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The oxy fuel process works by combining

Iron with oxygen to form iron oxide

Oxy fuel cutting is considered

Rapid oxidization

Carbon steel can be preheated to temp above

1600 F

Molten metal blown away, a narrow opening is called


Oxy fuel is mainly restricted

Iron based metals

The smaller holes on a cutting torch tip form the

Pre heat flames

Larger hole in center of tip is where

High pressure oxygen flows through

Removing a nut without damaging the bolt


Removing a narrow strip is called

Gouging and scarfing

Prepare a U groove you need a

Special gouging tip

Process that removes thin layer from a thicker section

Flame scarfing

Manual cutting can cut up to

24 inches thick

An oxygen lance will cut up to

8 feet thick

Cutting with a small carbon steel pipe that is attached to supply of oxygen

Oxygen lance cutting

Several layers stacked and cut

Stack cutting

Cutting cast iron it is recomended that you


an effective way to cut high carbon and alloy steel is to clamp a

low carbon steel plate

when cutting alloy steel you should use a slight

semi circular motion

what are considered better processes for cutting non ferrous alloys?

plasma arc and air carbon arc

iron must be present for

oxidization to occur

a problem when cutting sheet metal will likely be

bulking and warping

distortion can be minimized by


stack cutting and intermittent cutting can help reduce


when cutting medium and high carbon steel

hardening is often a problem

the best way to avoid surface hardening is to slow the rate of


medium cutting from 1 inch to 6 inch thick shades

4 or 5

if a torch makes a loud popping noise


three cause of a torch backfire

1. touching torch to workpiece

2. overheating torch tip

3. not enough gas flow

aside from fire damage a _____ can also result in a explosion


after flashback your equipment will usually need

Repair and replacement

good rule while oxy fuel cutting is

keep fire extinguisher nearby

_____ is a coating on galvanized material that is toxic to breath in


a material used as rust inhibition on steel can produce deadly fumes when heated


if oil and greae is brought into contact with pure ____ a violent explosion can occur


a mega pascal is _____ times larger than kilopascal


the chemical symbol for acetlyne is


acetylene burns at an extremely high


when acetylene and oxygen is mixed temperatures can reach up to

6300 F

critical point of a acetylene is

28 psi at 70 F

acetylene cylinders are filled with porous material

balsa wood

acetylene cylinders when filled contain how much pressure

250 psi

copper and acetylene react together to form

acetylide which can cause an explosion

natural gas is used in areas where

it can be piped in

with natural gas, cutting speeds are

slower than with acetylene

the fuel that is stored in liquid form under high pressure is

Mapp gas

cutting with fuel code name Apache your cutting with


oxygen is available as a gas in ______ or as a liquid form in ______

high pressure cylinders and cryogenic

the two most common types of oxygen cylinders are ____ type which holds up too ___ psi and the ____ type which holds up to _____ psi

T type - 2600 psi

K type - 2200 psi

at 21 degrees C the pressure in a full K type oxygen bottle would be

2200 psi

the high pressure oxygen cylinder valved is made out of forged


the cylinder valve of an oxygen cylinder is a

double seal construction

if the pressure inside an oxygen cylinder gets too high, a

rupture disk will burst

pressure in which oxygen bottles will vent at

4000 psi

boiling point of oxygen is

-183 C

cyrogenic containers have

pressure relief valves as a safety device

acetylene containers have

fusable plugs

an acetylene pressure regulators has much _____ calibration range than an oxygen regulators


the gauge with the higher numbers show the

cylinder pressure

the gauge with the lower numbers shows the

working pressure

the most widely used type of regulator for everyday cutting and welding is the

single stage regulator

the most common sized hose for light duty cutting is

1/4 inch

all fitting connectors are made out of


never use ____ or ______ fittings for tubing on acetylene gas systems

copper or red brass

a combination torch can be used for

welding and cutting

a heating tip does not have

oxygen cutting orfice

an acetylene manifold system is filled with _______ to prevent the free actetylene from reaching its critical point

stainless steel rods

a master pattern for cutting irregular shapes is


a tracer that uses special tracer ink as a templet is called

electronic eye tracer

CNC stands for?

Computer numerical control

Six signs that you have produced a good oxy fuel cut

1. Top edge is sharp and straight

2. The surface of the cut in smooth

3. The draglines are vertical

4. Little slag

5. The bottom edge is sharp

6. Square cut

One of the most important factors affecting cut quality is

Speed of travel

When cutting, teflon may be present in what type of material?


What type of steel will have surfacr hardening along edges of kerf

Carbinated steel

Non ferrous alloys are difficult to cut because they contain

Little or no iron

A ferrous alloy is one that contains


Ferrous alloys are hard to cut cause they produce a ______ on the surface metal

Protective oxide

Chemical flux cutting is especually useful for cutting

Stainless steel

Metal powder cutting is a process where a powder containing ____ is injected into the area cut


Aluminum cant be cut with oxy fuel cause

Does not contain iron necessary for oxidation

Iron fumes are extremely toxic


Where might a welder come upon zinc

As a coating on sheet metal

What happens when a pressure regulator creeps

The working pressure increases

Which factor determines the size of hose?

Length of hose

Injector type torches are designed for use with

Fuel gases supplied at low pressure

Propane gas requires what kind of cutting tip?

A specially designed tip

What do you do if cylinder is leaking?

Dont try and fix it, move to safe place, notify manufactorer

Is stainless steel easy to cut with oxy fuel?

No cause it has little iron

What are you looking for when preheating metal

Cherry red

Where can you find teflon?

On a pipe with teflon tape on its threads, toxic

Sheet metal cuts at what degree?

10-20 degrees

Cutting speed to fast issues

Top edge is sqaure

Bottom edge has slag

Curved drag lines

Cutting speeds to slow issues

Top edge round

Bottom edge uneven

Irregular drag lines