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Basal Ganglia- what system is it part of? (in general and more specifically)
the motor system, Extrapyramidal System (biggest part of Extrapyramidal system)
Is the Basal Ganglia white or gray matter?
gray matter
How does the Basal Ganglia function?
as a side loop (feedback loop) to:
- modify movement
T or F- each hemisphere has it's own Basal Ganglia
- largest, most lateral portion of basal ganglia
- most posterior portion at level of 3rd ventricle
Caudate Nucleus- what is it made up of?
a body, head and tail
Where is the Caudate Nucleus located?
on the floor of the lateral ventricle.
The body of the caudate nucleus curves _________ and continues ____________
superiorly, dorsolaterally
The tail of the Caudate Nucleus fuses with what?
the amygdala
Globus Pallidus- where is it located in relation to the putamen?
medial to the putamen- you cannot see it on the lateral view
External Medullary Lamina
white matter that separates globus pallidus from putamen
Internal Medullary Lamina
white matter within the globus pallidus
- all connections in and out
- visible aspects of fear (startle)
- trauma sensitizes amygdala- trains it, creates memory
- encrypted with terror, happiness, etc
The Amygdala is the modulator of what?
social behavior
Internal Capsule- what is it, what direction does it go?
white fibers, corticospinal tracts and spinocortical- ascend and descend
Internal Capsule- where specifically does it go?
through space between putamen, globus pallidus, and thalamus- through cellular bridges
Corona Radiata
- white matter, fiber bundles
- tiny part of internal capsule
Where do the fibers of the Corona Radiata go?
- between cellular bridges
What does the Corona Radiata control?
-voluntary control of head and neck
What are the major structures of the Basal Ganglia?
- Putamen
- Caudate Nucleus
- Globus Pallidus
Is the Amygdala part of the Basal Ganglia?
no, it is just fused with the tail of the basal ganglia
What structures are functionally related but not anatomically related to the basal ganglia?
- red nucleus
- Substantia Nigra
- Subthalamic Nucleus
What structure is present between the putamen and the caudate nucleus? What is it made of?
- cellular bridges, made of gray matter
- ascending and descending fibers
What tract passes through the cellular bridges?
Corona Radiata
______________ is continuous with the Corona Radiata
The internal capsule
The amygdala is part of the _________ brain
Putamen + Globus Pallidus= ?
Lenticular Nucleus
Caudate + Putamen= ?
Lenticular Nucleus + Caudate= ?
Corpus Straitum
What is another name for the Basal Ganglia?
the Corpus Striatum