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When was the Non-Fraternity Association founded?
March 17, 1906
When did the fraternity adopt the name Phrenecon?
March 6, 1909
When did the fraternity adopt the name Phi Kappa Tau?
March 9, 1916
Who were the four founders of Phi Kappa Tau?
1. Dwight Ireneus Douglass
2. Taylor Albert Borradaile
3. Clinton Dewitt Boyd
4. William Henry Shideler
What was the name of the first national magazine of Phi Kappa Tau?
What is the current name of the national magazine of Phi Kappa Tau?
The Laurel
What is Phi Kappa Tau's Fraternity flower?
red carnation
What are Phi Kappa Tau's Fraternity colors?
Harvard Red and Old Gold
What school was Phi Kappa Tau founded at?
Miami University at Ohio
What is Phi Kappa Tau's National Philanthropy?
Hole in the Wall Camps
What is the name of Belmont's Phi Kappa Tau chapter?
Zeta Alpha
Who wrote the creed?
Roland Maxwell
Who was the architect of Phi Kappa Tau and the fraternity's first faculty advisor?
Edgar E. Brandon
What is the name of the educational endowment organization associated with Phi Kappa Tau?
The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation
How much money does Phi Kappa Tau offer in scholarships each year?
What year did Roland Maxwell write the creed?
How many officers are on the Executive Council?
Who makes up the EC of the Zeta Alpha Chapter?
President - Paul Lindsay
Vice President - Jordan Lenning
Vice President of Alumni Relations - Chase Armstrong
Secretary - Clay McCullough
Treasurer - Andrew Green
Membership Orientation Officer - Brad Gill
Recruitment Chair - Cameron Newby
Social Chair - Ryan Bruchey
Who was the first National President of Phi Kappa Tau?
Ewing T. Boles
What is Phi Kappa Tau's oldest tradition?
Founders' Dinner
What three fraternities make up the Miami Triad?
1. Phi Delta Theta
2. Beta Theta Pi
3. Sigma Chi
What is the formal name for Phi Kappa Tau?
The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Incorporated
Phi Kappa Tau was the __ fraternity to have build a headquarters.
When did Phi Kappa Tau build its first national headquarters?
Who was the national headquarters dedicated to when it was first built?
The Founders
When was the national headquarters rededicated? To whom?
1983, Ewing T. Boles
What domain is the Zeta Alpha chapter located?
Mississippi Valley
What other chapters are located in the Mississippi Valley domain? (include school and chapter name)
1. UT Martin - Delta Upsilon
2. Murray State - Delta Pi
What are the fraternities on Belmont's campus?
Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Theta
What are the sororities on Belmont's campus?
Phi Mu, Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Gamma Delta, Kappa Alpha Theta
What was the first ever fraternity? Where and when was it founded?
Phi Beta Kappa, College of William and Mary 1776
What was the first ever sorority? Where and when was it founded?
Alpha Delta Pi, Wesleyan College 1851
When was the Zeta Alpha Colony founded (year)? When was the Zeta Alpha chapter founded (date)?
2004, November 4, 2006
What is the required GPA to be initiated?
What is the required GPA to hold office?
If your GPA is ___ or lower, you are considered an inactive member.
If your GPA is between ___ and ___, you are put on Academic Enrichment.
2.0 and 2.49
To be considered a Chapter in Good Standing, the Zeta Alpha chapter must maintain a GPA of ___ above ___.
.1 above the men's campus average
When does the National Convention meet? Leadership Academy?
every other year, on the off years
What are the four areas or risk management?
1. hazing
2. social programming
3. sexual abuse
4. chapter premises
What is the role of the National Council?
The National Council is the supreme judicial body of the fraternity. The Council directs the general affairs of the fraternity.
What is the National Dues Policy?
Any member whose account with the chapter is 30 days past due shall at that time, be suspended from the chapter.
Who is the IFC President? What fraternity is he in?
Corey Hughes
Who holds the title to the badges of Phi Kappa Tau?
The National Fraternity
Who was the author of the "Golden Jubilee"?
Jack L. Anson
What are the 3 main scholarships given out by the fraternity?
1. The Paul Elfers Omega Scholarship
2. Named Scholarships
3. Parents' Fund
At the National Convention, how many votes does the Zeta Alpha chapter receive? How are these votes split up?
2 votes; 1 from the Resident Council, 1 from the Graduate Council
What does NIC stand for?
National Interfraternity Council
What does NPC stand for?
National Panhellenic Council
True or False. Phi Kappa Tau is a member of the Fraternity Risk Management Trust (FRMT)?
True or False. At the time, Phi Kappa Tau was the smallest and youngest national fraternity to establish a central office.
Award presented annually to the Fraternity's outstanding colony.
Fletemeyer Prize
Award presented to an alumnus for outstanding contributions to a chapter other than his own.
Key Award
Award presented to the outstanding alumnus in his field of endeavor.
Borradaile Award
Award presented to the alumnus who has made the greatest contribution to the National Fraternity.
Palm Award
Award presented to an alumnus for outstanding contributions to his own chapter.
Phi Award
Award presented annually to the chapter which has shown the greatest improvement compared with its own record the previous year.
Angelo Award
Award presented to chapters for punctual observance of reports due to the National Headquarters.
Administrative Excellence Award
Award presented to the chapter with the most outstanding alumni communications program.
Massock Award
Award presented to the outstanding chapter and/or faculty advisor.
Brandon Award
Award presented to the outstanding Phi Kappa Tau chapter each year.
Maxwell Award
Award presented to the outstanding graduating senior in Phi Kappa Tau each year and is the highest individual award an undergraduate can receive.
Shideler Award
Where were the first five chapters of Phi Kappa Tau located?
Alpha - Miami of Ohio
Beta - Ohio University
Gamma - Ohio State
Delta - Centre College
Epsilon - Mount Union
In what year did Roland Maxwell become president?
What are Phi Kappa Tau's founding ideals?
1. Democratic Process
2. Innate Worth of the Individual
3. Spiritual Ideals
What are the three ways a member can be suspended?
1. Scholarship Delinquency
2. Financial Delinquency
3. Disciplinary Reasons
Who decides who is initiated into Phi Kappa Tau?
the National Council
What is inactive status?
A member can only attend chapter meetings and philanthropy events, and he must continue to pay his dues.
What is the mission statement of Phi Kappa Tau?
To champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership, and exemplary character.
Who are the members of the BOG? What are their positions?
Chairman - Tim Holman
Financial Advisor - Kyle Pechak
Recruitment/Retention Officer - Nathan Dudney
Alumni Advisor - Jeffrey Rupright
Risk Management Advisor - Jackson Dugger
Scholarship Advisor - Hunter Askew
Community Service/Philanthropy Advisor - Mark Noel
Faculty Advisor - Steven Stodgehill
Chapter Advisor - Jared Black
Who is the Domain Director for the Mississippi Valley domain?
Michael Lummus
Who is the CEO of Phi Kappa Tau?
Steve Hartman
Who is the Director of Chapter Services for Phi Kappa Tau?
Tim Hudson
Who is the National President?
Greg Heilmeier
Who is the National Vice President?
Stephan Nelson