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How many breweries are there in Japan approxiametly?


How many koku were produced in japan in 2014-2015?

2.49 Million. Koku = 180 litres or 20x9 litres

How many breweries produce less than 1000koku?

80 %

How many breweries make over 10,000 koku?


How much sake due the largest breweries 1% of breweries produce? Compared to the rest.

More than half of all sake produced

Name the 3 largest producers of sake.


- Takara

- Gekkeikan

How much sake do Hakutsure, Takara and Gekkeikan produce each?

Approx 250,000 koku! As much as smallest 80% of breweries combined!

Factors affecting cost of sake?

- Rice type

- Rice Grade

- Seimaibuai

- Style

- Futsu-shu or Tokotei-Meisho-shu

- Shubo method

- Aging


How many prefectures are there in Japan?


How many regions are there in Japan?


Which are the 2 most prolific producing prefectures?

Hyogo and Kyoto - 50% of all production

Which prefecture has the most breweries?

Niigate - 3rd most productive in terms of volume

Niigata style?

Clean, crisp, dry, kire

East Coast Style (Miyagi and Shizuoka).

Tend to be lighter and pure go well with local cold water seafood

South-west (Hiroshima and Saga) style?

Tend to be richer and sweeter

West coast style?

Tend to richer and warmer

Central Mountain (Nagano) style?

Tend to be richer and heavier to go with meat and preseved vegetables


Head Brewer


Brewery Worker


Brewery Owner

Name the top 3 Toji Guilds?





- Toji guild in Iwate prefecture

- 1/3 of all Toji and Kurabito come from Nanbu

- Excellent reputation for education and training

Echigo (Niigata)

- Tsuki-haze advocates

- Tanrei-karakuchi - which is the local style of lean dry style with kire finish

- Guild is a big contributor to consistent regional style

Tanba (Hyogo)

- So haze advocated

- Intense with relatively high umami


National Research Institute of Brewing

Brewing Society of Japan

-Established in 1906

- Provides yeast to many breweries and research too.

- Published a journal every month