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What are the three principles on which Sigma Nu was founded?
Love, Truth, Honor
What are the three characteristics of a Sigma Nu?
- He must have a brave and generous disposition
- He must be a man of all manly capacities and powers
- He must have the character and bearing of a true gentleman
What are the five fundamental principles of a Sigma Nu?
- To govern each act by a high sense of honor
- To bind together all members with a sense of true and everlasting friendship
- To protect, assist, advance, and encourage all members by every honorable means
- To make plans for guidance and unity in action
- To propose, discuss, and agree on these plans in meetings
What is the Creed of Sigma Nu?
To believe in the Life of Love,
To walk in the Way of Honor,
To serve in the Light of Truth,
This is the Life, the Way, and the Light of Sigma Nu.
This is the Creed of our fraternity.
Walter James Sears, 1918
What is the founding date of Sigma Nu nationally?
January 1, 1869
What is the mailing address for Sigma Nu nationally?
P.O. Box 1869
Lexington, VA 24450
Who are the advisors of Sigma Nu Epsilon Xi?
Dr. Jimmy Davis
Carter Hutchins
Steve Ursic