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Treatment for iron deficiency anemia

Novaferrum (better tasting) at 3-6mg/kg divided TID or BID, recheck in 1 month

Lab findings iron deficiency anemia

Low Fe, high TIBC, low ferritin

Lab findings anemia of chronic disease

High ferritin, low iron, low TIBC (body produces less transferrin but more ferritin to keep iron away from pathogens (germ food))

Treatment for anemia of chronic disease

Nothing if minor. EPO if severe (may need iron supplementation as epo will use up stores)

Thalassemia lab findings/what to order

Microcytic anemia, globin problem (not heme!) so iron studies are normal. Get hgb electrophoresis.

What is seen on hgb electrophoresis with alpha and beta thal? Why?

Alpha can bind with lots of things. Beta can only bind with alpha. Alpha thal will have normal electrophoresis. Beta will be weird.

Treatment of thalassemia

Nothing if minor. Monthly-ish transfusions if major. Will need deferoximine for resultant hemosiderosis

Presentation of chronic CLL or CML, diagnosis and therapy

Asymptomatic, high WBC (>60). Get a differential to determine ML vs LL. If CML = imatinib. If CLL and young = stem cell tx or chemo

Presentation of acute ALL or AML

Infection, fever, anemia, bleeding, maybe bone pain

Suspect AML or ALL, what next?

Smear. Either way get a bone marrow biopsy to confirm and characterize. Peripheral blood or biopsy can also diagnose if >20% blasts

Treatment for AML

M3: vitamin A. Other types chemo

Treatment for ALL

Chemo with CNS prophylaxis

Natural course of infantile hemangioma and treatment

Grows until 5 months, plateaus, then involutes at about 10% annually starting at 9-12 months. Treat with propranolol at 2mg/kg/day divided TID until ~ 1 year

Workup for leukemia tumor lysis

LDH, uric acid, phosphorous

Meds to lower uric acid

Allopurinol, rasburicase

How do you look for hemolysis? What would see if there was a destructive anemia?

Blood smear, LDH (high), haptoglobin (low), and bilirubin (high).

Mainstay treatment for sickle cell pain crisis? When to do exchange transfusion?

IVF, O2, pain control. Exchange if MI, CHF, CVA or priapism

Stuff to watch for with Dapsone

Oxidative stress if G6PD deficient, methemoglobulinemia

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) diagnosis, differentiation and treatment options

Coombs + (may look different on smear ie spherocytes) then if IgM (cold) just avoid cold. If IgM (warm) give steroids, rituximab or splenectomy

Diagnosis of PNH and treatment

Flow cytometry, CD55 negative. Supportive treatment usually. Refractory can do eculizamab

TTP pathology and symptoms. Treatment?

Formation of a Hyaline clot with deficiency in ADAMTS13. FAT-RN. Fever, anemia (microangiopathic), thrombocytopenia, renal failure, and neuro symptoms (stroke). Exchange transfusion

Difference between TTP and DIC labs and Tx

TTP: normal coags, PT/PTT, fibrinogen and d dimer.

DIC: using everything up so high PT/PTT, low fibrinogen, high dimer

NEVER treat TTP with platelet transfusion. ALWAYS try to replace factors in DIC and give supportive care

Cancer screening for Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome & top 2 cancers they’re predisposed to

Serum AFP q3 months until age 3-4 for Hepatoblastoma and abdominal ultrasounds q3 months through age 7-8 for nephroblastoma (Wilms)

MOA sirolimus

MTOR inhibitor halts lymphoproliferation

Lab hallmarks of Hemophilia

Prolonged PTT (intrinsic pathway includes factors 8&9), normal PT, corrects with mixing study