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Nerve impulse conduction is the fastest in neurons that are


The physical manifestation of an organism's genes is its


What determines the atomic number of an atom

the number of protons in the atomic nucleus

The respiratory center is located

in the medulla

What is active transport?

movement of molecule into of out of a cell against a concentration gradient

An atoms nucleus is composed of

protons and neutrons

The anaerobic breakdown of glucose is called


Which does not explain why the partial pressure of oxygen is lower in the lung than in the external air?

Lungs exert a pressure on the air to reduce the oxygen pressure

Bilogical molecules primarily are joined by

Covalent bonds

The most ATP is produced during which process of cellular redpiration


How is a denatured protein different from a normal protein?

A denatured protein has no secondary or tertiary structure


produces spores or gametes, depending on organism