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25,000- 20,000 BCE
25,000- 20,000 BCE
15,000-13,000 BCE
2,750-1,300 BCE
vessle found at uruk
3,200-3,000 BCE
2750 BCE—worshippers and deities
3150-3125 BCE- Votive Palette of King Narmer
2,601-2515 BCE—great pyramids of giza
2570-2544 BCE – King khafre as the god Hu
1279-1212 BCE – temple of ramesses 2
1360 BCE – queen Nefertiti
1750-1450 BCE—bull leaping
1300-1200 BCE—Lion gate
1550-1500 BCE--- Funerary mask
525-500 BCE – Etruscan sarcophagus and reclining couple
520 BCE— panatheniac amphora
515 BCE- death of sarpedon
520 BCE—panthenaic amphora with runners
530 BCE—Achilles and ajax playing draughts
750 BCE--- mourners around a bier
2nd century BCE—heraclietus the unswept floor
480 BCE--- the kritian boy
460 BCE--- Zeus
450 BCE- dolyphorus
447-438 BCE—Parthenon acropolis
438-432 BCE- horsemen
190 BCE- winged victory of Samothrace
230-220 BCE- the dying trumpeter
15 CE- emperor augustus
161-80 CE- marcus aurelius
113 CE--- column of Trajan
113 CE--- column of Trajan
early first century BCE- Laocoon and his sons
Late first century BCE- garden painting from the villa of liva
Before 79 CE- still life with eggs and thrushes
96 CE- Flavian amphitheater