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What is a convent?

A personal,solemn promise of faithful love that involves mutual commitments

What is the official authoritative teaching of the church based on the revelation of G-D?


Who does the trinity include?

The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit

What is the Nicene Creed?

The formal statement or profession of faith commonly recited during the Eucharist

Monotheism is the belief in how many G-D's?


A divine economy is ...

also know as the economy of salvation, and refers to G-D's eternal plan and his actions for the salvation of humanity

What means having become flesh?


A filia is a relationship having to do with who?

Child and parents

A beatitude is the state of...

eternal happiness with G-D in heaven

The judgement of the human race by Jesus at his second coming is called what?

Last judgement

Messiah is the hebrew word for what?

Anointed one

The pentecost is the...

event when early followers of Jesus received the Holy Spirit

Christology is ...

The study of Christ

Name the five heresies:






Describe Arianism

-Focused on Jesus' humanity

-Jesus was higher than humans, but less than G-D

Hint: Air--higher

Describe Nestorianism

-Focused on Jesus' humanity

-Jesus was one divine person and one human person

Hint: or -- either/or (not both)

Describe Docetism

-Focused on Jesus' divinity

-Jesus was only acting human but was actually fully divine

Hint: starts with "D" -- divinity

Describe Monophysitism

-Focused on Jesus' divinity

-In the end he was only divine, but not human

Hint: Mono-- one

Describe Gnosticism

-Focused on Jesus' divinity

-Salvation is attained by G-D's secret agent

Hint: No-- not really them

What was the outcome of the council of Nicea?

The Nicene Creed

Hint: Nicea--Nice..

What was the outcome of the council of Chaledon?

Defined Jesus' two natures

Hint: Two