to be handed in to Turn It In via Blackboard: These include Short Paper 1, Short Paper 2, and Short Paper 3. For additional peer review, paper drafts will be posted on Blackboard in the Discussion Board. If we have made prior arrangements, you will be able to turn in your papers either under my office door (room 629) or in my department mailbox (room 612). Final assignments that are emailed to me, posted on Blackboard, or submitted in any other format will not be accepted

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  • D.H. Lawrence’s The Rocking-Horse Winner, and Graham Green’s The Destructors

    theme in “The Destructors,” is innocence lost (Blackboard 8). The boys in the story are in their adolescent years, when it is common for a young boy to center many of his thoughts on himself (Berger, 2008, p. 391). Moreover, as a gang member, Trevor may have felt “invincible, never defeated, and protected from harm” (Berger, 2008, p. 392). In “The Rocking-Horse winner,” the need for materialistic things can never be satisfied, is the theme (Blackboard 7). Moreover, “Riding the rocking-horse is an

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  • Essay on Ent 6016

    business plans: An entrepreneurial approach. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. Subscription to the Wall Street Journal “PERT.” Detailed instructions and learning aids, available on Blackboard. Grading Activity Points Team Activities: 500 Feasibility Analysis 50 Business Plan 50 Implementation Plan 50 Strategic Plan 50 Investor Business Plan 50 Investor Presentation 50 Individual Contribution 200 Individual

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  • Supply Chain Case Essay

    Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:45am-1:15pm or by appointment Text: “Managing Operations Across the Supply Chain” 2nd Edition, by Swink, Melnyk, Cooper, Hartley, Publisher McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 13: 978-1-12-180339-8 All pertinent information can be found on BLACKBOARD. Course Description: The overarching course objective is to develop an in-depth understanding of integrative managerial issues and challenges related to developing and implementing a firm's Supply Chain and Operations Management Strategy. Attention

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  • Essay about Mr.Mathgenius

    this assignment, be sure to read the handout “Exchange Rate Concepts Study Guide” which your instructor has made available to you on the Blackboard course shell for this class. This handout describes some concepts and notation that will be essential to this assignment. You should also download the document “ISO 4217 Currency Codes from XE” from the Blackboard shell to use as a reference to the three-character currency codes used throughout this assignment. To obtain data on current and historical

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  • Essay about Music In Film F14 Syllabus

    that music plays in keys scenes in selected representative films from the 20th Century - present. Required Textbooks and Other Course Materials: Hickman, Roger. Reel Music: Exploring 100 Years of Film Music. New York: Norton and Company, 2006. Blackboard: Students are responsible for viewing the films to be studied in this course. The films will be available at the reserve desk of the Fine Arts and Architecture Library. Many of the films are also available for rental and

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  • Study Skills for Distance Learning

    meetings, email and telephone contact with a tutor for individual guidance and support Independent study through open learning materials, both paper based and on-line Lincoln University IT systems via the on-line virtual learning environment (Blackboard). Figure 2: Teaching and Learning Methods for Module One (Howitt, 2012, pg 6). Furthermore in Bourner & Race (2008) mention part time and distance learners need to focus on the ‘E’ words: - Effective, Efficient, Economic and Effort

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  • Project Management Project Essay

    accumulated here. 2.5 Approach to learning and teaching Employing the interactive learning and problem-based teaching approach, this course emphasizes the interaction between lecturers and students. The lecture materials will be uploaded in Blackboard to help the students to preview the materials and to facilitate discussion during the lecture. This will help students to interact with the lecturer on other matters related to the subject before and after the lecture. The sessions for presentations

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  • Task Instructions Essay

    MGB210: Case Study Relates to outcomes: Length: Weighting: Due Date: How to submit: learning Unit Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 5 and AOL goals: KS (1.1), HO (2.1; 2.2), PC (3.1), SE, (5.2). 2500 words 50 per cent Week 7: Sunday, 19 April, by 6.00pm. Blackboard SafeAssign Description of the task: For this assessment, you will prepare a report that examines how an organisation can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the operational systems that produce its products and services. The case study

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  • Business Communication Essay examples

    distributed through BlackBoard as required. (Please note: the latest edition of the textbook will be adopted if there is one available. Please check out our online bookstore for most updated textbook information Please see other required and recommended readings in the class schedule. Blackboard Site A Blackboard course site is set up for this course. Each student is expected to check the site throughout the semester as Blackboard will be the primary

