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Irrational fear of a certain thing
A dis-associative disorder; Split Mind
Passive Aggressive
Lets other people direct them, but is resentful.
Post Traumatic stress disorder
Guilt, flashbacks, nightmares.
Obsessive compulsive disorder.
Persistent thoughts and unreasonable rituals.
Clinical Depression
Overwhelming sadness and hopelessness that doesn't get better.
A loss of memory due to trauma.
Antisocial personality disorder.
Cruel violent, mistreatment of others.
Sudden mood swings.
Constant fear of disease, preoccupied with health are symptoms of what disorder?
Somatoform disorder.
Examples of anxiety disorders are
PTSD, phobias, and OCD.
The three components of wellness are:
Physical, mental/emotional and social health.
People who have good mental health:
Have positive self esteem, resilience, and can cope with difficulties.
People with positive self esteem
Embrace their strengths, feel like they belong, feel in control, and have positive role models.
Is it is important to recognize your name and feelings because.
First you must be aware of your feelings before you can decide on how to deal with them.
We should pay attention to our stress level because
An overload of stress can lead to illness and injury.
A form of energy which is stored in the muscles and liver.
True or false- The human liver produces cholesterol.
True or false- In the 5-2-1 program the 2 refers to having 2 servings of milk or other dairy foods per day.
True or false- The variety message from the food pyramid is indicated by the the different color bands, each one representing a different food group.
True or false- Water soluble vitamins cannot be stored in the body and should be eaten every day.
True or false- To estimate a 3oz serving of meat, visualize the size of 2 dominoes.
Water Soluble vitamins.
B and C vitamins.
Fat Soluble vitamins.
A D E and K
Second Hand Smoke
Contains more tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide than inhaled smoke.
Hard, white leathery sores that develop inside the mouths of smokeless tobacco users are called.
True or false- Low Tar, low nicotine cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes.
True or false- A smoker is 3x more likely to have a heart attack.
True or false- When a person feels pressure to act in a certain way, they are feeling influenced.
Marijuana is classified as a:
Stimulant, depressant, and psychoactive.
An advanced, irreversible stage of liver disease, where scar tissue has replaced normal tissue.
When a person starts drinking, what is the first area of the brain that is affected?
Cerebral cortex.
Family members of alcoholics can attend 12 step group meetings where they learn.
How to support their loved one without enabling the drinking.
True or false- Alcoholics have tolerance to alcohol.
True or false- In both men and women, performance is impaired for up to 48 hours after drinking just 2 or 3 drinks.