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The Seven S's of Crime -Scene Investigation
1)Securing the scene
2)separating the witnesses
3)scanning the scene *looking for primary or secondary crime scene*
4)seeing the scene
6)searching for evidence
7)securing and collecting evidence
How many parts does hair consist of and what are they?
two parts: a follicle and shaft
What is the follicle?
it is a club-shaped structure in the skin
What is the structure of hair?
*hint pencil*
The cuticles,cortex, and Medulla.
What are some types of evidence?
1)Class evidence
3) trace
The life cycle of hair. What are the three stages that hair goes through? *hint ACT*
Which is the most active growth period?
Anagen *most active*
Telogen*hair turns grey*
What are the two main types of fiber?
Natural and Synthetic (Manmade)
What are the three finger print patterns?
Arches (least popular)
loops (most popular)
What are the three types of cells in blood?
red blood cells,white blood cells,and platelets(aid in clotting) . suspended in plasma
Why are blood cells used for for DNA profiling?
Because they contain a nucleus
What are the types of blood?
Type A
Type B
Type AB
Type O (lack both a and b protein)
what is the Antigen-Antibody response?
When a foreign invader is recognized by the immune system an attack is launched against the invader. Two attacks.
1)Lymphocyte specify antibodies against protein attach to invader
2)phagocytes white blood cells that engulf invader
What is Agglutination?
clumping of red blood cells
How can you prove blood is human?
Use a ELISA test. (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay)
antibody-protein reaction
What are the types of finger prints?
1) patent ( visible prints by eg. ink)
2) plastic (indentations in a soft material)
3) latent (hidden prints by transfer of oils)
What are the types of weave patterns?
How do you approach a crime scene?
treat all deaths as homicides
do the types of wounds on victim match weapon employed
can wounds be self inflicted
establish profile of victim from interviews
evaluate behavior of victim before event
Evaluate behavior of suspects before events
recontrust event
what is forensics engineering?
Recontrusting a crime scene
is the investigation of materials, products, structures or components that fail or do not operate or function as intended, causing personal injury or damage to property.
what is forensic anthropology?
Studying a victims bones!
.is the application of the science of anthropology in a legal setting—most often physical anthropology and human biology are used in criminal cases (FBI, CIA and military) where the victim's remains are in the advanced stages of decomposition.
what is a forensic odontologists ?
study teeth
paul ekman
discovered expression are biologically programmed
alfred swayne taylor and thomas stevenson
co -authored principles and practice of medical jurisprudence. Contained a chapter on hair related to forensics
Balthazard and lambert
published a comprehensive study of hair titled the hair of man and animals including microscopic studies of hair from animals
smiling gus winkler
thought he could hide from police by surgically altering his fingertips and was gunned down by an unknown assailant
sir archibald hershey
started fingerprint collection 1865