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Forensic assessments are based on ...

information and techniques sufficient to provide appropriate substantiation of his/her findings.

Forensic psychologists can only provide written or oral testimony after they conduct an exam of the individual.

True of false?


True - they statement is "conduct and exam sufficient to support his conclusions.

False - you can give an oppinion based on other information without seeing the pt, but you would state the limitations and appropriately limit the nature of your conclusions.

When possible avoid multiple and/or conflicting relationships in forensic settings BUT when they have to they must...

clarify role expectations and the extent of confidentiality in advance.

Forensic psychologists that provide court appointed child custody evals shall not be subject to discipline action unless found to be working in _____ ______.

Bad faith

In child custody evaluations working in good faith means that the provider complies with ...

The APA's 2010 "Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations in Family Law Proceedings."

If someone wants to sue a provider that did a court appointed child custody eval they must be able to ...

Cite the "specific breach" of the APA guidelines that the provider failed.