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  • Syllabus Essay

    Days/Time/Location: Wednesday, 8:00 pm – 9:40 pm, ATC – H207 Instructor Information Name: John Clary Office Location: ATC – H207 Office Hours: Immediately before and after class, other times and locations by appointment Contact Information: Blackboard site: Course Information Course Description Introduces life cycle application development methodologies in a systematic approach to developing relational databases and designing applications. Presents content introducing

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  • A Research Study On The Gym, Photography, Listening, Music, And Function Of A Team

    meeting starts, if they are going to miss the meeting (The day before the meeting would be preferable.) ● All members are expected to contribute. ○ Should elaborate on ideas to group members if asked ○ Should be open to new ideas being presented ● Blackboard ○ Check on the group discussion board daily for updates ● If having trouble with assignment ○ Each member should be open to help resolve the issue or explain in better terms so the troubled group member understands how to continue on. ● Speaking

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  • Hgjv Essay

    point. Before submitting the Thesis Statement and Outline, review the Thesis Statement and Outline Grading Rubric to verify that all components of the assignment have been completed. Save your work as a Microsoft Word document and submit it to Blackboard. Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 2. THESIS STATEMENT AND OUTLINE INSTRUCTIONS You must select a criminal justice topic about which you have not previously written or researched; this will serve as the topic

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  • Space Race Outline Essay example

    such as work or family obligations or athletics. PROPOSED PLAN Methods The best an most efficient way of starting up eCampus is hiring the ‘Ecampus Project Development Team’ to design a secure portal through the schools blackboard website. Cost eCampus cost almost nothing while the profits are limitless. eCampus will cost between $1000 to $5000 for each class depending on the amount of credits. These funds are to support the faculty in their part in providing course

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  • Essay about 583 Course Project

    McGraw-Hill Higher Education and Blackboard Strategic Plan Partnership TM 583 – Section C Professor Edmead 11/20/11 Section 1 – Strategy TCO F – Given an organizational and industry context, identify and suggest a deployment strategy that will facilitate the success of a technologically-driven organization. The McGraw-Hill Companies deployment strategy is providing individuals vital knowledge to enable them to reach their full potential throughout their lives. Also

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  • Sample Essay : Self Reflective Essay

    since I’ve had to take an English class that I had to write so much. Week after week, there were so many writing assignments. Each week we had to read an article and answer questions on that article through the discussion board on the college blackboard. After posting your answers, then you had to respond to two other classmates’ answers. Each week we also had to read an editorial article and write a two page response to the article. These papers had to be in MLA (Modern Language Association)

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  • Accounting Essay

    * Create a corresponding APA reference list at the end of your memo ( * Submit your memo as a Word file to the appropriate ASP Cost Accounting Blackboard assignment page. Grading: Review the rubric provided on Blackboard, it is used for grading. The assignment will be graded based on, but not limited to, your knowledge of the subject matter, organization statement, organization of ideas, and format. Carefully proofread your work

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  • Tags Honor Essays

    NPV b) Payback period c) Internal Rate of Return d) Profitability Index Actividades A. Uso de la computadora con acceso al internet. Es mandatorio revisar frecuentemente (todos los días de ser factible) el correo electrónico dentro de BLACKBOARD de forma que pueda ver los nuevos mensajes que han llegado y si alguno que usted envió rebotó. También es importante revisar regularmente la página del curso, en especial la parte del CALENDARIO, ya que puede haber actualizaciones, adiciones

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  • Essay about How to Redesign a Classroom to Optimize Learning Experience

    Equipment -- Blackboard and Projector: For those seating in the side areas and in the rear, the visibility of the projector isn’t so good. Similarly, when the professor writes on one side of the blackboard, those who seat in the other side have difficulty in reading the handwriting. Dim Lighting: the lighting in the classroom is a little dark that it’s easy for us to fall asleep. The arrangement of lights in the roof isn’t so rational that sometimes we can’t see the blackboards because of light

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  • How Social Media Has Changed Our Modern World

    private persona, and ethics. Social networking first came to light in 1997. One of the first social networking websites was In this same year, educators started using Blackboard. Blackboard is a website used for organizing courses for teachers and students. (The Brief History of Social). Blackboard was used for a long time, teachers swapping to Canvas only a few years ago. Still in 1997, AOL Instant Messenger began to allow users to chat. This opened doors, letting people speak

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