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Opening line

Hello, Kind Heavenly Father, its me, Justin Waverly.


Sorry to bother you again, but troubles are spreading like kudzu down here.


Ive really enjoyed my five years as interm pastor at The Tabernacle of the Lamb, but the church conference is gonna be deciding my future in the next few days.


And i dont know how G.J and i will pay our bills if i dont grt this job as permanent pastor.


Its not like i have some impressive junior college degree to fall back on.


So, not to put any undue pressure on you, but could you send me a miracle.... Right now.


Im not looking for a major miracle like raising Elvis from the dead.


Which is not a bad idea, by the way


No sir, i just need something that showcases my talents, and wins over the church conference.


So, could you, maybe, send me a conflicted soul burdened with some really spectacular sin?


Someone i can lift up and reveal the glories of your-----... Wow! Ask and ye shall recieve. Check you later.... Come in

J.C- Hey there preacher-man. Got a minute?

Anytime, John Curtis. Hows the deputy sheriff buisness?

J.C- Well, a peace officers work is never done............. Just doing what i can to keep civil unrest and anarchy at bay.

And we all appreciate it. So, what brings you to my office?

J.C- I wanted you to be the first to know........... Twink Futrelle and I are getting married.

Why, this is wonderful news! So, did you want to set a date, discuss the ceremony, make sure my schedules clear... What exactly, can I do for you?

J.C- Just one thing..... Please please please

Youre really going to make me work for this, arent you?