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Open the Automation Window
Command + [4]
Access single send and send assignment display in Mix and Edit windows
Command-Click on the appropriate send arrow (e.g. a,b,c)
Restore the last selection if you lose it in the edit window
Option + Command (pinch) + Z
Nudge Selection
Nudge the selection Start
Nudge the Selection End
Shift + [-] OR [+]
Shift + Option (scum) + [-] OR [+]
Shift + Command (trigger) + [-] or [+]
extend a region up to, but not beyond the border of a neighboring region.
Ctrl, click & drag with trim tool (or smart tool)
Enable Loop Playback (two shortcuts)
Shift+Command (trigger) + L
Add or subtract specific amount to Nudge Value (when using weird values)
Highlight current nudge value then hit [+] or [-] and enter value.
Bypass multiple warnings when clearing or deleting multiple files or regions.
Option click the "Yes" button on the first warning.
Toggle Tab to Transients on and off.
Option+Command (pinch) + TAB
Make a selection to end of session
With the selector at the beginning of the session push Shift+Option (scum) +Return
Move a timeline or edit selection while maintaining record length.
Option-drag on either timeline selection marker. (blue arrows)
Group Regions
Ungroup Regions
Regroup regions
Option + Command (pinch) + G
Option + Command (pinch) + U
Option + Command (pinch) + R
1.Set the Pre-Post roll value within a track playlist.
2. Disable Pre-Post roll within a track playlist.
3. Set Pre-Post values to same amount with timeline.
1. Create a selection then with the selector tool Option-click before and after selection.
2. Option-click on first and last half of a selection.
3. Option-drag either of the Pre-Post flags in the timeline.
Enable loop record (two shortcuts)
Cancel current recording
Command + Period
Audition mono channel of a multi-channel region in regions list through all outputs (e.g. the left channel of a stereo pair through left and right channels)
Shift + Option (scum) - click on appropriate channel in region list.
Create a new group (Edit or Mix Group).
select desired tracks, Command + G
Remove automation on all automation playlists on a single track. (or multiple tracks)
Make any selection on an automation playlist and press Control + Delete. All automation playlists on the track(s) within selection are deleted.
paste one form of automation to another form of automation (e.g. paste volume automation to pan automation).
Copy as normal then paste special with Control + Command (claw) + V
Constrain note start time or pitch when dragging MIDI.
Shift + Click and drag note.
Duplicate MIDI notes when dragging, leaving the originals
Option + Drag with grabber (or pencil on note's middle)
When editing MIDI, change pencil tool to an eraser, selector tool, or note selector depending on cursor position.
Option-click or drag.
Find Regions.
Shift + Command (trigger) + F
Open the Elastic Properties Window
Option + [5]
Open Beat Detective Window
Command + [8]
Create New Path in I/O window
Command + N
Toggle Narrow Mix View in Mix Window
Option + Command (pinch) + M
Record enable different MIDI or Instrument track on the fly while loop recording.
Command + Up/Down arrow
Temporarily suspend Grid mode when editing MIDI notes
When trimming a looped region, temporarily enforce a grid to trim in whole loop iterations
Affect automation data on only one member of an active group.
Control-drag automation.
Show only members of a specific Group
Control-click on group name in group list.
Clear Find Regions list.
Shift + Command (trigger) + D
When Editing MIDI, change pencil tool to Marquee Grabber (crosshair) tool.
When editing MIDI, change pencil tool to Velocity Trimmer
Command-click and drag over middle of note.
Enable/Disable all groups
Shift + Command (trigger) + G
Copy and Paste MIDI notes merging them with others.
Copy as usual then Paste with Option + M.
Assign outputs to more than one destination in the hardware section, or assign tracks to more than one output
Hold Ctrl while assigning additional output.
Make track inactive using Mix Window (2 shortcuts besides right-clicking nameplate)
Ctrl-Command (claw) -Click on track icon in mix window, or click and hold on track icon and select "make inactive."
Resize edit window to the length of the session.
Option + A
Shortcuts for the "Missing Files" dialogue box.
Just remember that it is Command + the first letter of the option (e.g. Skip All is Command + S), except for the last one (regenerate missing render files) which is Command + D.
Select all files when manually finding links in the Relink window.
If selecting multiple files...
Command + A
Shift-click for multiple files
Duplicate Tracks
Shift + Option (scum) + D
Highlight start time field in Transport Window
Option + (/) on numeric keypad.
Make a selection on all tracks, including Conductor Rulers.
Option while dragging in a Timebase ruler.
Select the start field in the Edit Window.
(/) numeric keypad.
Increase or decrease values in a start, end, or length field
Up or Down arrow.
In unlinked mode change the Edit selection to the Timeline or vice versa
0 (alpha key) keeps the timeline selection.
O keeps the edit selection.
