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101. When supplies that have been newly ordered arrive in the office, they should be
A) Kept in the reception area until there is time to put them away
B) Checked against the packing slip to make sure that everything that has been ordered has arrived
C) Put in front of the supplies already in the storage area
D) All of the above
102. The device that allows the computer operator to manipulate the cursor without using the arrow keys is the
A) Mouse
B) Graphic user interface
C) Modem
D) Monitor
103. The programs that allow the computer operator to perform various tasks are
A) Microcomputer chips
B) Motherboards
D) Applications software
104. In the medical office, sharps are usually
A) Used once and then discarded in a hard plastic container
B) Sanitized and sterilized and used again
C) Discarded with regular waste
D) Considered hazardous and discarded in a red bag
105. Three diseases that are transmitted only by direct contact with blood or body fluids are
A) Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C
B) Hepatitis A, hepatitis C, and HIV
C) Scarlet fever, AIDS, and hepatitis C
D) Hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV
106. Originally, ICD coding was used
A) To track disease processes
B) In medical research
C) To evaluate hospital service utilization
D) To classify the cause of death
E) All of the above
107. A letter that weighs 11 ounces should be sent by
A) First class mail
B) Second class mail
C) Express mail
D) Priority mail
E) Parcel post
108. Using the alphabetical system of filing, "The Harris Office Supply Company" would be filed under
A) T
B) H
C) 0
D) S
E) C
109. When sorting the mail for the physician, the medical assistant should arrange the mail
A) Alphabetically
B) In order of importance
C) By the type of mail (first class, second class, third class)
D) In no certain order
E) On the left corner of the desk
110. Which of the following would require a CPT code?
A) Mastectomy
B) Appendectomy
C) Hysterectomy
D) Rhinoplasty
E) All of the above
111. The type of computer printer that produces the sharpest image is the
A) Ink jet
B) Dot matrix
C) Laser
D) Pencil
E) Ribbon
112. Manual scheduling of appointments utilizes
A) Spiral-bound appointment books
B) Computer appointment scheduling
C) Ink
D) A typewriter
E) None of the above
113. The letter style in which the first line of each new paragraph is indented five spaces is
A) Simplified
B) Block
C) Semiblock
D) Modified block
E) None of the above
114. For coding a diagnosis, the first place to go is
A) The CPT book
B) Volume I of the ICD-9-CM
C) Volume II of the ICD-9-CM
D) Volume III of the ICD-9-CM
115. The procedure that protects against the loss of computer data is known as
A) Formatting
B) Booting up
C) Backing up
D) Initializing
E) Saving
116. The correct format for the salutation to a physician named David Roberts is
A) Dear Dr. David Roberts, MD
B) Dear Dr. Roberts, MD
C) Dear David
D) Dear David Roberts, MD
E) Dear Dr. Roberts
117. Which of the following types of scheduling allows for the most efficient use of staff, materials, and facilities?
A) Open appointments
B) Double-booking
C) Wave
D) Modified wave
E) Grouping
118. What piece of mail should be placed on top when sorting the physician's mail?
A) First-class mail
B) Journals
C) Envelope marked Personal
D) Bills and Statements
E) Equipment catalogs
119. Open punctuation is characterized by
A) Enclosure notation
B) Absence of punctuation after the salutation and a comma after the complimentary close
C) Modified block style
D) Use of a colon after the salutation
E) Block style
120. The federal insurance program that provides for the medically indigent is
B) Medicare
C) Blue Shield
D) Medicaid
121. The process of transferring an amount from the day sheet to the ledger is
A) Journalizing
B) Charting
C) Posting
D) Crediting
E) Debiting
122. A numerical filing system requires the use of
A) Lateral files
B) An alphabetical cross-reference
C) Color-coding
D) A tickler file
E) Subject headings
123. The file folder label for Jennie Holmes-Mathis should be
A) Jennie, Holmes-Mathis
B) Mathis, Jennie Holmes
C) Holmes, Jennie-Mathis
D) Holmes-Mathis, Jennie
E) Mathis, Jennie (nee Holmes)
124. Third-party participation in an office indicates the relationships among the
A) Physician, patient, and medical assistant
B) Physician, medical assistant, and insurance company
C) Physician, patient, and insurance company
D) Physician, hospital, and insurance company
E) Physician, patient, and hospital
125. A claim may be rejected by an insurance company because of the omission of
A) Complete diagnosis
B) Policy number
C) Patient birth date
D) Itemization of charges
E) All of the above
126. How much postage is required for a first-class letter that weighs 3 oz if the first ounce costs $0.34 and each additional ounce is $0.25?
