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One of the individuals cited as a founder ofcontemporary behavioral neuroscience is Hermann von Helmholtz. Which of thefollowing are true (and relevant) about von Helmholtz and his role as a founderof behavioral neuroscience?
A: Lived from 1821 to 1894

A: He was one of the first scientists to considerin detail the importance of memory, knowledge, retained experience, on simplestperceptual act.

The distinction between inner and outer psychophysics was initially suggested by
Gustav Fechner
What best characterizes the difference between ion pumps and ion channels?
Pumps move ions through membraneagainst their concentration gradient, while channels move ions across themembrane according to their concentration gradient act.
Which of the following are true about Gustav Fechner?
A: he authored what is considered to be the first textbook in scientific psychology, entitled "Elements of psychophysics."

A: His first work relevant to behavioral neurosciencewas begun in 1838, and concerned the perception of color.

A: He lived from 1801-1887.

A: He was cited as one of the three founders ofcontemporary behavioral neuroscience.

which is one of the benefits of en passent synapses?
they allow for large numbers of synaptic contacts without the need to build axon collaterals for each synapse
What is one of the practical implications of the randomness that is pervasive across levels of analysis in behavioral neuroscience?
We need a language for theorizing that is capable of rigorously characterizing that randomness, such as probability theory (statistics).
What does anterograde axoplasmic transport support?
it allows proteins and lipids synthesized in the soma to be transported throughout the axon
In the first lecture of the semester, we discussed a set of fundamental challenges to the scientific study of behavioral neuroscience. Choose those that are correct from the following set of options.
A: Randomness is a fundamental property of the biological systems that we are studying, at every level of analysis.

A: Our subjective experience of the external world is physically and temporally decoupled from the external world.

A: we are observing ourselves

A: he biological systems we are studying are limited in their responsiveness to the energies of the external world

: Which of the following are reasons why neurons are among the most metabolically active cells in the body?
A: structural complexity

A: need to assemble an extensive cytoskeleton and cellular membrane

A: need to concentrate a number of ions against a concentration gradient

What effect does an increase in diameter have onan axon's biophysical properties?
it decreases the axon's cytoplasmic resistance
What are the differences between graded potentials and action potentials? Choose all that apply.
A: graded potentials are monophasic, action potentials are biphasic

A: graded potentials are passively conducted, action potentials are actively conducted

A: graded potentials have variable amplitude, action potentials have constant amplitude

Every myelinated axon consists of a series of myelin segments that are separated from each other by short intervals called _____________.
A: nodes of Ranvier
Q: What structural or functional property defines the nodes of Ranvier?
A: they contain a high density of voltage-gated sodiumchannels
Which type of synaptic connection is absent in the central nervous system?
axoaxonic synapses on myelinated portions of axons
Define the three levels of analysis that are critical to consider in understanding any phenomenon in behavioral neuroscience.
Physical, neural, behavioral/subjective
What is one of the negative aspects of retrograde axoplasmic transport?
it provides a mechanism for the spread of viruses and toxins such as herpes, rabies, and polio in the CNS
Multiple sclerosis is characterized by what neurologicalchanges?
motor weakness and sensory impairment
What sequence of biophysical events characterizes an action potential?
: an influx of sodium followed by an efflux of potassium
Why does myelination increase axonal conduction velocity?
it increases the axon's length constant
What biophysical events would hyperpolarize a typical neuron?
A: an increase in K+ conductance
Q: What biophysical changes are associated with the leading edge of an action potential?
A: an increase in chloride conductance
What type of synaptic interaction is mediated by axo-axonic synaptic contact?
: pre-synaptic inhibition
Of the individuals credited with the founding of contemporary behavioral neuroscience, who is responsible for the first use of the term “experimental psychology”
Wilhelm Wundt
Which of the following are considered in terms of a functional relationship from the perspective of outer psychophysics?

A: response

A: stimulus