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What does EMI stand for?

Electromagnetic Interference

What does RG stand for ?

radio guide

What are the 3 common types of Coaxial Cable?

RG-6, RG-58, RG-59

What is the use of the F-connector?

Used for Cable TV ( including cable modem)

What do the terms STP and UTP mean?

Shielded Twisted Pair, Unshielded Twisted pair


What does the Acronym TIA/EIA stand for and what do they govern.

Telecommunications Industry Association/Electronic Industries Alliance

They define the standard of pinouts and color coding

What is the purpose of the twist in twisted pair cables?

To reduce the amount of EMI

What are the Categories of cables used for and what is their speeds

1. Category 3 - 10 Mbps

2. Category 5 - 100 Mbps

3. category 5e -1000 Mbps or 1 GB

5. Category 6 - 1000Mbps

6. Category 6a - 10GB

What are RJ-11 and RJ-45 what are the Differences

The jack or end of the Cable

RJ-45 has 8 pins

RJ-11 has 6 pins

How is Plenum Superior to regular wire?

They are Fire resistant and minimize fumes

What do MDI and MDIX stand for.

MDI = Media dependent Interface

MDIX = Media-Dependent Interface crossover