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How many African Americans were in the armed forces?

Over 1 million

When were the Jim crow laws passed?

Late 19th century

Why did African Americans migrate to the north after 1945?

For jobs and housing

Why were African Americans challenging the Jim crow laws?

They fought and worked with white Americans

This encouraged white Americans to tighten up laws to protect their privileged places in society

When was the KKK founded?


What was the purpose of the KKK?

To make sure African Americans still remained socially inferior

When did the Klans support increase?

When African Americans questioned laws against them. After the second world war

What were white Americans afraid of?

The civil rights movements in the 50's

When was brown vs board?


What did the supreme Court say about schools before the 1900s?

Separate but equal

When did the supreme Court decide that segregated schools were legal?


We're schools ever separate but equal?

No. The white schools were better funded.

By which year were 20 states segregated in schools?


When did the supreme Court change segregated schools?

May 1954

When were schools made to desegregate?


What was the quote for desegregating schools?

By all deliberate speed

When was the Montgomery bus boycott?


What was the effect of the bus boycott on the people not boycotting?

It damaged the bus company. African Americans were 75% of their customers

What was the effect of the boycott on African Americans?

They were made fun of on the streets by white people.

Martin Luther kings house was bombed

When did the supreme Court decide that segregation was illegal?

November 1956

When did the bus company give in?

December 1956

When was the situation at little Rock high school?


Who put members of the national guard outside little Rock school?


Who was forced to send troops to the School?

President Eisenhower

How was little Rock shown to the public?

On tv

Films of angry mobs jeering at the kids

What was the effect of the little Rock situation?

White Americans became more determined not to give in to racial equality.

Membership of the KKK grew

The civil rights movement was developing

What was the living standards of African Americans?

African Americans has the worst paid jobs

Worked in the worst conditions

Unemployment was twice that for white Americans

In 1957 what was the average income of an African American?

57% of that of a white worker

When did JFK become president?


When were the freedom rides?


How many freedom rides were there?

How many people?



How many freedom riders were put in jail?


How did civil rights become a national issue?

Through the medium of television.

When were the freedom marches?


Why was alabama targeted for the freedom marches?

It didn't change any of its policies

They new that they would have a reaction if they did that and it would be on tv

In 1940 how many people had a TV?

How did it change?

Only 10% had a TV in 1940, only 10% didn't in 1950

Who was the head of the police in Birmingham?

Bull Connor

What happened at freedom marches?

TV showed people being hosed, including children

Which year was a church attacked by a bomb?

September 1963

When was the Washington March?


What was the reason for the Washington March?

Put pressure on Kennedys government to move the civil rights movement further

What was the significance of the Washington March?

It was named after the US president who ended slavery.

When was Kennedy assassinated?

November 1963

Who founded the black panther movement?

Stokely Carmichael

When did the black panther movement develop?

Mid 1960s

What was the aim of the black panther group?

Wanted African Americans to be proud of their roots.

When did the watts riots happen?


What was the black panther approach to civil rights?

Violence was a legitimate tactic.

They opposed ideas of Martin Luther king

When was the black power protests at the Olympic games?


What happened at the Olympic games?

They wore black socks and no shoes

They did a black power salute

They were booed

They were criticised