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-Natural antimicrobial agents produced by microorganisms. One type of penicillin, for example, is produced by the fungus Penicillium notatum.

Kirby-Bauer Test/Disk-diffusion Test

-A tool for measuring the effectiveness of antimicrobial agents against pathogenic microorganisms.

Zone of inhibition & Minimum inhibitory Concentration (MIC)

The size of this zone of inhibition depends upon the sensitivity of the bacteria to the specific antimicrobial agent & the point at which the chemicals minimum inhibitory Cencentration (MIC) is reached.


-they stop growth but dont kill the microbe.

Mueller-Hinton Agar

-Has a pH range of 7.2-7.4 and the agar is poured to a depth of 4mm in either 150mm or 100mm diameter Petri Dishes.

What happens when agar is poured thicker than 4mm?

-it will slow lateral diffusion and thus produces smaller zones while those pounds too thin (<4mm) will have zones of inhibition that are too large.

Various Drugs will have different mechanisms of action such as: (name 5)

1. Disrupting a metabolic pathway.

2. Inhibiting cell wall synthesis.

3. Disrupting of the plasma membrane.

4. Inhibition of protein synthesis by targeting the bacterial ribosome or its subunits.

5. Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis.

Which disinfectants are effected (bactericidal)?

-H2o2: 3% or higher

-alcohol effective at: 50%

List the name of the product & additional percentages which would benefit from additional testing to determine with more precision where the minimum inhibitory concentration is at.

-isopropryl alcohol: start at 35% to he effective and move up percentages.

What would happen to the diameter of the zone of inhibition of the depth of the muller-hinton agar was accidentally poured only 1mm deep? What would happen if it was poured to 6mm?

-1mm: too big

-6mm: too small