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it's not that bad
no es para tanto
it's been so long!
hace tanto tiempo
so much the worse...
tanto peor
therefore (t)
por lo tanto
meanwhile (t)
entre tanto
about time too
ya era hora
in an attempt
en un intento
to be a lot at stake
estar mucho en juego
to 'even' believe/have etc
llegar a creer/tener
to do withouth
pasar sin
to be just passing through
estar de paso en
to get out of trouble
salir del paso
to give something a miss
pasar de
to overlook
pasar por alto
however clever they were
por inteligentes que fueran
however much you complain
por mucho que te quejes
whoever recieves it
quienquiera que lo reciba
wherever you go
a dondequiera que vayas
we've got plenty of time
nos sobra tiempo
at last
por fin
i'm counting on you to come to the meeting
cuento con que vengas a la reunion
he/she looks like an...
tiene cara de
we'd better go
mejor vayamos
strange that
curioso que
until then
hasta entonces
to talk nonsense
decir disparates
as far as you're concerned
por lo que a ti te toca
you're the one who...
a ti te toca
i'll probably...
the then president
el entonces presidente
even so
aun asi
even though
si bien