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poems arranged to form a design are called
Walter Paepoke founded what company important to graphic design
Container Corp. of America
Name 2 cities where the Bauhaus was located.
Dessau and Weimar
what designer was active as a Dadaist and as a Destijl member
Theo Van Doesburg
Name four ways of making type for print
1. hot type
2. cold type
3. phototype
4. digital type
name 3 colors attributed to the Avant Garde
Avant Garde movements published a ________, then created designs based on it
Paul Renner designed what type face
Jan Tschicoid influenced what national design movement
The New Typography
Art Nouveau design is based upon what forms
the ______Avant Garde movement used architectonic forms
Art Deco
What Avant Gard movement started in Italy
Who designed the 1923 Bauhaus exhibition cover
Joost Schmidt
what 2 events caused European designers to be "elsewhere"
WWII, NY World Fair (1923)
What painter first treated the picture plane as a 2-D surface
Cassandre used what new tool as part of his design
Art Deco is related to what Avant Garde movement
Tschichold transferred_________type face to 27. __________and Thompson used in the Washburn Bible
Garamond, Sabon
Name two pre-computer sans serif type faces
Gill Sans
Name 2 desingers who tried to create a single face alphabet
Herbert Bayer
Theo Balmer
New Times Roman was designed by
Stanley Morrison
The use of screened colors was developed & popularized by
Piet Zwart
Adrian Frutiger designed what typeface
What designer wrote a book on the new typography and later changed his mind
Jan Tshichold
who designed a major series of Russian movie posters
Steinberg Brothers
Bradbury Thompson designed "how to" pamphlets for _______ company
What does san serif mean
no serifs
De stijl used______ colors, what are they, yellow, blue
what is the New York style
modern design
Who founded U&lc magazine
Herb Lubalin
what California designer developed corporate identities for movies
Saul Bass
what style used photo type and when
New York School, 1960's
what event of 1984 changed design
first computer
who was the Swiss "heavy-duty" grid and type user
Mueller Brockman
Moholy-Hagy developed the integration of type and photography called
Describe New York style shapes
elemental symbolic forms
name 2 designers for Knoll
Herbert Matter, Erro Snarien
W.A. Dwiggins coined what term
graphic design
Simultinaity describes what style and what does it mean
Dada, maens at sometimee
poems in which the letterforms are arranged to form a visual design
sound type
who was the master manipulator of photo-type
who designed the IBM logo
Paul Rand
who designed the CBS logo
William Golden
Paul Rand worked in the _________style
New York School
What is the uniquely American "conribution" to international design
a psychadelic designer was
who was an international style American designer
Rudolph de Harak
who designed Dutch money
Red Oxenaar
Centennial Bell typeface was designed by
Matthew Carter
a German Dada designer in Hanover
Kurt Schwitters