Make identical selection across multiple tracks (non-contiguous tracks too)
make selection, then shift-click on desired tracks.
Change nudge value increments from keyboard
Option + Command (pinch) and Numeric (+) or (-)
Shift audio or partial audio region
Option + H
Scroll audio in a region left and right while selection remains in place.
Control + numeric (+) or (-)
Temporary Shuttle Mode (with scrubber tool OR Smart Tool)
Hold Option with scrubber tool selected
Control + Option (ring) with smart tool selected.
Turn on Pre/Post Roll
Command + K
Pre-roll audition up to selection Start or End point (two ways)
Option + Left arrow/Right arrow OR 6 or 8 on alpha keys
Post roll audition from selection Start or End point (two ways)
Command + Left arrow/Right arrow
7 or 9 on alpha keys
Pre and post-roll audition on either side of selection start or end point
Option + Command (pinch) + Left/Right arrow.
Open Memory Locations window
Command + [5]
Redefine Memory location
Control-click on marker in timeline or in memory locations window.
Scrub trim in finer increments
Hold Command while scrubbing.
Change the direction of the trim tool.
Hold Option
Align start of a region with previously selected region (or edit location)
Control-Click with Grabber tool
Align end of a region with edit selection.
Control + Command (claw) - click on region with grabber tool.
Snap region to previous or next region.
Right click on region and select in menu.
Enable "Commands Keyboard Focus" mode
Option + Command (pinch) + 1 (alpha keys)
What is the modifier key to access any of the Focus Mode keys without Focus mode being turned on?
Nudge forward or backward by next largest nudge value (with Focus Keys on)
M or /
Nudge region's contents without moving region
Control + (+) or (-) on numeric keypad.
Change the Grid increment.
Control + Option (ring) + (+) or (-) on numeric keypad
Open automation window
Command + [4]
Disable all parameters in automation window
Option-click on any parameter.
Show automation graph for the automation you are currently adjusting.
Control + Command (claw) - click on automation control
Configure Write on Stop modes to remain enabled after automation pass.
Option-click in automation window.
Prevent new break points from being added to the start and end of a selection when using the trim tool on automation.
Hold Option while dragging automation up or down.
write new automation breakpoint to previous automation value.
With Grabber, Option + Command (pinch) -click. (not supported with smart tool)
write new automation breakpoint equal to next automation value.
With Grabber, Shift + Option (scum) -click (not supported with Smart Tool)
Suspend individual automation parameters on a track
Command-click on track view selector button.
Change the solo level in AFL or PFL solo modes.
Command-click on any solo button while in the desired mode (AFL or PFL).
Enable Input Only Monitoring on all member tracks of a VCA
Option-click on Input Enable button of VCA track.
Record Enable all member tracks of a VCA
Option-click on record enable button on VCA master.
In the "Modify Groups" dialogue box, check all checkboxes vertically in the Sends or Inserts sections OR all boxes in the Mix Attributes section
In the "Modify Groups" dialogue box, check all checkboxes horizontally in the Main, Sends or Inserts sections.
In the "Modify Groups" dialogue box under attributes or globals tab, select all checkboxes vertically and horizontally associated with that row/column
Control + Option (ring) - click
In the "Modify Groups" dialogue box under attributes or globals, select all rows and columns
Shift + Control + Option (tripod) - click.
Open all channels of a multi-mono plug-in.
Option-click on channel selector in plug-in window.
Save a plug-in setting.
Shift + Command (trigger) + S
Copy plug-in settings.
Shift + Command (trigger) + C
Quickly copy a plug-in from one track to another.
Option - drag the plug-in.
Paste plug-in setting.
Shift + Command (trigger) + V
Once you open the plug-in settings select window (the double window icon just under the plug-in settings drop down menu), scroll the different settings folders of the plug-in.
Command + up/down arrow
Scroll between volume "vol" Peak "pk" and Channel Delay "dly" indicators in the mix window.
Command-click on volume indicator (just below fader).
Bypass reporting plug-in delay to the delay compensation engine for a specific track (like a master fader or master bus output)
Control + Command (claw) - click on plug-in delay indicator.
Scroll to new value on the "User Offset" field in the Plug-in Delay indicator.
Command-drag up or down.
When recording to a track that has delay compensation, make sure the compensation is still applied instead of being bypassed during recording.
Control + Command (claw) - click on track compensation indicator.
Expand selection to fill edit window.
Option + F
Manually AutoMatch automation on a specific track during a pass while in Latch or Write mode.
Command-click on automation mode selector (either in the Edit, Mix or Output Window)
Manually Automatch a certain parameter across all tracks while in Latch or Write mode. (e.g. return all volume automation to previous level)
Command-click on write enable button in Automation window.
