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Montresor wants to seek revenge against Fortunato
F. injured M. a thousand times (a hyperbole: exaggeration)

Wants F. to know that it's M. getting revenge on him, but doesn't want to put himself in danger
Dress of M. and F. and the symbolism from that
M. wearing black mask and black outfit because he is hidden and like going to attack

F. wearing jester outfit because he is drunk and clueless and silly and foolish because he is being fooled
Carnival festivities and vault; Europe

Carnival season
M. asks F. to taste...?
Asks him to taste the Amontillado; Luchesi will taste it if F. doesn't and this quickly upsets F.

M. told servants that he'd be gone so that they would sneak out and not be home
Covered with niter, cause F. to cough, M. offers to have F. turn back but he doesn't want to

Full of dead bodies from M.'s family
M.'s crest
foot crushing serpent with the serpent's fangs in the heel of the foot

motto is "nemo me impure lacessit" which means "no one injures me with impunity"
F. makes a mason hand motion
M. doesn't understand
M. insists he is a mason
Shows him the trowel (stone mason)
M. chains F. to wall and begins to build a brick wall

F. screams and moans and thinks that M. is joking and then falls silent after his final pleas

Bones weren't disturbed for half a century
I won't die of a cough; Yes, you won't.

Sarcastic toast to F.'s long life
setting: contrasts catacombs and carnival
Fortunato: his name is irony, Fortunate life before this event

Change in setting = duality in M.'s behavior

M.'s dress and F.'s dress
- Get away with it
- Not let it negatively affect him
- F. must know that it is M. getting revenge on him
Told from flashback
Historically, his actions were not irregular
Hides F. so he isn't caught doing this
Evil acts aren't the same as insanity
Seems to have functioned fine for last 50 years
Hesitates and heart grows sick; remorse
Doesn't feel differently about the murder after 50 years
Killed F. in a cold blooded premeditated manner while pretending sincere friendship
M. is vague on reasoning of why he would murder F.
Acts as if his actions are justified from what kind of person he is
Still doesn't think his actions were wrong after 50 years
Can't provide a reasonable justification to his audience
Taunts F. and enjoys his misery
Poe's stile
Insane characters
He(?) had a troubled life
Poe doesn't include supernatural stuff; real horror lies in what human beings themselves are capable of

Typically in medieval castles and have clanking chains, horror, violence, ghosts, long underground passages, dark chambers, etc.
Verbal irony
1. ???

2. ???
Irony when F. asks M. about his family coat-of-arms and motto
Type of revenge that M. wants to seek
??? (examine 1st paragraph closely)