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is the systematic manual of mechanical manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes
in the past, a male massage practitioner
in the past, a female massage practitioner
the greek root ____, which means to touch or handle but also to knead or to squeeze
massage has been a major part of medicine for at least ____ and an important part of Western medical traditions for at least ____
5,000 years
3,000 years
a more modern term for Chinese massage is ____, which literall means "push-pull"
The points of stimulation remained much the same as the Chinese pressure but were called ____
a massage technique from Japan in which points of stimulation are pressed to affect the circulation of fluid and ki (life force energy)
the greek priest-physician ____ was the first in along line of Greek physicians. He was later warshipped as the god of medice
Asclepius is said to have combined exercise with massage to create gymnastics and founded the first ____ to treat disease and promote health
the art of rubbing a body part upward
discusses prevention and therapeutics extensively and advises using massage, exercise, and bathing
De Medicina
____ lived during the reign of Emeror Tiberius and was concidered to be one of the most eminent Roman physicians
X Persian philosopher/physician
X author of Canon of Medicina---considered to be the most important single book in medical history
X one of the founders of modern surgery and inventor of the ligation of ateries, described the positive effects of massage in the healing process in one of his publication
Ambroise Pare
is credited with resoring the health of Mary, Queen of Scots by use of massage
Ambroise Pare
The ___, ___, and ___ centuries witnessed an expansion in all fields of knowledge
16th, 17th, and 18th
___ of Smaaland, Sweden, a physiologist and fencing master, is known as the father of physical therapy
Per Henrik Ling
Ling systematized and developed movements that he found to be beneficial in improving his own physical condition, calling the system of movements
Medical Gymnastics
____, more commonly called _____ or the _____, spread throughout Europe and Russia
The Ling System
Swedish Movements
Movement Cure
X an English physician
X studied under Ling at the Royal Center Institute
X 1851, published 1st book in English on the Swedish Movements
Mathias Roth
X established 1st institute in England to teach Swedish Movement Gymnastics
X gave private leasons to Charles Fayette Taylor, a New York physician, who in 1858 introduced methods in US
Mathias Roth
Modern massage terminology is credited to ____ of Amsterdam, Holland, who established the practice and art of massage as a scientific subject for physicians in the remedial treatment of disease
Dr. Johann Mesger
An Austrian named ____ and his wife Astrid developed a method of gentle rhythmic massage along the superficial lymphatics that accelerates the functioning of the lymphatic system and effectively treats chronic lymphedema and other diseases of venous or lymph circulation
Emil Vodder
X An English orthopedic physician
X is credited with popularizing Deep Transverse Friction Massage
Dr. James H. Cyriax
This method broadens the fibrous tissues of muscles, tendons, or ligaments, breaking down unwanted fibrous adhesions and thereby resoring mobility to muscles in a way the cannot be achieved by passive stretching or active exercize
Deep Transverse Frictiob Massage
In 1943, the ____, the oldest national proffession massage association in the US was established in Chicago by graduates of the College of Swedish Massage
American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
At the ____, sports massage services were made available to the athletes for the first time
1984 Summer Olympics
in 1990, the ____ became an independent certifying entity, and the first examinations were administered in ____
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
TRI was founded in 1992 under the direction of ____, in collaboration with the University of Miami Medical School expressly to study the effect of touch therapy on human well-being
Tiffany M. Fields