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in 1918 president wilson issued the ? to help end WWI and to prevent future wars
14 points
this is a final set of demands which Austria sent to Serbia because serbia did not heed them Austia declored war on serbia the month following the infamous assination
Britsh Forces led by ? helped Arab nationslasts fight agiant the ottoman empire (this is an epic movie)
T.E. Lawrence
this author wrote all quiet on the western front whichn which relayed on the tragc story on WW! from the german soliders point of view
erich maria remarque
tbe victoiurs allies met at the ? peace confrence to disucss the ffate of europe the former ottoman empire and vfairus colonies around the world
the british blockade kept both food and goods from entering germany
Marxist Leaders in russia tried to start a revoluton among the
The sinking of the lustiana threaztend to end the U.S, policy of
all of the warning nations expect britan impoostred the draft whcih required all young men to be ready for military or other service what was this word
in 1915 first germany then the allies began using a new weaon whcih blinded or chocked its victims or caused agonizng burns or blisters
poison gas
In ? a nation must use all of its resources to win
total war
After the war Germnany was forced to pay huge ? that inclued pensions for allied soliders
in may 1915 a german submarine toprpedoded the british liner ? of the cost of ireland
During the war allied press created horrible ? based on stories of horrbile acts of the germans
Before air plans came to use germany was able to attack the cost of england using ?
This is the main manner in which WW1 or the great war was fought
trench warfare
The treatys main purpose was to punish germany
it was in this land which archeduck ferdiand of austria hungry (along with his wife) took his last car ride