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How is a lensatic compass held

Centerhold and compass-to-cheek

What is a map

A graphic representation of a portion of the earth surface drawn to scale as seen from above

What are the five basic colors of a map and what do they stand for

Blue: water and water features; red: roads and boundaries; black: man-made objects; Green: vegetation; Brown: contour lines elevation and relief

Which north is used when using a military map

Grid north

Where is the legend on a map

Lower left margin

What is a back azimuth

180° in reverse of a measured azimuth

What is the basic rule for reading grid coordinates on a military map

Right and up

What is an azimuth

Direction, defined as a horizontal angle measured from North in a degrees or Mills

What are contour lines

Imaginary lines on the ground the connect points of equal elevation

What two things can affect a lensatic compass

Metal or electricity

What are the three types of contour lines

Index intermediate and supplementary

Define resection

A method used to locate one's position on a map by determining the grid azimuth to at least two well-defined locations that can be pinpointed on the map

What is longitude

Imaginary lines that run north and south originating in Greenwich England measured in degrees

Define intersection

A method used to determine the location of an unknown point by successfully occupying at least to known points on the ground and then map sighting on the unknown location

What is the scale of a map

The ratio of ground distance to map distance and expressed in a fraction

How many map scales are there and what are the names

Three: small, medium, and large

Name several types of maps

Topographic map, planimetric map, photomap, and terrain model

What is a topographic map

A map that portrays the layout of terrain features, as well as relief, for the vertical distance of the feature (the distance from sea level)

What is a photomap

An aerial photograph of a portion of the earth surface on which grid lines, place names, and approximate scale and direction of been added

What is a planimetric map

A map that only shows the horizontal positions of features. Differs from a topographic map in that it omits relief, usually represented by contour lines

What is marginal information

Instructions about the maps use, size, and area

Where can the map sheet name be found

Two places; the center of the upper margin and either the right or left side of the lower margin

What is a declination diagram

Shows the angular relationships of true north, grid north, and magnetic north

What is a bar scale

A ruler used to convert map distance to ground distance

How many scales are there on the compass


What are the usual three units of measure in a bar scale

Meters, statute miles, nautical miles

Lines of longitude are also known as what


Lines of latitude are also known as what


What type of map system does the US military use

The universal transverse mercator (UTM) grid

What portion of the world is a UTM map designed for

The part of the world between latitude 84° north, and latitude 80° south

What is a map overlay used for

Shows current information about friendly an enemy true positions, as well as any other pertinent Data a leader they need to know about a certain area. For instance-landmines, communication lines, and obstacles

How is waterflow determined on a map

Contour lines will form a "V" which will point upstream

What are the two most common compasses used in the army

Lensatic and artillery compasses

How many MILS are on a compass


And artillery compass is known as what type of compass

And M-2 compass

Name the two scales on a compass

Mils and degrees

How many degrees is one click on the bezel ring

3°, for a total of 120 clicks

Name the quadrants of a map

Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest

What is a "FLOT"

Forward line of troops

What colors are using a map overlay, and what do they mean

Black, boundaries; blue, friendly forces; red, enemy forces; yellow, contaminated area; green, engineer obstacles

When colors are not used what symbol is used for enemy forces

Double lines

What size unit is indicated by three dots

A platoon or detachment

Name the five major terrain features

Hill, Valley, Ridge, saddle, and depression

Name the two supplemental terrain features

Cut and fill

Name the minor terrain features on a map

Cliff, draw, and spur

What is a base line

The starting point or point of reference from which a unit of measure is taken

What is latitude

The distance north or south from the equator

Name the three norths on a military map

True north, magnetic north, and grid North

What document covers map reading and land navigation

FM 3–25.26