A) $1.00
B) $0.50
C) $0.34
D) $0.84
E) $0.75
127. When the word Confidential is to be typed on the envelope, it should be placed
A) In the lower right corner
B) Below the ZIP code
C) In the lower left corner
D) Below the return address
E) Both C and D
128. The most formal of complimentary closings is
A) Very truly yours
B) Warm wishes
C) Sincerely
D) Sincerely yours
E) As always
129. Which of the following is not needed when making an appointment
A) Patient's name
B) Telephone number
C) Reason for visit
D) Insurance information
E) Availability
130. This type of call allows more than one person in more than one place to talk simultaneously.
A) Person-to-person
B) Conference call
C) Three-party billing
D) Appointment call
E) Collect call
131. This procedure protects against the loss of data.
A) Buffering
B) Debugging
C) Backing up
D) Initializing
E) Formatting
132. A tickler file is
A) A guide for processing insurance claims
B) A list of procedures for equipment maintenance
C) A type of color-coding
D) A physician referral service
E) Future events arranged in chronological order
133. All of the following would require a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code except
A) Diarrhea
B) Mastectomy
C) Otoplasty
D) Hysterectomy
E) Sigmoidoscopy
134. Which of the following characteristics of a receptionist might make an impression on a patient?
A) Appearance
B) Professionalism
C) Manners
D) Attitude
E) All of the above
135 A direction to consider additional codes is
C) See also
D) See condition
E) See category
136. The purpose of infection control systems is to
A) Comply with state regulations
B) Determine how disease is transmitted
C) Prevent the spread of disease
D) Maintain a high level of cleanliness
137. Visual examination of the internal surfaces of the vagina and cervix is done with an instrument called a
A) Colposcopy
B) Cystoscope
C) Cervoscope
D) Colposcope
E) Vagoscope
138. When taking a mm in the PA projection, the x-ray beam passes through the patient
A) From one side to the other
B) At an angle
C) From front to back
D) From back to front
139. In the x-ray machine, the substance that prevents x-rays from traveling out from the source in all directions is
A) Iron
B) Steel
C) Plutonium
D) Aluminum
E) Lead
140. When a cast that has been present for a long period of time is removed, there may be a significant amount of
A) Dystrophy
B) Myosis
C) Hypertrophy
D) Atrophy
E) Hypotrophy
141. Blood specimens obtained during venipuncture are usually obtained from
A) The radial artery
B) The antecubital space
C) The femoral veins
D) The fingers
E) The heel
142. When the health care provider wants comprehen¬. sive testing done on one body system, this group of tests is ordered as a(n)
A) Assay
B) Panel/profile
C) Differential
D) Comprehensive
E) Reading
143. In documenting immunizations in the medical record, what should be recorded in addition to the usual information, which includes date, site of injection, side effects, and who administered the immunization?
A) Time of injection
B) Vaccine manufacturer and lot number
C) Schedule number and pregnancy category
D) Expiration date of vaccine
E) None of the above
144. Which of the following blood pressure readings would be considered hypertension in the normal adult?
A) 98/SO mm Hg
B) 100/60 mm Hg
C) 120/80 mm Hg
D) 136/88 mm Hg
E) 160/100 mm Hg
145. The doctor has ordered 250 mg of ampicillin. The ampicillin you have on hand is 100 mg per mL. You would administer
A) 0.4 mL
B) 2.0 mL
C) 2.5 mL
D) 25 mL
E) 0.25 mL
146. The finest suture material is marked
A) 1
B) 0
C) 3
D) 000
E) 2
147. The term that means that an instrument has been washed but not treated further is
A) Autoclaved
B) Sanitized
C) Disinfected
D) Sterilized
E) Cleaned
148. A disk of compressed medication is a
A) Capsule
B) Tablet
C) Caplet
D) All of the above
E) None of the above
149. Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes all of the following except
A) Gloves
B) Uniforms
C) Gowns or laboratory coats
D) Protective eyewear
E) Masks
150. Evacuated tubes with no additives are used when the test to be performed involves
A) Serum
B) Plasma
C) Hemoglobin
D) Nucleus
E) None of the above
151.The medical assistant has been instructed to give the patient an injection of vitamin B12. This action is called
