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What is the purpose of the bypass valve in an engine–driven fuel pump?

The bypass valve allows fuel to flow around the pump for starting and for emergency operation if the pump should fail.

On which side of the firewall is the engine fuel shutoff valve located?

The shutoff valve must be on the opposite side of the engine.

What are three purposes for the boost pumps in an aircraft fuel system?

To provide fuel pressure for starting the engine, to pressurize the fuel lines to prevent vapor lock, and to transfer fuel from one tank to another.

What kind of boost pump is used in most aircraft fuel systems?
Electrically operated centrifugal pumps.

Where does an engine–driven fuel pump direct the excess fuel from its pressure relief valve?

Back to the inlet side of the pump.

What causes a vapor lock in an aircraft fuel system?

when the fuel changes from liquid to a gas in the fuel delivery system. cause by the fuel evaporating from heat

What is done in most aircraft fuel systems to prevent vapor lock?

Boost pumps in the fuel tank pressurize the fuel in the lines and force the fuel into the fuel delivery system.

What is meant by a compensated relief valve in an engine–driven fuel pump?

A pressure relief valve that is acted upon by a diaphragm as well as a spring.

What is the purpose of the pressurizing and dump valve in the fuel system for a turbine engine?

When the engine is shut down, the dump valve dumps all of the fuel from the manifold.

What should be done to an aircraft reciprocating engine if it has been operated on turbine engine fuel?

all of the cylinders should be inspected with a borescope. The oil should be drained and the filters carefully examined.

What are the two basic types of turbine engine fuel?

Jet A

Jet B

Why do some turbine engine fuel systems incorporate a fuel heater?

The fuel heater keeps ice crystals from forming in the fuel

What are two reasons Prist is used in turbine engine fuel?

Prist is an antifreeze agent that is added to the fuel. It also kills the microbial growth in fuel tanks.

Why do some aircraft fuel filters have a built–in relief valve?

This relief valve will open and allow unfiltered fuel to flow to the fuel control device if the filter should become plugged with ice or other contaminants.

What is meant by a compensated fuel pump?

maintains the fuel pressure a specific amount above ambient air pressure

What would likely cause a recip equipped with a float carb to hesitate momentarily when the throttle is rapidly advanced from idle to full power?

Malfunctioning accelerator pump

Why do aircraft fuel metering systems for recip have mixture controls?

The mixture control allows the fuel to be decreased or increased due to altitude

What are the two types of fuel injection system used on modern recips?

TCM and Bendix systems

What is used in the TCM fuel injection system to control the amount of fuel sent to the nozzles?

Engine speed determines the injector pump output pressure.

What is used in the Bendix system to control the amount of fuel sent to the nozzles?

Mass of the air entering the engine

Where are the fuel strainers normally located in an aircraft fuel system?

the tank outlet, located at the lowest point in the system, and strainers in the carb or fuel injection system

What are two types of fuel heaters used in a jet transport aircraft?

Air fuel and oil fuel

What kind of fuel boost pumps are normally installed inside the fuel tanks?
Centrifugal pumps