Scroll track into view on Mix and Edit window. (two ways)
Shift + Control (ninja) - click on track nameplate or track name in the tracklist.
right-click on track nameplate or in tracklist and select "scroll into view"
Scroll the entire contents of the Edit window left or right with the timeline.
Contol + Option + Command (power) and click in any of the rulers and drag left or right.
Open the Project Browser once a session is open.
Option + O
Start a search with a browser window
Command + F
move to the next or previous search fields in a browser.
TAB or Shift + TAB
Add or delete "OR rows" for a search in a browser.
(+) or (-)
Store a zoom preset for the browser windows.
Command - click
Click and hold
Add a secondary sort to columns in a browser (e.g. sort additionally by timestamp or file size)
Option - click on up to four columns.
Open Task Manager window.
Option + '
Enable automation on single control in a plug-in window.
Control + Option + Command (power) - click on control
Play at half-speed
Shift + Space
Nudge Region Start
Nudge Region End
Option + [-] OR [+]
Command + [-] OR [+]
Cascade inputs or outputs
Cascade inputs or outputs on selected tracks.
Option + Command (pinch) - for all tracks
Shift + Option + Command (spider) - for selected tracks
AutoMatch all parameters on all tracks currently writing.
Hit the Global Auto Match button in the automation window.
drag automation data in finer increments (doesn't work with individual breakpoints)
Hold Command while dragging automation
Suspend specific automation type on all tracks.
Option + Command (pinch) + click on appropriate track view selector (e.g. volume)
Change track height
Control + Up, Down arrows
Change vertical zoom on waveform
Return to default zoom on waveform
Option + Command (pinch) + [ or ]
Control + Option + Command (power) + [ or ]
Toggle linked state when using satellite or Video satellite systems
Shift + Option (Trigger) + L
Open Session
Change the edit modes (shuffle, slip, spot, grid)
F1, F2, F3, F4
Fill the edit window with the longest track in the session
Double-click the Zoomer tool.
Close Session
Shift+Command (trigger) + W
Trim to Selection
Open Fades Dialogue Box
Use marquee Zooming (zooming in on a waveform both horizontally and vertically)
With the Zoomer tool, Command, click and drag over desired area of the waveform.
Open the Transport Window
Command+ [1]
Open the Workspace Browser
Option+ ;
Heal a seperation (assuming no region has been moved from its original location)
1. Seperate a region
2. Seperate a region "on grid" or "at transients"
1. Command+E or B (with Focus Keys on)
2. In edit menu only (no shortcut keys)
Capture region (make a sub region in the region list)
Temporarily suspend Grid mode and use Slip mode instead.
Command-click on region and drag.
Enable "Snap to Grid" while in other modes (e.g. spot-grid mode. Three methods.)
F1, F2, or F3 + F4
Shift click on Grid
Shift + F4 while in shuffle, slip, or spot modes
Open MIDI Editor
Select all regions in regions list
Shift+Command (trigger) + A
Select unused regions in the regions list.
Shift+Command (trigger) + U
Enable Countoff
Enable Click
Enable MIDI Merge
Record without entering "Record Ready Mode" (3 ways)
Command+Space Bar
Make a ruler, insert or send view dissappear from the timeline, edit window or mix window
Option-click on it
Move between the Start, End, and Length fields in the Edit Selection or Timeline Selection values.
the forward slash key (/)
Open Score Editor
Control+Option (ring) + =
Look at Session Setup
Scrolling in windows (e.g. Edit, Mix, I/O setup windows)
up/down = pg up/pg down
left/right = Option + pg up/pg down
Audition audio or MIDI regions in regions list.
Option-click on region.
Force Copy on import from a browser when bit-depth and sample rate match the session (normally this means the imported audio will only be referenced).
Option-drag and drop
Import items as New Tracks (3 ways)
1.Shift-drag and drop anywhere in the edit window. (only works from Workspace browser, not Regions List)
2. Drag to the track list.
3. Drag to empty part of the Edit Window.
Snap start, sync, or end point of a region to cursor with a menu
Command+Right click
Make a sync point
Click on region then Command + ,
Snap Sync point to cursor position
Shift + Control (ninja) - click on region.
Edit Lock a region
Command + L
Time lock/unlock a region.
Control + Option (ring) + L
Replace Regions
Select region to replace in edit window then Shift + Command (trigger) drag the replacement region from regions list.
Toggle video tracks online or offline
Shift + Command (trigger) + J
Snap audio region's start, sync point, or end to cursor (with focus keys)
H, J, OR K
(requires unlinking timeline and edit selection, moving timeline to proper sync point, selecting edit selection then hitting the appropriate key)
Move start, sync point, or end of region with right-click menu
Command + right-click on region with GRABBER
Import Video File
Shift + Option + Command (spider) + I
Bypass Video Import Options dialog when importing video from Digibase browser
Option-drag from browser to Track List, Timeline, or existing video track.