A) Prescribing medication
B) Administering medication
C) Dispensing medication
D) Calculating medication
E) None of the above
152. The technique that is used whenever a patient's skin is broken or a patient's body cavity is entered is called
A) Medical asepsis
B) Surgical asepsis
C) Clean technique
D) Disinfection
153. The process of achieving sterilization includes which of the following?
A) Use of an autoclave
B) Steam in the autoclave that has been heated to 250° F
C) Pressure in the autoclave that has reached 15 pounds of pressure
D) All of the above
154. Which of the following is not acceptable for wrapping items for the autoclave?
A) Muslin
B) Cotton
C) Paper
D) Aluminum foil
155. The proper cleaning of an area with soap and water is called
A) Sterilization
B) Sanitization
C) Disinfection
D) Surgical asepsis
156. Items that enter parts of the body lined with mucous membranes need to be
A) Sterilized
B) Autoclaved
C) Sanitized
D) Disinfected
157. Cleaning an area or soaking instruments with chemicals is called
A) Sterilization
B) Autoclaving
C) Sanitizing
D) Disinfecting
158. A forceps is an instrument used for
A) Cutting
B) Grasping
C) Pulling back
D) Suturing
159. Tissue and dressing forceps usually have
A) Serrated edges
B) Ring handles
C) A handle that can be grasped with the thumb and forefinger
D) None of the above
160. The device used to measure the oxygen saturation of the blood is
A) Bronchoscope
B) Spirometer
C) Oxygenator
D) Oximeter
161. The popliteal pulse is found
A) On the thumb side of the wrist
B) At the top of each leg, in the middle of the groin
C) At the inner aspect at the bend of the elbow
D) At the back of the knee
162. The medical assistant who is responsible for obtaining the patient's vital signs should
A) Write them on a piece of paper and give them to the doctor
B) Give the measurements to the doctor orally and let him or her write them in the patient's chart
C) Document them in the patient's chart as soon as they are taken
D) Put them on a piece of paper and put them in the patient's chart at the end of the day
163. The normal adult has a respiratory rate of
A) 8-12 breaths per minute
B) 14-20 breaths per minute
C) 12 breaths every 30 seconds
D) 14 breaths every 30 seconds
164. Which of the following heart rates would be considered tachycardia?
A) 40
B) 100
C) 60
D) None of the above
165. A patient who weighs 45 kg also weighs how many pounds?
A) 45
B) 99
C) 105
D) 145
E) 150
166. A patient who is 72 inches tall is
A) 6 feet
B) 6 feet 2 inch
C) 6 feet 4 inch
D) 5 feet 2 inch
E) 5 feet 6 inch
167. A patient's statement "I feel like someone is pounding nails into my head" would be documented in the SOAP format under
A) S
B: O
C) A
D) P
168. The first round of pediatric immunizations is usually completed by the time the child is
A) 9 months old
B) 11 months old
C) 15 months 15 old
D) 20 months old
169. What position is used for better access to the rectal area and lower back?
A) Lithotomy
B) Sims'
C) Dorsal recumbent
D) Trendelenburg
170. Before a pelvic examination, the patient from whom a Pap smear will be taken should be instructed to
A) Douche
B) Not douche
C) Use a vaginal ointment
D) Insert a lubricating jelly
171. The chart to test visual acuity is the
A) Apgar
B)-'Denver chart
C) Ross chart
D) Snellen chart
172. Which of the following would be considered a subjective finding?
A) Rash
B) Swelling
C) Redness
D) Dizziness
173. Which of the following would be considered an objective finding?
A) Redness
B) Dizziness
C) Nausea
D) Aching
174. In which section of the patient's medical history would you document that the patient had recently lost 20 pounds without being on a diet?
A) Chief complaint
B) Present illness
C) Past history
D) Family history
175. Measurements recorded at the patient's first visit are the measurements against which all subsequent measurements are compared. These initial meas-urements are known as the
A) Initial evaluation
B) Baseline values
C) Comparative values
D) Vital values
176. Which of the following examination methods is used in listening with a stethoscope?
A) Inspection
B) Palpation
C) Percussion
D) Auscultation
177. A patient lying on his or her back for the abdomi¬nal examination is in what position?
A) Supine
B) Prone
C) Sims'
D) Lithotomy
178. When the patient lies on his or her back with the knees bent and feet on the end of the examination table, the patient is in what position?
