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What are the 4 Command Points for the Body? Point that affect a spefic location of the Body if Xu or Shi , Chronic or Acute
Head & back of Neck Lu 7
Face & Mouth LI 4
ABS St 36
Back (Upper & Lower) UB 40"
Control Major Places
What are the Five Shu (Transportion) Points?
**Jing-well - Where Qi Bubbles Up; 1st point of Yang / Last points of Yin Ch.- For Fullness Disorders, stifling on chest, Mental illnes
**Ying-Spring - Where Qi Glides down the Ch.: For Heat/Fever in the Body and Hot Spots & Change in Complexion
** Shu-Stream - Where Qi Pours down the Ch.: For Wind Damp-Heaviness in the Body, Bi- Pain in Joints, Intermitent Problems.
**Jing-River - Where Qi Flows Down the Ch.: For Cough, asthma, Dyspnoa(hard breathing), Chills & Fever (hot/cold), change of Voice, Disease of Sinuse and Bones
**He-Sea - Where Qi collects and Descends deeper into the body;Fu Organs- St, SI & LI, For Rebelious Qi, diarrhea, disorder of Irreg Eating & Drinking.
Think of a River, Well, Spring, Stream, River, Sea
What are the 5 Phase Points for Yin Channels?
Jing-Well = Wood
Ying-Spring = Fire
Shu-Stream = Earth
Jing-River = Metal
He-Sea = Water"
Begins with Wood
What are the 5 Phase Points for Yang Channels?
Jing-Well = Metal
Ying-Spring = Water
Shu-Stream = Wood
Jing-River = Fire
He-Sea = Earth"
Begins with Metal
*Where Qi Bubbles Up;
*Most Distal Point on Ch. /
1st point of Yang Ch. & Last points of Yin Ch.
**Revives Consiousness
*Treats Upper Most of Channel
*Treats Disorders of the Spirit,Mental Illness
*Chest Stiffling, Fullness under the Heart
Qi Gushing, Usually on hand or Feet
*Clears Body Heat, Febrile Disease
*Hot Senations
*Treats Disease of Yang Channel (Clears the Channel)
*Complexion Changing (Skin Problems)
HE-Sea Point
*Fu Organs
*Disease of Stomach & Intestines
*Counter flow of Qi
Near Elbows & Knees
What do the Jing-River Points affect?
*Cough, Dyspnea, Chills
*Hot/Cold Sensation
*Voice Problems
*Disease of Sinus & Bones
Forearms & Lower Leg
Shu Stream
*Relieves Heaviness
*Joint Pain
*Bi, Wind, Damp
* In Yin Channel - Harmonizes Zhang of Zhang/Fu
Near Wrist & Ankles