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Which position is usually held by the highest grade civilian in the civil engineering squadron?

Deputy base civil engineer
Which flight contains tools that will be the foundation for a more systematic and integrated management approach throughout the squadron?


Readiness to respond with engineering capability is best provided through mobility posturing of civil engineering personnel and

exercising extensively during peacetime

As outlined in Air Force Instruction 10-401, Air Force Operations Planning and Execution, an Air and Space Expeditionary Force describes a deployed

squadron, group, or wing
In order to meet mission requirements, the primary goal of RED HORSE is to develop and maintain a highly skilled, self-sufficient combat engineering force capable of what?

Rapid response and independent operations
When an Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve RED HORSE unit mobilizes, who does the unit directly report to?

Gaining MAJCOM

What unit is capable of major base development and typically the first one in to set up a bare base site?


What two units supplement active duty units to create a major force in worldwide deployments to meet mission requirements?

Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve units
Which units are under authority of their respective state governor?

Air National Guard

The requirements for the Prime BEEF program are contained in what Air Force publication?

AFI 10-210
MAJCOM's establish unit type codes for the operations within the command. These codes establish the size, composition, and equipment that make up what type of teams?

Prime BEEF
What option can the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program provide to Prime BEEF force?

Relief or augments forces
Being assigned to a Prime BEEF team, you must be ready to mobilize on a moment's notice. To be ready means you understand your duty responsibilities, making sure your personal affairs are in place, and

ensuring your family members are prepared.
Tier 2 training sites make what resource available to units?

Specialized contingency equipment

What provides a Prime BEEF unit with a listing of items to deploy with?

Equipment and supplies listing.

What will be your primary weapon to use when assigned to a Prime BEEF position?

M-16 rifle

The Air Force comprehensive plan in comprised of four basic parts: general plan, component plan, special plans and studies, and


The general plan generally synopsized information from the component plans as well as what other documents?

Other Planning documents

What helps to visually explain the narrative contained in the general plan, component plans, and special plans and studies?


What plan provides contractors with information on contract requirements, the level of performance expectations, and how the Air Force will confirm services are provided?

Quality assurance surveillance plan
To design mission support strategies that obtain higher levels of contractor performance, foster synergistic partnerships, accommodate changing mission needs, and leverage best commercial practices is the goal of

performance-bases services acquisition

Which injury is the number-one cause of lost worker time?

Back injury.

In which are of the engineering profession might you encounter welding hazards?
Construction management.

What are the best teachers of safety?

Real life experiences

Which of the following characters defines the civil engineer career fields?


Which system identifies duties and tasks for every position needed to accomplish the Air Force Mission?

Military personnel classification.

Why does the Air Force use AFSC prefixes like "T" in the example "T3E171?"

Designate an ability, skill, special qualification

Each Air Force Specialty is combined into a broad and more functional category called

Career field

What does the "E" represent in the AFSC "3E451?"

Engineer career family

Which skill level indicates the apprentice skill level?


What is the code that identifies a CMSgt or CMSgt-select as the top enlisted manager for civil engineers?

Which skill level must you obtain before promotion to staff sergeant?


Who is responsible for obtaining the highest possible score on your end-of-course exam for CDCs?


Completion of what course authorized you to wear the senior civil engineering (CE) occupational badge?

Craftsman course

Why does the Air Force want to provide you with training and education?

Build knowledge and skills to carry out the mission

What does the Air Force define as the ability to recall methods, procedures, tools, and equipment?

Task knowledge

What gives you a reference to complete a task that is outlined in the specialty training standard?

Technical reference in the first column

As a minimum, what amount of core tasks will a trainee have to complete before upgrading their skill level?


A solid triangle (▲) in the qualification training package subcolumn indicates the QTP is
currently available
Which airmen are required to maintain training records?

Airmen basic through technical sergeant
Which screen in the Air Force Training Record contains basic information about you?


Which Air Force training record system allows your trainer to document recurring training such as lockout tagout, hazardous communication, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the law of armed conflict?

Where will your supervisor document all of your on the job training in the Air Force training record program?


Who does the master task listing identify specific training for in a section?
Each individual
If the individual meets all of the training goals for your section, what training code will you assign to them?
What are the two parts of a task that you must train in?

Knowledge and performance

What is the key to a training counseling session?


Certifications can be driven by what higher authorities?
National, state, or Department of Defense

What will happen with the CerTest program if you happen to fail a second time?