A) Fowler's
B) Lithotomy
C) Trendelenburg
D) Dorsal recumbent
179. A normal and healthy infant should, at the end of 1 year, have
A) Doubled in length and tripled in weight
B) Tripled in weight and grown 10-12 inches in length
C) Tripled in length and doubled in weight
D) Doubled in length and gained 10-12 pounds
180. In what position is the patient placed for the visual examination of the internal surfaces, of the vagina and cervix?
A) Dorsal recumbent
B) Sims'
C) Prone
D) Lithotomy
181. All female patients should be taught to do a breast examination. Ideally, this should be done
A) Weekly, on the same day of the week
B) Monthly, on the first of each month
C) Monthly, 1 week after the woman's menstrual period has begun
D) Monthly, 1 week after the woman's menstrual period is over
182. The goal of anticoagulation medication therapy is to
A) Make the length of time it takes blood to clot longer than normal
B) Make the length of time it takes blood to clot shorter than normal
C) Normalize the length of time it takes blood to clot
D) Form blood clots
183. An injection that is administered in the deltoid muscle is the
B) Hib
D) Hep B
184. An intradermal injection is administered to cause a raised area in order to elicit a local reaction. This raised area is called a(n)
A) Blip
B) Wheal
C) Wheel
D) Immunization
185. Needle gauge refers to the
A) Length of the needle
B) Diameter of the lumen
C) Circumference of the needle
D) Size of the neck of the syringe
186. Solid medications that can be divided are
A) Caplets
B) Capsules
C) Enteric coated tablets
D) Scored tablets
187. Which of the following choices lists the stages of pharmacokinetics in correct order?
A) Distribution, absorption, action, excretion, metabolism
B) Metabolism, action, distribution, absorption, excretion
C) Action, absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion
D) Absorption, distribution, action, metabolism, excretion
188. A situation in which two drugs work to enhance each other is called
A) Antagonism
B) Synergism
C) Teratogenic
D) Potentiation
189. The name that is always capitalized and usually identified with the symbol for being patented is the
A) Chemical name
B) Generic name
C) Brand name
D) Compound name
190. The appropriate needle size for administering a subcutaneous injection to an average adult weighing 150 pounds would be
A) 20 gauge, 1/2 inch
B) 22 gauge, 1 inch
C) 23 gauge, 11/2 inches
D) 25 gauge, 5/8 inch
191. Oxycodone is a medication listed under
A) Schedule I
B) Schedule II
C) Schedule III
D) Schedule IV
192. Hypersensitivity to a drug may cause all of the fol-lowing except
A) Itching
B) Rash
C) Respiratory distress
D) Absorption of the drug
193. A chemical substance that has the potential for addiction and abuse is regulated by the
A) Department of Public Health (DPH)
B) Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
C) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
D) Controlled Substances Act of 1970
194. The effect of a drug that acts on the area where it is administered is
A) Systemic
B) Local
C) Remote
D) Absorption
195. A common classification system that identifies the effect for which the drug is given is the
A) Topical effect
B) Systemic action
C) Desired action
D) Absorption effect
196. Items that have been placed on the sterile field may be touched with
A) Bare hands that have been surgically scrubbed
B) Examination gloves
C) Transfer forceps
D) Sterile gloves
197. Amy has been prescribed a diuretic because of fluid retention. She has been instructed by the medical assistant to
A) Drink extra fluid to make up for the increased fluid she will be excreting
B) Eat foods with a high protein value
C) Make sure she drinks an electrolyte replacement drink such as Gatorade at least once a day
D) Eat foods high in potassium
198. Agglutination tests look for the presence of a(n)
A) Antigen
B) Rh factor
C) Antibody
D) Titer
199. The usual capillary site for a blood draw is the
A) Index finger of the dominant hand
B) Middle finger of the nondominant hand
C) Middle or ring finger of the nondominant hand
D) Index or middle finger of the dominant hand
200. The main veins used for venipuncture are the
A) Femoral, radial, and cephalic
B) Cephalic, basilic, and median
C) Basilic, median, and radial
D) Median, cephalic, and radial