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Employees rely on individuals who are good decision makers, set a good example, and to whom feloow employees go for advice to placein positions of responsibility. They are looking for what quality in their employees?
Solving a disagreement or to successfully deal with friction is called what?
conflict resolution
A person who does not get paid and who serves or acts on this own free will is called?
a volunteer
The direction or movement of job availability or employment needs is called what?
employment trend
A formal request for employment or a form used in making such a request is called a?
job application
Employees that come from environments where a language other than English is dominant and have sufficient difficulty speaking, reading, writing or understanding Emglish are said to have:
limited English proficiency
Managers must be aware of the way an employee learns best. The way that a person takes in and processes information is called what?
a learning style
What is a good way to work with someone who might be speech impaired and is trying to communicate with you?
maintain eye contact
The basic principle that all people are guaranteed the same privileges or rights is called what?
equal opportunities
A developmental collection of your work including documentation of your achievements is called a
An opportunity for abusiness to diaply materials, equipment, and services about their company is called a:
trade show
A skill that you learn to perfrom through training is called a:
A task performed to business and industry standards is called a:
For handwritten applications what color ink should you use?
dark blue or black
When completing a job application, unless you are absolutely certain of the wages you want, what should you write under the salary section?
As an employee you may be asked to travel on behalf of you organization. An appropriate tip for an airport skycap is:
$1 per bag
While employed, it might be necessary to have business lunches with clients. What is the expected percent for tipping a waiter or waitress?
15% of total bill
You have been introduced to a person and have forgotten his or her name. What should you do?
ask his or her name again
Social etiquette dictates that when a woman or man enters the room and apporaches a man who is seated, the seated man should do what?
rise from his seat
Being a responsible citizen is an important employability skill. A responsible citizen is someone who particpates in what?
the democratic system of government
Your employer, customers, and co-workers form opinions about you by the way you act. Who is responsible for you actions?
you alone
Since first impressions are often formed by appearance, a professional appearance shows that you:
respect yourself
Chewing gum during an interviewis not apporpriate because:
it is unprofessional
What style of clothes and hair should be worn?
Keeping you personal opinions separate from the company's policies and goals demonstrates what?
respect for the rights of others
An educational trend to unite the efforts of educators with employers to provide job traning is called:
A person who avoids subjects that are likely to result in disagreements is said to be avoiding what?
An employee should know his or her job description and avoid performing skills outside the scope of practice. This is called knowing your:
To learn about a career by spending time observing in the industry is called what?
job shadowing
Your attitude toward work or the philosophy dealing with rules of right conduct at work is called?
work ethics
A person who believes in his or her abilities is said to have:
Not all behaviors observed in the work place are appropriate. Observing negative behaviors might help you to learn how to
avoid making these mistakes
An employee who continues difficult tasks until completed is someone who has:
A worker who demonstrates a desire to learn and who is eager and zealous is said to have:
An employee who adjusts to changes in schedules or job assignments is said to be:
A worker who maintains self-control is said to have:
If you are confused about an assignment what should you do?
ask for clarification
name one resoruce to help you learn about occupations in the health field?
The Dictionary of Occupational Titles
Name three work skills that are valuable in any work environment
leadership skills, speaking skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, academic skills, a work ethic
Time managment consists of having a healthy balance between what two activites?
work and leisure
The ability to order your family, school, household, leisure, and work activites is called the ability to:
Encouragement from others, a promise of money or a gift, or fear of punishment is called an:
external motivator
A desire to achieve, a feeling of self-worth or pleasure for having done a good job is called an:
internal motivator
Recognizing that there is discrepancy between what is and what should be or could be, identifying possible reasons for those discrepancy, and devising plans to resolve them is called:
problem solving
Applying rules and principles to a new situation and determining which conclusions are correct when given a set of facts and a set of conclusions is called:
An individuals ability to sell goods or services is called:
What skills involve using motor/muscular coordination in manipulation of materials/objects?
Which club officer calls the meeting to order?
What is the term for the motion to end the meeting?
Who is permitted to make a motion?
any club member