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Command line program that can capture an entire operating system installation to a single file
Performs agentless inventories of computer hardware
Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator (MAP)
The system where you create an image file
master computer
Enables you to install an operating system on a computer with no boot disk

preboot execution environment (PXE)
Command line-based Windows Server 2008 installation
Server Core
Contains answers to questions asked during an operating system installation
unattend file
Includes boot files and image deployment tools
Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK)
A Windows Server 2008 role
Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
Provides boot disks with network and 32-bit driver support
Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment)
Creates and modifies answer files
Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM)
Which of the following services does a Windows Deployment Services client computer use to locate a WDS server?
Which of the following programs can you use to remove the machine-specific settings from a Windows computer prior to creating an image file?
Which of the following configuration passes runs only when you execute the sysprepl generalize command?
Which of.the following tools can you not run on a Windows Server 2008 Server Core installation?
Server Manager
Which of the following programs do you use to create a Windows PE disk image?
a. Oscdimg.exe
During which configuration pass should an answer file for a Windows Server 2008 installation create the system disk partition?
Which of the following is not required to implement a Windows Deployment Services server?
Active Directory Certificate Services
Which of the following editions of the Windows Server 2008 operating system can support up to 64 processors?
Windows Server 2008 Datacenter (x64)
WS 2008 Itanium
When using Windows AIK, which of the following tasks do you perform on the technician computer?
Create an answer file
How many computers can you inventory with Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator(MAP) using SQL Server Express 2005?
Up to 20,000
LIst the steps involved in deploying a Windows Server 2008 computer using the Windows AIK, in the correct order.
1. Build a lab environment
2. create an anser file
3. Build a master installation
4. Create an image
5. Deploy the image
LIst three advantages to starting a computer using a Windows PE boot disk, rather than a DOS boot disk.
- Support for 32 bit drivers
- TCP/IP network access
- NTFS drives