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Capitilize correctly: dr. brown let me get an appointment on tuesday at brown dentistry.
Dr. Brown let me get an appointment on Tuesday at Brown Dentistry.
Which sentence ends with a period?
Which sentence ends with a period or a exclamation point?
What type of sentence ends with an exclamation point?
A ________ sentence ends with a question mark.
Recite rules 1-2 of commas.
Rule 1: Use a comma and a coordinating conjunction to join two independent clauses. (If the clauses are very short, the comma is sometimes omitted).
Rule 2: Use a single comma to indicate that a word or words have been omitted, or to avoid a possible misreading.
What is a non-essential element? The essential element?
A non-essential element can be omitted and the remaining words will still mean what they were intended to mean. The essential element tells what particular person, place, or time is meant.
What is a semicolon? What is a colon?
A semicolon looks like this ; and is discussed on page 21. A colon looks like this : and is also discussed on page 21.