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When the browser reads a line of instruction or a code beginning with < and ending with > it doesn't display the text between the marks but considers the characters in between to be commands to the __________
Web browser
Definition of "nested statements" is ____________
Elements of HTML that work within other elements of HTML
Definition of HTML element is ____________
defines the whole document and has the start tag ( < html > ) and end tag (< /html >)
All HTML documents begin with a declaration. It tells the browser
Which version of HTML the doc. is written in
The < 1!DOCTYPE > tag is a declaration; it helps the web browser to
display web page correctly
Hyperlinks are a part of an HTML element called a _______
There are 2 parts in basic hyperlink: the display text and _________
link-to location
If you change an image width and height, you must maintain the ____________ of the original image or else you will skew the image
aspect ratio

The most important assistance that full featured HTML editor provides is ________
automated file management

One of the most powerful aspects of HTML editor is its ability to automatically keep track of
File locations and paths
Term "head element" means _____________
A container for all head elements
Attributes for iframe to are controlled by CSS. One iframe control is seamless . This means that _________
will blend frame to look like surrounding page
allow you to work on code
HTML editors
Best HTML editors
Includes CSS managers
Adobe Dreamweaver
points to a static page
registered domain name
Final display capability
Benefit of HTML editor
saves you time
WYSIWYG editor
Accessible through a registered domain
web-server space
Decipher IP address
programs in computers
run on web servers
Works through Linux

Apache web server software

Rented through hosting companies
Web server space
Command line program

embedded protocol

FTP client of a full featured HTML editor allows you to synchronize the entire ______

file structure

FTP is very similar to _____________