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the part in which the microscope rests
substage lamp
provides light through the objective lens into barrel
surface on which the slide is placed
part on which the microscope is carried or held
fine adjustment
used for fine, detail focusing of the microscope
field of view
the part of the microscope slide you actually see through the eyepiece
coarse adjustment
used for focusing the microscope
tube containing lenses through which one looks into the microscope
body tube
tube extending from eyepiece to the objective lenses holding them a specific distance apart
revolving circular structure containing the objective lenses
high power objective
used for focusing on minute details on slides
low power objective
used to focus microscope slide if there is no scanning
stage clips
used to hold odwn the microscope slide and keep it from moving
regulates the flow of light that goes through the stage and in the objective lens
scanning objective lens
used ot focus slide