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The Fool
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Find out what is out there

The querent
The Magician
A revelaing/presentation of the a four suits tool/quality

The High Priestess
revealing of secret/odd knowledge on how to use the tools

the reader
The Empress
with patience and care, your path will grow

A mother
The Emperer
its time to Be your own boss. follow the rules. it all cant be wild

A Father
The Hierophant
here is some practical advise.
now stop panicking. harsh teaching tho

A therapist/ teacher
The Lovers
sudden unexpected something your soul needs. choose this although thats not easy to do
The Chariot
CONTROL your enviroment bring together all your tools to find cunning victory

Jaguar Paw
Control yourself to protect your honor. don't give up. keep at it. stay strong.

Hester Pryne
The Hermit
A time for piece, inner reflection, solitude. this is frustrating but enlightening

the hermit
The Wheel
a stroke of good, unexpected fortune. out of the blue. out of querents control.

adjustment to balance life. this can be unpleasent, but it is time.

a cleaned up drug addict
The Hanged Man
letting your guard down. seeing the world differently. sacrifice to gain illumination

being high.omg totally. its a tradeoff
transformation, change
rebirth. this may be frusturating

light after dark
it is necessary to combine 2 seemingly opposing things to get something great. sometimes moderation

two groups of friends combined
The Devil
you are being held back by your beastial desires. let go of them. or do you need more of them?

The Tower
sudden change. destroy the lies you have about yourself. what's left is the bare truth. scary

The Star
A guiding light of hope in the dark. often unexpected. the far-away destination

the big dipper
The Moon
intense magical encounter with wild moods. A period of genious creativity, or wild insanity

bipolar disorder
The Sun
conclusive understanding, appreciation, happiness

the sunrise
Lay your past to rest. You cant get rid of it, but you can come to terms with it. dont leave ignore or forget it. scary!
The World
everything has come togethor in a positive way
teaching is in the future
own nothing and own everything

old age
Ace of Staffs
Spark of energy for a passion
Ace of Cups
Spark of desire or emotion
Ace of Swords
Spark of Words and Ideas
you want to share and write
pursue a challenge. test
Ace of Coins
Spark of euntreprenuership.
New tools to pursue material wealth
The Aces
initial raw passions feelings thoughts or needs. take action or dont
Two of Staffs
A choice of where to put your energy. follow instincts
Two of Cups
a recognition of love with somebody. romeo and juliet
Two of Swords
a clash of ideas or words. make peace of this
Two of Coins
juggling finance and material
The twos
High priestess
where to put your energy
three of staffs
you've nvested, your reward is coming

a pregnan mother
three of cups
celebration, togethorness
three of swords
heartbreak and pain. due to something they heard htat was wrong. but the truth has come out
three of coins
something is created to bring in patronage and hold you over.
the threes
the empress
results of our choice
the fours
stability, holding pattern
solid foundation
Four of staffs
what youve been building has been established.laying the foundationof the future. enjoy
Four of cups
stagnation. unhealthy indulgence in looking for stimulation. change it
Four of Swords
A healing retreat is needed
Four of Coins
you are holding on to your wealth. release it. invest it. be genourous. be less worried about keeping what u have
The Fives
The Hierophant
the changes that make one humble and allows growth
Five of Staffs
Conflic and competition with those of equal energy and passion
Five of Cups
you are ignoring the good by focusing on the bad
Five of Swords
learn from failure. and when to lose
Five of coins
a material loss, there is still hope & spirituality, the hardship will pass.
The sixes
The Lovers
Balance and harmony
a give and take
The six of staffs
The victory card