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What is the Ohio RSC
It is the Rehabilitation Services Commission
What does the RSC do
It is the state agency that helps peopl with disabilities find employment
3 bureaus that comprise the RSC
Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR)
(BSVI) Bureau of services for the visually impaired
(BDD) Bureau of disability determination
5 vocational rehab services offered by the RSC
employee retention
technical assistance
disability awareness
diversity training
follow_up support
job-site training
easiest way to apply to recieve services from RSC
call the closest RSC field office
What is the Business Enterprise Program at the RSC
A program that enables ohioans with disabilities to have careers in food service management. People who are legally blind manage cafeteria's, convenient stores, snack bars
What is an IPE and who develops it?
IPE is an Individualized plan for employment and it is an agreement between you and RSC describing services which will be porvided according to your choices. Developed by you and your counselor
Job-Placement services
It is any professional intervention that facilitates or supplements the naturally occuring employment selection process and it ties counseling efforts to real-world outcomes (employment)
Three steps in the employment selection process
Job search
Job acquisition
Job entry and stabilization, stabilization means to stay on the job for 90 days.
Who oversees the employment selection process
A placement professional
name some job search activities applicants can engage in to find potential employment targets
Research, newspaper ads, One-stop shops,on-line job postings
Job searches that work
Applicant must be motivated and tapping informal social networks
Why do employers recruit workers with disabilities
Profit, Publicity of a more diverse work force, Compliance with legislative mandates (ADA, Affirmative action) Community relations
What job search role do placement professionals engage in
Job seeking- skills training
Job Club ( group oriented approach to prepare individuals)
Professional assumes partial or total responsibility for contacting and negotiating with employer
What are the four approaches to job development?
Traditional job search (generic approach)
Agency Marketing Approach (raising awareness of agency services)
Networking Approach (Emphasizes building relationships with businesses)
Individually-focused placement approach (uses persons skills and looks for specific job
What is the difference of screening Vs. hiring
Screening removes undesirable applicants and minimizes cost of hiring
What are employment tests
Test for clerical skills, personality test for salesperson
What is the most common Job acquisition tool used
Interviews, but they have a confirmatory bias
ADA and disclosure of disability
An employer may not solicit information about a disability on job application materials or ask questions likely to elicit such information prior to making an offer of employment
Disclosure Dilemma's, when do you have to disclose a disability
You have to disclose a disability if you request an accomodation for your disability
Why do applicants with hidden disabilities choose to disclose their disabilities
If a person disclose their disability than they are protected under the ADA. Hiding potential concerns can set an individual up for failure. Also co-workers can be very supportive
Why do applicants with hidden disabilities choose not to disclose their disabilities?
Employers may find ways to avoid hiring or promoting individuals who disclose disabilities
Co-workers may tease, harass or discriminate
Worker may not see themselves as disabled (deaf culture)
Assistive Technology Device
Any item, piece of equipment or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified or customized to increase,maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities
Assistive technology act of 1998
What does Assistive technology do?
Enhances the ability to perform basic life functions
Provides a means of achieving greater levels of independence and employment
Promotes a better quality of life for persons with diasbilities
---Wheelchair is most used---
What are some technology provisions of Rehabilitation act?
State VR agencies are required to describe how:: Tech services are provided throughout rehab process
Rehab counselors are trained to provide technology consultation
Assessment of tech needs are conducted to determine eligibility and VR service needs
Identify assistive technologies that enable people with disabities to gaon greater independence in the areas of: Independent Living, Employment, Leisure
Independent Living: Interface system for controls of a house such as lights, TV, door
Employment: can use software just as fast as an able bodied person
Leisure: Improves quality of life, system helps him operate his sail boat
look over page 430 in text
Categories of assistive Technology
Independent Living
It is...control over one's life based on the choice of acceptable options that minimize reliance on others in making decisions and in performing everyday activities
What are the roots of the Independent Living Movement
Civil Rights Movement
What are centers for independent living
They are non-residential, community based, non-profit programs that are controoled by consumers with disabilities
4 core services offered by Centers for Independent Living and examples for each
Information and Referral
Independent Living Skills Training
Peer Counseling
Advocacy (ex...)
When were independent living services first entitled
In the rehabilitation act of 1978
What services do CIL's provide
They provide four core services and other services that are based on the unique needs of the people in the community that it serves
How do you know if you are eligible for services from CIL's
You must have a disability that severely limits your ability to obtain, maintain or advance in employment. The delivery of these service must be expected to improve your ability to function in family, community
Written plan for independent living
Staff person will develop a written independent living plan with you unless you decide that a plan is not necessary
Do you get to select where to get the services
YES, you will be able to select your independent living goal, services needed to reach that goal and counselor will help you find information about options
Do I have to pay for Independent Living services?
The core IL services are provided by all the Ohio centers without cost to you. But if other services are provided you may be asked to pay for those
What is an IPE
Individualized Plan for Employment
What is the Rehabilitation Process
It involves a planned sequence of services related to the needs of the client for the purpose of achieving an employment outcome
5 Steps of the Rehabilitation Process
service planning
service delivery
Referral process
Common referral sources: educational institutions, hospitals,welfare agencies, Individuals ( can make own referral)
Purpose of Assessment and the 2 phases
Purpose of assesment is to determine eligibility and ascertain interests and preferences
The two phases are the prelim assessment to establish eligibility and priority of services. second phase is comprehencsive assesment to determine VR service needs
What are the sources of assessment data
Existing information, Preliminary diagnostic interview, Medical Examination, Psychological assessment, Sociocultural (finding out more about the disability, when/how it happened)
Service planning
Prepare an IPE, which is the central document of the rehab process and is based on findings of the assessment phase
Service delivery
Services must be provided in the most integrated settings possible. Rehab services are any goods or services necessary to render a person with a disability employable....Nobody turned away for inability to pay. Guidance counseling pays for most service delivery
Some VR services
Continuing education
Specialized job training
Work adjustment training
Personal adjustment(daily living skills)
On-the job training (job coaching)
An employment outcome is achieved when:: Provision of IPE services leads to employment.
Individual is employed at least 90 days
job is stable and client and counselor are satisfied with employment outcome