Send Video out Fire Wire without using main menu
Control-click video window.
Import Audio
Shift + Command (trigger) + I
Import Session Data
Shift + Option (scum) + I
Select all tracks for import in Import Session Data dialogue box.
Command + A
Lock a video track (two ways)
Control-click or right-click on Video Track Nameplate.
Shift + Option (scum) + 3
Open Video Window
Command + [9]
Paste to fill selection
Option + Command (pinch) + V
Resize the video window without click and drag.
Conrol-click or right-click on the video window.
Open Video Universe Window
Command + [7]
Increase or decrease the size of the video frames in the Video Universe window
Control - click
Simultaneously zoom and select in the Video Universe window.
Toggle tracks containing the Edit cursor between Auto Input and Input Only monitoring.
toggle record-enabled tracks between Auto Input and Input Only monitoring.
Enable Destructive Record or Destructive Punch (HD only)
Right-click on Transport window or Edit Window Record button.
Enable Quick Punch
(two ways)
Shift+Command (trigger) + P
Track Punch (HD systems only)
Shift+Command (trigger) + T
Solo a track containing the edit cursor or individual playlist of a track
Shift + S
Copy selection in alternate playlist to main playlist.
Control + Option (ring) + V
re-size tracks or playlist lanes in smoother, continuous increments.
Command-drag the line in between tracks. (You may have to click on the line and then hold Command.)
Rate a region
Select region then Control + Option + Command (Power) + 1,2,3,4, or 5.
Play at half-speed
Shift + Spacebar
Bounce to disk
Option + Command (pinch) + B
Name all twelve shortcuts for Shuttle Mode on the numeric keypad. (there are six different speeds going forward and backward.)
Outer numbers (e.g. 7 and 9) are backward and forward at the different speeds. Adding the middle number modifier makes it one level slower. (e.g. 6 forward at 1x speed. 5+6 is 1/2x speed.)
Relocate a warp marker
Use grabber tool (or smart tool ) to click and drag.
Link Edit and Timeline Selection
Shift + /
Compress/Expand edit to timeline selection (with timeline and edit selections unlinked.)
Shift + Option (scum) + U
Fit audio region to edit selection when dragging in.
Select desired edit length, then Option + Command (pinch) drag region from regions list. (Works with multiple files but opperates based on last region clicked when dragging.)
Strip Silence Box
Command + U
Scroll to certain track number
Option + Command (pinch) + F
Assign more than one output to a track
Control-click on new output
Open Window Configurations List
Option + Command (pinch) + J
Create new or overwrite existing Window Configuration
On numeric keypad, type (.) a number (1-99) and then (+).
Recalling a window configuration
on the numeric keypad, press (.) the number (1-99) and then Askerisk (*).
toggle between current and last window configuration.
(.) 0, then askterisk (*).
Display automation for any write-enabled control on a plug-in.
Control + Command (claw) - click
Use Band-Pass mode on an EQ plug-in
Shift + Control (ninja) - click on parameter
Invert gain setting for a colored ball on EQ plug-in
Shift-click on ball.
Increase/decrease Q setting on colored dot of EQ plug-in
Control-drag the dot
reset colored dot in EQ plug-in
Option-click it.
Write to Current (automation)
Command + /
Write to All Enabled (automation)
Option + Command (pinch) + /
Clear/Coalesce Trim Automation
Right-click track nameplate and select in menu.
Open Machine Track Arming Window
Command + [6]
Export Regions as Files
Shift + Command (trigger) + K
Change user timestamp on a region
Right click region and select Timestamp in menu
Add all regions from another session to your current session.
Drag and drop session file into Regions List.
Import MIDI
Option + Command (pinch) + I
Enable all automation controls on a plug-in.
Control + Option + Command (power) - click on the plug-in automation enable button in the plug-in window.
Enable plug-in parameter for automation on plug-in faceplate
Control + Option + Command (power) and click on the appropriate parameter.
in the Session Setup window, update the Session Start time to be the current incoming timecode (e.g. from a video deck)
Highlight the session start time display and hit = on the numeric keypad.
Place ProTools online (for syncing to external timecode) (two ways)
Command + J
Option + Spacebar
Enable/Disable Pro Tools online record
Option + Command (pinch) + Spacebar
ONLINE + RECORD on worksurface.
Toggle between ProTools and Machine online when controlling a deck.
Command + \
Snap start, sync, or end point of region to TimeCode using focus keys.
start - Y
sync - U
end - I
In the spot dialogue box automatically enter the current timecode from a machine or deck.
Hit the down arrow button in the dialogue box or press "="
Scrub a sync point
Control key on sync point.
remove a sync point from a region (two ways)
Select whole region then Command + ,
Option - click on it
toggle "auto-spot regions" on and off
Option + Command (pinch) + P