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what is the hierarchy of a protools session file?
ptf file, wave cache, audio files, fade files, region groups, session file backups, video
what is the correct sequence for powering up your hardware?
external hard drives,
midi devices,
pro tools audio interface,
monitor system
what does an ilok do?
enables you to use a single key for all plugins
what does rtas stand for?
real time audio suite
where can I adjust my RTAS performance?
hardware buffer in setup
what is the difference between view and windows menus?
view controls HOW windows are displayed. Windows controls WHAT windows are displayed
What is the difference between setup and option menus?
option menu functions toggle on or off. Setup functions come with a dialog box
what are the different ruler views?
Bars:beats, min:sec, samples, timecode, feet+frames, tempo, key signature, chord symbols, meter, markers
what are the time based rulers?
Bars:beats, min:sec, samples, timecode, feet+frames
what are the conductor rulers?
key signature,
chord symbols,
where can you access the different types of ruler views?
edit window toolbar menu icon (arrow in upper right corner)
how do you rearrange elements within a toolbar?
command click and drag
what are the channel views in the edit window?
zoom controls, transport, and MIDI controls
what are the channel views in the mixing window?
signal routing, record/playback, mix window side column
what are the edit tools and their quick keys?
zoomer tool(f5) trim tool (f6) selector tool (f7) grabber tool (f8) scrubber tool (f9) pencil tool (f10)
How do you acquire a full track view that fills the edit window with the longest track in the session?
double click the zoomer
what are the different edit modes?
shuffle (f1) slip (f2) spot (f3) grid (f4)
what does snap to grid allow you to do?
edit selections are constrained to grid, but region editing and placement are determined by the edit mode
what are the midi control options in the transport window?
wait for note
midi merge
count off control
meter display
tempo field
what are the quick keys for click, countoff, and midi merge
click #7, count off #8, midi merge #9
which menu accesses the click options?
what key do you press to tap tempo?