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What 2 things form the superior border of IFT?
1. inf. side of greater wing of sphenoid bone
2. inf. side of temporal bone
What 1 thing forms the medial border of IFT?
lateral pterygoid plate
What 2 things form the anterior border of IFT?
1. posterior surface of maxilla
2. buccinator
What 3 things form the lateral border of IFT?
1. ramus
2. coronoid process
3. condyle
What 3 things form the posterior border of IFT?
1. parotid
2. styloid muscle
3. internal carotid artery
What 1 thing forms the inferior border of IFT?
sigmoid notch of mandible
What nerve gives off all its branches in the IFT?
V3 of CN V
What group of muscles pass through or attach to bordering structures of IFT?
muscles of mastication
Besides V3, what other nerve branch goes through IFT?
chorda tympani of CN VII
What artery branch supplies the deep face and passes through IFT?
maxillary artery
What are the 3 major branches of maxillary artery and how many sub-branches does each have?
1. Mand. portion (1st third)
2. Pterygoid portion (2nd third)
3. pterygopalatine portion (3rd third)

each branch has at least 5, no more than 6 sub-branches
What is the name of the web of veins above the buccinator?
pterygoid venous plexus
facial vein
retromandibular vein
superficial temporal vein
common facial vein
internal jugular vein
What joins Lingual branch of V3 and runs along with it?
chorda tympani branch of CN VII