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Main worries with dehiscence

Blood loss and sepsis

Most important thing with horses in sx

Extremely susceptible to tetanus. Vaccinated?


Immediately effective but no antibodies produced.


Vaccine. Takes 7-10 days to work

How Pain/peritonitis/perforated intestines would fx anesthesia.

Need more. Threshold is higher cause already in pain

Dry heat kills by...


Moist heat kills by...


Cat eating thread is...

Linear obstruction


Constricted pupils


Dilated pupils

Consensual reflex

When you shine a light in one eye the other pupil constricts

L sided heart murmur

Pulmonary, aortic or mitral valve

R sided heart murmur

Tricuspid valve

What happens to a dogs HR when they breathe?

Decreases on inhalation, increases on expiration


Resp. Center and cardiac center both in medulla. Fibers cross over. Inhalation inhibits the heart.

Comminuted fracture

Multiple fragments. 3 or more.

Compound fracture

Bone sticks out

Linear fracture

Extends parallel to long axis of bone

Spiral fracture

Caused by twisting force.

Salter fracture

Adjacent to joints

Administering ketamine

IM, PO, IV...sq is variably absorbed and hurty.

Tiletamine absorption

Absorbs well sq. Good for wildlife.


High molecular weight compounds that hold fluid in intravascular space

Types of colloids

Hetastarch, dextran, albumin, oxyglobin

Balanced electrolyte solutions

LRS, normosol, plasmalyte

Normal saline

.9% sodium solution

Normosol vs. LRS

LRS: K and CA

Normosol: K and mg

FX of morphine on GI tract

Speeds up (emptying) then stasis

1st clinical sign of 2 much fluids

Nasal discharge, chemosis


Swelling of conjunctiva


Changes quickly from liquid to gas

Drugs for status epilepticus

Phenobarbital, diazepam, pentobarbital, propofol

End of dirty ab sx

Flush with betadine solution, change instruments, drapes, gloves, sponge counts


Don't use in horses. Get lost.


Tiletamine and zolazepam

What to check ab incisions for

Infection, dehiscience, discharge, redness, inflammation, eviceration

Express bladder before ab sx

Smaller so not in the way, don't want to accidentally poke/burst, no pee in sterile field.

Main purpose of turning recumbent patient

Prevent congestion of blood in down side of lungs

Unique properties of dissociative anesthetics

Increase HR, BP, RR, intraocular pressure

Feeding after same day sx discharge

Offer h2o before food, only a small amount.

Disinfectant fxive against bacteria but not spores and some viruses

Quaternary ammonia compounds

Organ systems for anesthesia

Heart, lungs, kidney, liver

Antiseptic that's painful/cytotoxic in opened wounds


Minimal database for undergoing anesthesia

BUN (azostick) TP, PCV

How absorbable suture broken down

1. Enzymatic degradation: natural

2. Hydrolysis: synthetic

Minimal standard for steam sterilization

13 min @ 121 c