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B Babies -
B Babies Show signs of missing the parent on _____
_____ Seeks proximity upon reunion, quickly returns to play.
B Babies
A, B Babies Maternal sensitivity to infant shows
signals and communications
_____ comprise Roughly 60% of the sample
B Babies
Main Purpose of attachment figures for adults
Maintaining felt security
Distributions in a Newspaper Study Source:
Hazan and Shaver (1987)
Distributions in a Newspaper Study, Secure percentage
Distributions in a Newspaper Study, Avoidant percentage
Distributions in a Newspaper Study, Anxious/Ambivalent percentage
Distributions in a Newspaper Study,are Close to the _______ distributions ?
Ainsworth distributions
Cooper, Shaver, & Collins (1998) Distribution:
56% Secure; 21% Avoidant; 23% Anxious-Ambivalent
In the Cooper, Shaver, & Collins (1998) study Securely attached adolescents reported fewer symptoms of ?
anxiety, depression, and hostility than insecurely attached adolescents
In the Cooper, Shaver, & Collins study Securely attached adolescents reported higher levels of than insecurely attached adolescents ______ and ______ ?
emotion regulation and adjustment
In the Cooper, Shaver, & Collins study Anxious-Ambivalent adolescents were the most poorly ______ group
adjusted group
2 Attachment Dimensions

In Avoidance: we see To what degree am I comfortable seeking _____ & ______
intimacy and support
Avoidance shows _____ with ______ and dependency
Comfort with closeness
In Anxiety: we examine To what degree a person is concerned with _____
In Anxiety we have a Fear of?
The Internal Working Model is a _____ and _____ mental sketch
rough and ready
The Internal Working Model contains information about:
Attachment figures
The Internal Working Model contains information about How likely these figures are to respond to _______
attachment behaviors
Models of the world enable us to act in new situations without rethinking each situation from the beginning ?
The Internal Working Model
Working models will affect _____ attention?
In Selective attention We attend to particular features of the environment and disregard
In Selective attention People are more likely to attend to information consistent w/their
beliefs about self and others
Working models will affect Social ______
______ Affects the way we perceive others’ behaviors
Social construal
_______ Affects the way we interpret our relationship experiences
Social construal
______ provides Explanations of own and other behavior
Social construal
Working models will affect ______
Experiences that are congruent with easily accessible constructs tend to be encoded in memory
Working models will affect Distortion of ______
Working models will affect, May lead one to recall memories that never ______
took place
The unconscious plays a large role in _____
Sexual and aggressive impulses influence what 3 things
thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
_____ and ____ impulses become more regulated with development.
Sexual and aggressive
Behaviors often reflect a compromise between conflicting
mental processes.
Childhood experiences influence ______ functioning
Mental representations of the self and others guide _______
Personality development involves movement from a socially dependent way of relating to others to a more mature and independent way of _______?
relating to others.