Locks you out

When are major installations required to conduct internal environmental compliance assessments and external compliance assessments?

Annual; once every three years.
The different types of findings for Environmental Compliance and Assessment Management Plan inspection include: carryover; major; minor; positive; repeat; and


What environmental act establishes a national environmental policy with goals for the protection, maintenance, and enhancement of the environment?

National Environmental Policy Act

Who will be responsible for personal actions that have environmental consequences, according to the Air Force Policy Directive 32-70, Environmental Quality?

All personnel

Who, other than the environmental planning function, determines the final decision to categorically exclude a proposed action concerning a categorical exclusion?

Authorized decision maker
When an environmental assessment is being prepared and there are findings on no significant impact, what may a decision-maker mark on the findings?

Finding of no significant impact
What type of document is a record of decision?

What item provides you with an explanation of the physical data of the chemicals you work with?

Material safety data sheets

What form convers releases and transfers of toxic chemicals to various facilities and environmental media?
Form R

What is the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency?

Protect human health and the environment

What agency leads the nation's environmental science, research, education, and assessment efforts?

Environmental Protection Agency

Who is responsible for ensuring compliance with all Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requirement?
Installation commander
Reducing the amounts of hazardous waste is an ongoing process and the responsibility of

Storage of hazardous waste in an accumulation point must not exceed
90 days
What is a primary goal of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)?

To promote reuse and recycling of valuable resources
What is the most common place to find lead in house dust?
Window Sills
As an engineering professional performing your duties, when would you be most likely exposed to the hazards of lead-based paint?

Performing inspection duties on a renovation project

Why are the visual inspections performed in the base-level, lead-based paint program?

To identify areas of deteriorated paint in high priority facilities

What forms contain permanent recordings of when individual lead-based paint evaluations are performed?

AF forms 1219 and 227
Which type of asbestos possesses the greatest risk of releasing fibers in the air?


Where are you most likely to encounter asbestos containing material?

Pipe insulation

Who do you contact if you encounter asbestos containing material in poor conditions?

Environmental Flight

A requester is also knows as a


Which of these guidelines does not help your image with a customer?
Impress your customer with your job knowledge
Which of these Air Force forms is used to request work?
AF Form 332, BCE Work Request

How many copies of the prepared AF Form 332 must building custodians and military family occupants submit with the original?


Which of these Air Force forms authorizes work needing detailed planning or large bills of materials?

AF Form 327, BCE Work Order
Who approves all items input into the Recurring Work Program?


What must be included in a self-help work request submitted by a military family housing occupant?

Statement of donor
What method does the Air Force use to program work requirements over a 12-month period?
In-service work plan
What are the two methods of time accounting?

Actual time accounting and exception time accounting
What does the order in which jobs are scheduled depend upon?
The work in relation to the mission
What is the dollar limit for construction when using a government purchase card?

What software program is needed to run the interim work information management (IWIM) system?


What does interim work information management provide to base and MAJCOM commanders?

Real-time data

What is the main objective of the warranty/guarantee program?

To ensure the purchase of the highest quality products?

How often are the documents selected for warranty/guarantee program?
If you find government property that apparently has been lost, stolen, or abandoned, what type of responsibility must you assume?

What does "pecuniary" mean?


What publications are orders from the Secretary of the Air Force, approved in the Secretariat or the Air Staff that are directive in nature?

Air Force instructions

What publications are concise reference books on the technical aspect of a particular subject or a compilation of factual data?

Air Force handbooks

What series of publications cover policy on all aspects of civilian and military staffing, including procuring, promoting, training, and funding?

36 series

Which of the following publications do all branches of the military follow?

Department of Defense publications

When searching the e-publications webpage, what does the long title search use to find the publication you are looking for?

key words of the publication title

Once published, how long does an engineer technical letter remain in effect?

Until it is canceled, rescinded, or superseded by a later ETL.

What type of publications are legal orders signed by a commander?

Technical orders

What are the manuals the Air Force develops or pays a contractor to develop for all equipment built to military specifications?

Technical orders

Which manual comes with locally procured equipment items?

Commercial off the shelf manuals

Which manuals provide instruction for designated field maintenance units in support of the using organization?

Field maintenance insturction

Which type of time compliance technical orders can be identified by a border of alternating red Xs and slashes (/) around the page?

Urgent action

Which commercial publications provide the "how to" aspect of a job?