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Who was the fist medieval Pope

Gregory I

He had a war with Roman emperor Henry IV

The Roman emperor knows as Holy

Henry IV

What is the doctrine of the “two swords

It’s the doctrine separating from civil and ecclesiastical Already making the pope and the bishop supreme Over all human rulers in matters relating to God.

What translation of the Scriptures did the Church of Rome use?


Religious communities isolated from the rest of society


An Italian monk who founded a monastery in Monte Cassino southern Italy


The two most prominent orders of Friars

Franciscans and Dominicans

The tribe that became the most dominant as the Roman empire collapsed

The Franks

The first grade Frankish military and political leader


In what year was Clovis baptized into the Ramen church


The most famous mayor of the palace

Charles Martel

What battle did Charles Martel defeat the invading Muslims In western France

The battle of Tours

Charles Martel son who became mayor-of the palace and followed in his father‘s footsteps

Pepin the short

The greatest of the Carolingian kings and earned the name Charlemagne

Charles the great

Name The two groups that stood for the word of God the against the church of Rome

Petro-brusians and Waldensians

Charles the great only surviving son who took the crown

Louis the Pious

Why is The Treaty of verdun important

Because it set stage for the formation of the modern nations of France and Germany

Nomadic people from Asia who penetrated deep into southeastern Europe


Blonde haired blue eyed German barbarians who dwelt in Scandinavia

The Vikings

One of the most important Viking settlements


What battle did Charles Martel defeat the invading Muslims In western France

The battle of Tours

The year for the birth of the Holy Roman Empire


The Holy Empires first emperor

Otto the great

The first king of the Hohenstaufen line of emperors

Fredrick Barbarossa

What was the single most powerful institution in Western Europe


The theory that Christ founded his church upon Peter

Petrine theory

Has to do with his name

The ambitious monk who served as an advisor to the popes


He longed for a Christendom Dominated by the Roman church and ruled absolutely by the papacy

Gregory VII

The papacy attained the zenith of its power and influence underwent Pope

The third

A special court with power to inquire about and charge matters of alleged heresy

Holy office Of the Inquisition

An official decree by the pope


A way of life based upon the ownership in use of land


A piece of land held by one man who permitted another man to use it in return for certain promised services


The code of conduct for the nobility and the knights


Certain colorful and unique symbols emblem and designs displayed on armor shields and banners


Musicians who played single stringed instruments and sang ballads of love and war


The church leader who declared that every church must agree with the Church of Rome


Peasants living in villages of 10 to 50 families located near the center of the manor


What forbade fighting from Friday to Sunday

Truce of God

Was nicknamed the Lion hearted

Richard I

The group of people that lived in towns called burgs, and situted the rising middle class


A early form of trade unionism consisting of of voluntary associations among among merchants artisans and craftsmen


A confederation of northern German towns formed during the 13th century

The Hanseatic league

A low lying region located in western Belgium just across the English Channel and the British Isles


The bubonic plague where 25,000,000 people perished due to infected fleas and rats

The Black Death

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The first medieval University

Salerno Italy

Who issued the doctrine of the two swords

Pope Gelasius I

How was the medieval curriculum divided into

Two parts; trivium and quadrillion quadrivium

An attempt to synthesize Greek philosophy with Romanism


Who were the two greatest scholastics

Thomas Aquinas and William of Ockham

The philosophy denying the totality of mans sinful nature and his dependence upon God for everything


And English Franciscan Friar who emphasized observation and experimentation as the source of true knowledge

Roger bacon

Began the first translational the Bible into English

John Wycliffe

John Wycliffes followers


He was known as the MorningStar of the re-formation

John wWycliffe

Printed the first non-Catholic hymn book in modern history


He found an organization call the brother in the common life to promote the cultivation of the spiritual life through Bible reading meditation prayer and personal piety while following Christ and serving others

Gerard Groote

The place a fire where the souls of petitent sinners remained after death


Roman priest who lived in Florence Italy exposed hypocrisy in the Roman Church

Jerome Savonarola

Two major poets of the middle ages and their most famous work

Dante , Divine comedy

Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

What caused the Italian Renaissance to occur

The great enthusiasm for Classical Greek and Latin literature

Subjects such as: history,grammar,rhetoric, and poetry


Known as the “Father of humanism”


First great Italian of prose in a modern language


The book on politics written by Niccolò Machiavelli

The Prince

He gave the English people Bible in their own tounge by translating from laughing to English

John Wycliffe

What forbade anyone except a clergyman to possess a copy of the Bible

The council of Toulouse

The earliest monks that lived in the wilderness


Man who perched alone for 37 years atop a stone over 50 feet high

Simeon Stylites