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Rocks are formed when magma..


This volcano is wider than it is tall and produces peaceful eruptions.

Shield Volcano

A magma that contains a lot of gas would lead to which type of eruption?


The type of volcano with very steep sides that has violent eruptions is known as..

Composite or Strato Volcano

Volcanism occurs 80% of the time at what plate boundary?


The cascade range volcanos have formed as a result of what tectonic process?


What type of sedimentary rock is formed from minerals that were once dissolved in water?

Chemical Sedimentary Rocks

Rocks melt at a ______ temperature when water is present.


Weathering is classified into what two categories?

Physical and Chemical

If sedimentary rock has rounded fragments it can be inferred that the sediment Must have been carried what distance?

A long distance

A sedimentary rock that is made up of rock fragments that are compacted and cemented together is known as...

Clastic Sedimentary Rock

High temperature without simultaneous high pressure will lead to what?

Partial Melting

In regional metamorphism what has the greatest affect on a rock?


What type of metamorphism results when rocks come in contact with magma such as those in an intrusion?

Contact Metamorphism

What type of rock results when extreme pressure causes minerals in a metamorphic rock to realign, separating the dark and light bands?


The term FELSIC refers to which 2 elements?

Si and O (Silica and Oxygen)

Igneous rocks that cool quickly on earths surface are called...


Magma is classified according to the % of...


Intrusive igneous rocks form this grain size..


These two elements are the primary components of a MAFIC rock.

Mg and Fe (Magnesium and Iron)

At a divergent boundary you would see this style of volcanism.

Peaceful Volcanism

Mt. Fuji is located in this country.


This volcanic feature forms when a composite volcano collapses into its emptied magma chamber.


Mt. Vesuvius is located in this country.


Name three factors that affect the formation of magma.

Heat, pressure, water content, and mineral composition.

This law states that sedimentary rocks are originally deposited into horizontal layers.

Law of Original Horizontality.

This rock is most often found forming at divergent boundaries.


This grain size is the result of slow cooling magma/lava.

Large Grain size

This plate boundary does not experience pressure as a dominant force.


This rock is the primary component of the continental crust.


This rock is the most common component of the mantle.


This term describes how easily a fluid flows.


This law states that, for rocks that have not been deformed or cross cut, the older rocks are on the bottom and the younger rocks are on the top.

Law of Superposition

At continent-continent converging boundaries you would expect this type of volcanism.

Very Little volcanism

This is the name for the process where rocks are broken into smaller fragments.


This type of unconformity is the result of dipping layers being directly overlain by horizon layers.

Angular Unconformity

Weathering of a rock will be greater if the surface area is...


This type of deformation will typically fracture, break and fault a rock.

Brittle Deformation

One of these changes will cause a rock to melt.

Raise temperature, reduce pressure, increase water content