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How does self-excitation work?

Field flash takes 12v from the battery to charge rotor windings for inital startup until Q1 & Q2 (Quad windings) start making volts which gets induced into the rotor. (takes about 3 seconds)

What do the B-Windings Do?

The B-Windings are producing AC Voltage that is rectified into DC Voltage for 1 amp battery charging.

What is the Stationary Windings called?


What is the Rotating Windings Called?


The amount of voltage and current flow induced into the stator windings depends on?

1. The rotors magnetic Field

2. Rotors Rotational Speed

3. The number of turns of wire in the stator.

What are the two types of air cooling

on a generator?

  1. Pressure Cooling
  2. Vacuum Cooling

What are the two types of lubrication systems on a generator?

  1. Splash System
  2. Pressurized System

On what oil system has a Low Oil Switch?

Splash System (Non-Pressurized)

On what oil system has a Oil Pressure Switch?

Pressurized Oil System

Which oil system has an Oil Filter?

Oil Filters are only on Pressurized Systems.

What does a Choke do on the Carburetor

A choke reduces the air to the carburetor, providing a richer fuel mixture for cold starting.

Three types of oil filters are?

Dry, Oil Bath, and Foam

How does the electric choke operate?

The Electric choke consist of a bimetal coil that opens and closes with the bimetal affected by the exhaust temperature.

Explain the LP Gas

Low pressure system

Takes high pressure propane from the container to the generator through a dedicated two stage regulator located on the generator.

What is the Formula to find out the total area of screen for ventilation.


------- x RA


FA = Free Air Space

RA = Required Air Space

Resistance of a circuit increases.

current flow will decrease as resistance increases.

The Voltage regulator will respond to an increase in engine RPM by?

Decreasing the field winding voltage.

Excitation in a generator is

DC current applied to the rotor.

What changes to keep the output voltage of a genset constant?

DC Voltage to slip rings