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Who assumes responsibility for the entire project

Prime contractor

Safety belt lanyards shall not allow a fall greater than


Safety nets extend ___' beyond the edge of work surface and no more than ___' below the working surface



Heater must not be located within ___' of tapaulins or any combustible material


Brick stacks shall not be higher than


Block stacks shall not be higher than


Lumber stacks shall not be stacked higher than ___' if stacked manually, or ___' if stacked mechanically

- 16'

- 20'

What shall be removed before stacking lumber


A closed chute is required if waste is dropped more than ___'


What is required for a power saw

Constant pressure switch

___ is required before use of powder actuated tools


All portable power driven circular saws must be equipped with guards ___ & ___ the base or show

Above & Below

Gas cylinders shall be secured in an ___ position at all times


Oxygen and fuel cylinders must be separated by a minimum of ____' during storage


When cylinders are stored inside they must be at least __' from combustible materials


All gas or oxygen hoses must be inspected when

at the beginning of each work shift

Workers must be provided a ____ when working in confined spaces


Scaffolding must be able to support

Their own weight + 4x the intended load

Maximum space between scaffolding planks


Platforms and walkways must be at least

18" wide

A platform must not be more than ____" from the face of work


Platforms must be lapped at least ___"


What is used to support scaffolds

Mud Sills

Maximum vertical intervals for scaffolding


Guardrail height must be between


Clearance between scaffolds and power lines less than 300 volts


Clearance between scaffolds and power lines more than 300 volts


Scaffold Casters must


An unprotected side or edge which is 6' or more above a lower level

must be protected

Any worker reaching more than 10" below his working platform

Shall have fall protection

Guardrail height shall be

42" +/- 3"

Vertical members of guardrails shall not be more than

19" apart

If wire rope is used as a guardrail it should be flagged at not not than

6' intervals

Safety nets must be tested with a ____ lb sand back with a diameter of ____"

- 400lb

- 30" +/- 2"

Horizontal lifelines should have a safety factor of


Lanyard and vertical lifelines shall have a minimum break strength of

5000 lbs

The attachment point of a body harness is

the center of the wearer's back

A warning line must be located ___' from the edge of the roof


Materials must not be stored within ___ ' of the roof edge


Rollover guards shall not be less that ___" steel plate or __" woven wire mesh

- 1/8"

- 1/4"

The failure of a crossbrace is called a


With excavation that exceeds 4' depth, a means of egress should be placed that allows no more than ___' of travel


In excavation where hazardous atmosphere, the air must

be tested prior to workers entering the area

Materials shall not be placed within ___' of the edge of excavation


There must be no more than ___ floors or ___' or unfinished bolting or welding above the uppermost permanent floor

- 4 floors

- 48'

The max weight of steel joist bridging that can be hoisted is ____ lbs


When portable ladders are used for an upper landing surface the ladder side rails shall extend

3' above the upper landing surface

The top or top step of a step ladder shall not be used as

a step

When ascending or descending a ladder the user shall

face the ladder

OSHA citations must be posted at the jobsite within ____ days of issue


To prevent energizing of equipment or tools use

lockout tags

Emergency Action plans must be written where an employer has

11 or more employees

First aid kits shall be inspected ____ at jobsites


Exposure to impulsive or impact noise should not exceed

140dB peak sound pressure level

A guard rail system shall be capable of withstanding without failure a force of at least ____ lbs applied within 2" of the top edge


Compressed air can only be used for cleaning when reduced to ___ psi


Loose brick stacks of ___' are prohibited


1 Toilet Seat/Urinal per every ___ workers


A mechanism that prevents firing of more than ____ psi must be used on pneumatic tools


The atmosphere in excavations greater than ____' in depth must be tested before workers enter


For pneumatic-tired earth moving equipment whose max speed exceeds ___ mph, it must be equipped with fenders

15 mph

Oxygen cylinders, hoses, fittings, and regulators must be kept away from

oil and greese