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What new develpoments did cities have in the 19th century?
Subways were invented, Skyscrapers and suspension bridges chaned the cities
Patronage is
when a elected offical apoints a friend to a political office.
Settlement Houses
Were put in place by social reformers to help new immigrants
Graft is
When people try to influence the poltical aspect for personal gain.
Pendleton Civil Service Act
When trying to get a government job they had to pass a examination.
The Gentlemen's Agreement
The Emepror of Japan and Roosevelt wouldn't allow Japanese to immigrant to United States.
Chinese Exclusion Act
Agreement to not allow the Chinese to immigrate to the United States
Angel Island is...
Was the processing station of Asian's trying to immigrate into the Unites States. Which was located in San Francisco.
What inventions helped skyscrapers become possiable?
Better steel, and the invention of the elevator.
People enjoyed new things in the 20th century like...
professional baseball, amusement parks, the theater.
Jim Crow Laws...
Helped races to be seperated. It allowed whites to have a upper hand then African Americans.
High School attendance was lower because
Families needed there kids to work. The pverty was high which made attendance low.
Education changes in the 1900 was helped by...
Atendance was high in elementary and high school. Kindergrations were on the rise and Immigrants attended public schools to get more like americans.
Grandfather Clauses were used...
Were used in voting. If your father voted you could vote. It helped African Americans not to vote.
Argicultural laborers and Railroad workers were usually
Mexicans that immigrated and worked the jobs.
Plessy vs Ferguson
Was a court case that went to the Supreme Court that ruled that racial segration was legal in public facilities.
The invention of the Prtinting Press allowed
The cost of production lowered, which in return lowered the cost to the buyer to a penny a newspaper.
Old Immigrants were
From NOrthern and Western Europe. Most were from the Protestant relgion.
People immigrated to the United States because
To reunite with relatives that live in the U.S., People could own their own land as well as practice their own religion and to have a say in the government.
Booker T. Washington
African American leader that beleived that African American if they learned a skill that could gain equality.
Grover Cleveland
Was president of the United States. And he has been the only President to win office two non-consecutive terms.
W.E.B. Dubois
Was a founder of the NAACP. He also belived that African Americans had rights from the Constitition.
Jane Addams
She founded Hull Houses to help new immigrants that came to the United States.
George Eastman
He invented the Kodak camera. Which helped start photjournalisim.
John Roebling
He invented the supesion bridge. Which connected Manhattan to Brooklyn it was named the Brooklyn Bridge.
Frederick Law Olmstead
He designed Centeral Park in New York so people could enjoy a natural looking park in the city.
Montgomery Ward
He helped link rural America to Urban America with his catalog sales which made him a lot of money.
Ida B. Wells
Was a journalist who started fighting for racial justice after his friends were killed by lynvhing. He was a African American Leader.
Inventions that helped urban people.
* Electrucuty allowed for the elevator, 2nd shift in factory & subway trolley.
* Bassemer process allowed for skelectou construction allowed urban people to build suspenstion bridges & skyscrapers.