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photo of a roof top

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, View from the Window at Le Gras, c. 1826. Heliograph.

Gernsheim Collection, Ransom Center at UT Austin.

8 hour exposure

the artist studio

baby heads

Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, L’Atelier de l’artiste (The Artist’s Studio) ,

c. 1937, Daguerreotype

mercury fumes

table salt and water was fixative

blue plant

Anna Atkins, Image from
"Photographs of British Algae:
Cyanotype Impressions"

, 1843-1853.

1st women photographer

1st book published with photos

aquantince of hershell

broom in door

William Henry Fox Talbot,

The Open Door, 1844,

salted paper from paper negative.

hotel room with ferris wheel inside

double exposure

went around to many hotels

Abelardo Morell,

Camera Obscura Image of the London Eye inside the
Royal Horseguards Hotel, 2001. Gelatin silver print.

page of magazine with microscope

Presented photos in "cours de microscope" 1884

engravings of dagurreotypes

Lèon Foucault,


women seated with bird

Hugh Welch Diamond,

Seated Woman with Bird, c. 1855.

Albumen print.

social sciences and speculated that would replace written text

photographed mental illness to help the patients see themselves

man front and side

J. T. Zealy, Jack and Jack (from the side), 1850s. Daguerreotype.

slate portraits


photograph of an amputation

Photographer Unknown, Amputation, Mexican-American War, 1847.


suspect that it is staged


John Beasley Greene, Medinet-Habu, 1854. Salted paper print.

photograph of greek hallway

Edouard Baldus, Cloister of Saint-Trophîme, Arles, 1851.

Partly hand-painted paper print.

man and young women around globe

Antoine Claudet, The Geography Lesson, 1851. Stereoscopic daguerreotype.

women all in similar clothing surronding basket

Hill and Adamson, Newhaven Fisherwomen, ca. 1845. Salted paper print.

black man with yellow surroundings

J. P. Ball, Frederick Douglass, 1867.


man with beard and suit on slight border around image

Julia Margaret Cameron,




Albumen print.

contrasty photo of sea and builing

the great wave

Gustave le Gray, The Great Wave, 1857. Albumen print from two glass negatives.

three women one in white rest in black man looking out window

Henry Peach Robinson, Fading Away, 1858. Combination albumen print.


Mathew Brady,

Abraham Lincoln (The Cooper Union Portrait),


Albumen print.

thought of scary and tall and needed to fix

dead man against stone wall with gun

Alexander Gardner, Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, Gettysburg, 1863.

Wet plate collodion print.

book "photographic sketchbook of the civil war"

failed becaus enot much interest photo was growing

samurai with a long bow

Felice Beato, Samurai with Long Bow, 1863.

Albumen print.


westerns obsessed with this kind of imagry

destoryed building in portrait form

Francis Frith,

The Court of Shishak, Karnak,

1856. Albumen print.

prints would go into bible

photograph of a lake with stones

Timothy O’Sullivan, Pyramid and Tufa Domes, Pyramid Lake, Nevada, 1878.

Albumen print.

at the time working on manifest destiny and wolenterred to move ot west to photogrpah

native man clothed with back of native women naked

Carol Rudolf Huber,

Orientalist Nude,


Albumen print.

ally way with small people in background clothes on line

Thomas Annan,

Close No. 37, High Street,


Print from collodion negative.

went from formal photographing to snapshots

many different faces of a man as well as statues

Duchenne de Boulogne,

The Mechanism of Human


many different faces of a man

horizontal photograph of lake with sailboat in it

Peter Henry Emerson, Life and Landscape of the Norfolk Broads, 1885-86.

Platinum print.

the thinker

Edward Steichen, Rodin, The Thinker, 1902. Photogravure.

young girl in black and women in robe in white looking away. in doorway

Gertrude Käsebier,

Blessed Art Thou Among Women,


Platinum print.


Alfred Stieglitz,

The Steerage, 1907.


indian man with headdress

Edward Curtis,

Which Way,

c. 1905.

Paper print.

not sure if staged or not

very staged portrait on poor family

Sigmund Krausz,

From Street Types of Chicago:

Character Studies,


Illustration from book.

wold include lit to give character to the people

taken out of environment

photograph os poor people in a room many sharing a room

Jacob Riis, Five Cents a Spot from How the Other Half Lives, 1890.

police commisioner

tenant homes

hoped it would create change for the poor

young child in factory working

Lewis W. Hine, Carolina Cotton Mill, 1908. Gelatin silver print.

wanted to change child labor laws

self portrait of man side and front with beard

Alphonse Bertillon (1853-1914), Self Portrait, 1900. Bertillon Card.

soilders carrying out wounded in field

James “Jimmy” Hare, Carrying Out the Wounded During the Fight at San Juan,

c. 1914.

horse in motion

Eadweard Muybridge, The Horse in Motion, 1878. Wet plate collodion prints.

wanted to see if all four legs were off ground when horse was running

man looking into car rear view mirrior can see photographer

Aleksandr Rodchenko, Chauffeur, 1933. Gelatin-silver print.

looks like an xray of gun, letters, food

Man Ray, Abstract Composition, 1921-28. Rayograph.