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Fill in the blank: The University of Georgia was established as the first ________________ (2 words) university.
Land Grant
What was GA's capital in 1796?
Which 2 religions led to the establishment of GA colleges?
Methodist and Baptist
What is the name of the method of land distribution in the late 1700s and early 1800s?
The Headright system
The land lottery system distrubted lands west of what river?
The Oconee River
What was the Yazoo land fraud?
When GA legislattors accepted bribes from land companies in exchange for cheap land prices. The land companies then sold the land to GA residents for huge profits.
Who invented the cotton gin?
Eli Whitney
What effect did the cotton gin have on GA?
It increased the production of cotton causing an increase in demand for slaves.
True or False: Building of railroads was a major economic development in GA in the early 1800s.
What parts of the state did the Creek Indians live?
The central and southern parts
What part of GA did the Cherokee Indians live?
Whos signed the Treaty of New York?
Creek Indian Chief Alexander McGillivary
Which Creek chief signed away the last of the Creek land in GA?
William McIntosh - he was scalped by the Creeks in retaliation
Who invented the Cherokee sylabary? (alphabet)
Which Cherokee chief petitioned Congress for help with Cherokee rights?
John Ross
How did gold result in the Cherokee removal?
The gold was found on Cherokee land
What was the result of the Supreme Court decision in Worcester V. Georgia?
Cherokee were not subject to state law
Which president signed the Indian Removal Act?
Andrew Jackson
Which US Supreme court justice ruled in favor of the Cherokee in Worcester v. GA?
John Marshall
What is the Trail of Tears?
The forced removal of the Cherokee from GA in 1838.