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To measure the strength of wastewaters one would use
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
DefineBiochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
The BOD test is used to measure the strength of wastewater. The BOD of wastewater determines the milligrams per liter of oxygen required during stabilization of decomposable organic matter by aerobic bacteria action.
Organism carried by the cockroach
Activated Sludge
The term "activated sludge" refers to a brownish flocculent culture of organisms developed in aeration tanks under controlled conditions
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
The milligrams of oxygen required to chemically oxidize the organic contaminants in one liter of wastewater
A biological process by which nitrate is converted to nitrogen gas.
Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
The oxygen dissolved in water, wastewater, or other liquid. DO is measured in milligrams per liter
Clumps of bacteria and particles that have come together to form clusters, or small gelatinous masses.
Nitrogen is present in wastewater in many forms: total Kjeldahl nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, organic nitrogen
Nitrogen Cycle
The cycle of life, death, and decay involving organic nitrogenous matter is known as the nitrogen cycle. In the nitrogen cycle ammonia is produced from proteins.
A biological environment which is aerobic
Raw Wastewater
Wastewater before it receives any treatment.
Domestic wastewater is 99.9% water and 0.1% solids
Which pesticide is ok for public use
Sevin Dust
Most likely cause of eye irritation in this scenario
A) NTU 8
B) Chlorine residule of 4.5
C) Ph 7.5
What agency regulates food additives?
Food & Drug Administration
Name the steps in order of water treatment
Coagulation, Flocculation, Sedimentation, Filtration
Clumping of particles in wastewater to settle out impurities, often induced by chemicals such as lime, alum, and iron salts
Process by which clumps of solids in water or sewage aggregate through biological or chemical action so they can be separated from water or sewage
Letting solids settle out of wastewater by gravity during treatment.
A treatment process for removing solid (particulate) matter from water by passing the water through sand, activated carbon, or a man-made filter.
A person become ill after only fours have passes the suspected meal was eaten their illness is likely to be
Patients in hospitals have increased susceptibility to nosocomial disease due to
Close population subject to invasive procedures
A process that utilizes heat to destroy microorganisms in food is called
Disaster relief is predominantly dependent on
Before initiating pesticide use in a pest control program one should first consider
Federal law governing pesticide use in that specific environment
The purpose of the Hazard Communications act is too
Inform & train employees
Estimation of sewage water production is accomplished by
Knowledge of wastewater contributing fixtures with in a dwelling
How do you calibrate a thermometer
In ice water
when taking milk sample it is most important to
Use sterile sampling containers
The purpose of Blanching is to
deactivate enzymes to retain color
In plumbing structure, a "trap" is used to
Prevent sewer gas from entering
Gamma radiation is
Dense & capable of penetrating deep flesh
Fermentation in a coliform test would indicate
Presence of fecal coliforms
Someone who is still contagious or spreading a disease but no longer exhibits the symptoms associated is said to be
While visiting a solid waste site you notice they are experiencing fly issues, you should
Ask for pest control records
A main component affecting bloom control of algae is
Chlorine performance increased when PH
Best method for absorbing gases & aerosols?
Activated Carbon
The minimum dept for a septic tank is
Six Feet
The FDA considers with of the following to be an adulterated product
A) Mold on blue cheese
B) milk with Listeria
C) rice with weevils
What characteristic is used to determine the freshness of fish
A) Sliminess
B) friable flesh
C) Nice Red Gills
To measure of ionic radiation
Electron volt
Solution for ware washing should have chlorine content of
At a disaster site the steps in order to be taken are
Protect yourself, identify hazard etc
Which of the following is Protozon
Dried fruit are not PHF due to
low water activity
Presence of psychophilic bacteria in milk product would be evidence of
improper pasteurization technique
Plague is spread by
A forklift driver has become light headed, pale, disoriented. The most likely causes is
CO2 poisoning
Sludge from water treatment facilities cannot be used in agriculture due to risk of
Heavy metal build up
Food is not to be in the danger zone longer than
Blue Baby syndrome is related toward
Presence of nitrates in water supply
Tags for shellfish must be kept for
The Hantavirus is carried by
house mouse
Foods are called PHF's if they
Support rapid multi action of pathogenic
To prevent Trichinosis you should
Cook pork thoroughly
To raise the pH add
Sodium Carbonate
To remove chlorine use
Sodium thiosulphate